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Beware Of Bears In Your Luxury Pool! 24th August 2015


When you install luxury swimming pools at home, you need to make sure you’ve taken all necessary precautions to keep the local wildlife out – as one homeowner in California discovered after finding a bear taking a dip in her garden pool.

Ginny Pitchford-Joyner, from La Caada Flintridge in Los Angeles, discovered the animal in her backyard after a police helicopter circled overhead and warned her to stay inside, the Daily Express reports.

“I thought maybe there was a wildfire and then I heard them announcing something on a loudspeaker, something about staying in our homes, but couldn’t make out the rest of what they were saying. I checked the internet to see if anything was happening hen I turned back around and this giant animal was walking past our glass door,” she said.

If you live in a relatively rural area, the chances of having an animal take up residence in your luxury pool are probably quite high. You can reduce the danger to local wildlife by designing your pool with lounge edges along the sides to give them shallow areas from which they can escape.

Alternatively, consider building a fence around your pool or use nylon ropes along the side with knots at the surface of the water so animals like squirrels and mice can climb out.

You may be able to rescue certain animals yourself but if you do come face to face with a bear or other sizeable creature that may be dangerous, do not attempt to tackle it yourself.

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5 Essential Swimming Pool Accessories 24th August 2015

unique swimming pool

Installing unique swimming pools at home is a great idea – but it doesn’t stop at the pool and ceramic tiles themselves. You also need a few poolside accessories to really complete the project. Here are five must-have items to add to your list.

Solar cover

Investing in a solar cover is a good idea since it can generate heat from the sun but also reduce evaporation and slow heat loss down. It works by trapping heat in the bubbles underneath the cover to help keep the water warm. If you’ve got an indoor swimming pool, consider investing in a heat retention cover instead.

Automatic pool cleaners

Even if you hire a maintenance company, you should still invest in an automatic pool cleaner. There’s no point in having a beautiful luxury swimming pool if it looks unkempt and uncared for. There are several options available, from automatic boost pump cleaners to automatic suction cleaners.

Automatic pool cover

If you’d rather not have a solar cover, an automatic one might be the right choice for you. It can stop dirt, leaves and debris from falling into the pool and takes no time at all to put in place.


You can opt for in-ground, above ground or fibre optic pool lighting – perfect if you want to have a night-time swim. Make sure you have a control panel installed so you can use electricity safely in a wet environment.

Pool skimmers

Always keep a pool skimmer to hand so you can easily remove leaves and bugs that may fall in from time to time.

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Should You Buy A Plunge Pool? 18th August 2015

luxury swimming pool

If you’ve completed your new luxury swimming pool and are wondering if you should add something else such as a waterfall or hot tub, you might want to consider going for a plunge pool, a particularly good option if you have a small space that you’re not sure how best to maximise.

While these pools are not particularly well suited to pool games or an energetic swim, they do offer the perfect respite on a hot day. Imagine coming home from work during the summer and being able to relax and unwind immediately in a refreshing plunge pool. What could be better?

What’s great about this option is that plunge pools can be enjoyed year round, since they can be heated in the same way as a traditional swimming pool.

If you’re seriously considering a plunge pool, what about incorporating a water feature such as a wet wall? This will earn you serious design points immediately and make your plunge pool both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

Keen athletes could even consider having a cold plunge pool straight after a long hard swim. It’s thought that if you jump into a cold pool after exercise or being in a sauna or spa, your blood circulation will vastly improve.

If you’re thinking of ways to expand the outside area of your home and improve the resale value of the property, a plunge pool is the perfect solution.

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Your Essential Guide To Poolside Safety 17th August 2015

luxury pool

Having a luxury pool at home is a brilliant way of making your house one of a kind and truly welcoming for all, but you need to make sure you know all about poolside safety, especially if there are young children in the house.

Make sure that there are slip resistant materials on ladders, the diving board and the pool deck to help prevent any accidents, first of all, and make sure that you install ladders at both ends of the pool. These should have handrails that children can grasp easily, with steps that are at least three inches wide.

When installing your diving board or water slide, make sure you know that the depth of your pool is appropriate for such additions. All equipment should be checked regularly for signs of wear and tear, and any problems should be dealt with immediately.

Ensure that small children are instructed properly on how to behave around the swimming pool. They should know not to push people into the pool and check that others are not in the way when diving or sliding into the swimming pool, and you should make sure you explain the dangers of running by the side of the pool.

Teach them how to react in an emergency and ensure that there are plenty of first aid kits and rescue aids nearby just in case. As a parent, it might also be worth watching this video on YouTube that shows you how to teach your babies to flip onto their backs if they accidentally fall into the pool.

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