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Craig Bragdy Design launch new brochure 4th November 2014

Our company, Craig Bragdy Design, who specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing ceramics for swimming pools and public architecture, are pleased to announce the release of a new brochure.

swimming pool ceramics

The brochure provides an insight into the family (with over 50 years experience!) who run the business ‘with handmade ceramics at its heart’ to the bespoke and individual designs that are produced and installed worldwide. A glimpse of the history, how Nick and Shon were both involved in this family business from a very young age.  Since, Craig Bragdy Design has come a long way – below you can see Shon slicing clay using hand ‘bow’ and Nick ‘expertly’ trimming the clay after hand pressing a piece over a plaster mould.    Bringing this image into context – this is how the ‘factory’ looked in the sixties.   In the brochure you will find plenty of photos of the factory today and the techniques that have been developed over the years.

swimming pool ceramics brochure

Nick (right) and Shon (left) were involved from a very young age

We decided that we wanted this brochure to have a different ‘feel’ and style of portraying the projects.    We frequently have visits to our factory by client’s and their representatives or architects and designers and they tell us that these visits are revelatory and offer a true understanding of just how intricate and inspiring the process is.

So taking those comments on board this new brochure is intended first to bring people closer to a factory visit then we have managed before.   But also, there is a focus on the richness of character of the hand made product – the differences that make this CBD product stand-out for its artistry and craftsmanship – the close-up beauty as well as the first look ‘wow’ factor.

ceramics for swmming pools

This pool is located in Dubai and the design embraces contemporary style

The new brochure showcases an extensive range of projects that are located across the world, in countries including Abu Dhabi, Florida, Hong Kong, Riyadh and Dubai. So as well as containing photos of the finished pool or project, there are extensive close-ups show the real ‘character’ of this work.   The real heart and soul of the product that clients’ get excited about buying into!

Please click here if you would like to view our new brochure online


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