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Maine Road Project, Manchester May 2014 12th May 2014

Manchester-City-Fc100pxCraig Bragdy would like to introduce you to a new project for the old football ground on Maine road in Manchester.

Stepping away from the usual luxurious swimming pools that we create in the most spectacular places, Craig Bragdy were approached by Broadbent studios who conceive and champion public art and design projects in collaboration with architects and urban designers.


At nearly 13metres wide, the mural will depict the crowd looking over the old centre spot. Children from a local school were asked to create and design images of their faces so that they can all be part of the crowd.

Manchester City football club occupied the Maine road football ground in Moss side for 80 years from 1923 until 2003 and Craig Bragdy are very proud to have created what will be, a spectacular mural to mark the old centre spot and we thank the school children for their amazing efforts.

IMG_1145 600px

Two of the original designs made by the children

The client had clear ideas and instructions of what they envisioned the final design to look like, we have incorporated the children’s designs into to some classic Craig Bragdy textures. We can’t wait to get started on this unique project!


Maine road ceramic 2

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The Globe: building the forma 1st May 2014

Work has begun on building the forma for a more unusual project that we are embarking on – and that is to clad a 25m high sphere that will become a news agency headquarters in Saudi Arabia. The tiles will be made on this forma so they fit the curvature of the building.

Building the forma

Building the forma

Building the forma

The forma has to be a perfect replica of the curvature of the building – to ensure the handmade ceramics
fit the building perfectly.


Once the claywork has been fired, the forma will be dismantled and rebuilt to accommodate shrinkage – a common behaviour of clay.

Before clay is fired, it is very pliable and contains a great deal of water. As it dries and the water evaporates the clay particles contract causing the tiles to shrink by about 10%.

The fired tiles will need to be laid out and modelled around the slightly smaller version of the forma before the next stage of the ceramic process can begin– the application of colour.

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