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$2 Million Spent On Luxury Swimming Pool 25th September 2015


If you’re about to invest in a luxury swimming pool and are looking for some design ideas, be inspired by this entirely manmade idyll in Springville in Utah, which cost $2 million to construct and boasts a hidden water slide that measures 18 metres long, secret tunnels, a kitchen and five waterfalls.

According to Stuff, the pool is known locally as The Mountain, perhaps unsurprising since it comes with an entirely manmade mountain constructed from metal beams, reed bar and concrete that has been painted to look exactly like the real deal.

If you go down the waterslide, you actually go inside the mountain before you come flying out of one of the waterfalls. But that’s not all – there’s also the opportunity to go scuba diving since it was originally built for the owners to indulge in their favourite hobby… the bottom of the pool can be found eight metres below the surface.

Those of you planning your own swimming pool design at this time are sure to be inspired by this particular waterhole. If you’d like to construct something similar, make sure that you seek expert advice and help to ensure that it all goes to plan and you know the structure is sound.

If you’d like to find even more ideas on what kinds of swimming pools to build, have a read of our blog post revealing some of the best pools to be found around the world. There’s the San Alfonso del Mar in Chile, St Regis in Tibet and the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas just for starters.

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How To Manually Clean Your Luxury Pool In 4 Simple Steps 24th September 2015

luxury pool

Your luxury swimming pool will require proper maintenance to ensure the water remains in optimal condition for a dip.

While some people may choose to hire a specialist to keep their pool in shape, the job can be done yourself with a little knowledge and regular checks.

Here is our guide on the best ways to manually clean your swimming pool:

Step one: Buy supplies

Investing in the right tools is crucial, so make sure you have everything at hand before you begin cleaning.

You may need:

  • Skimmer nets
  • Vacuum heads
  • Telescopic poles
  • Pool brushes
  • Tile brushes and pumice stones

Step two: Remove debris and empty filter baskets

You should use skimmer nets to remove debris from the surface of the pool every couple of days. If left too long, items will sink below the surface, becoming much harder to retrieve. Strainer baskets should also be emptied and cleaned.

Step three: Vacuum the pool

Attach a vacuum head to the appropriate telescopic pole and lower it into the pool. The vacuum is attached to a pump that will enable you to remove any dirt and debris that has settled to the bottom of the pool. Use long, sweeping strokes and work your way from the shallow to the deep end.

Step four: Brush the walls and tiles

Dirt, grime, algae and calcium deposits can all build up on the walls and tiles of your pool. Scrub surfaces clean with brushes and pumice stones, making sure to use the appropriate tool for the particular materials in our pool’s walls.

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Your Guide To Choosing The Right Swimming Pool 23rd September 2015

unique pool

Choosing the right unique pool for you and your home can be tricky if you’ve never embarked on such a project before but with a little bit of thought and some expert advice from us here at CBD Pools, there’s no way you can go wrong.

First of all, take a long hard look at your outdoor space as this will determine the size of your pool. If you’ve got a narrow yard, then you’ll only be able to have a slim-line pool, but if you’ve got a larger outside area you can go for different more interesting shapes.

Homeowners with a courtyard or small garden might find that a plunge pool is more appropriate, while lap pools can also be a good option if there is limited space. This is essentially a pool that is specifically designed with exercise in mind, typically long and narrow although it doesn’t have to be full-length. You can even opt to have special jets installed that give you something to swim against to really up the ante where your swimming is concerned.

Just because you may have limited space outside doesn’t mean you can’t have a pool. However, you will have to think about how to maximise the various features to really make the most of your pool, so talk to your designer about fitting seating in appropriate places and building closer to the property.

Sun-bed water features, swim-up bars, infinity pools and spas are also options you can go for that will help to make your swimming pool really luxurious quickly and easily as well.

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What About A Water Wall? 22nd September 2015

water feature

For a truly contemporary and stunning addition to your luxury swimming pool design, why don’t you consider installing a beautiful water wall alongside your new pool?

These come in a wide variety of styles and can be as big or as small as you’d like. A lot of homeowners use them as a feature wall to highlight a specific part of their garden and with clever uplighting they can look absolutely magical.

Other people opt to have them as miniature waterfalls dropping down into the pool itself, which always looks incredible and means you have the added pleasure of being able to sit beneath the falling water if you so choose.

Alternatively, you could downsize the idea and make smaller water features dotted all over your garden. For example, you could use rustic barrels to create little waterfalls dropping down onto a pebble garden, or you could erect a small standalone wall to serve as a garden feature all on its own.

Whatever you do, don’t limit yourself. You could even bring your water wall inside your home if you love the sound of falling water and find it both relaxing and highly soothing. There’s something incredible peaceful about the sound of water and water features are absolutely ideal for creating a sense of harmony in your home.

Investing in a luxury swimming pool is a big investment but you must not neglect the surrounding area of the pool. Make sure you devote as much time and attention to the outskirts of your pool as you would to the pool itself.

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A Tour Of Luxury Swimming Pools Around The World 15th September 2015

luxury swimming pools

Homeowners looking to install luxury swimming pools on their property may not know where to start – but a good place to begin and seek inspiration is to look at other beautiful pools to be found around the world. Here’s the CBD Pools guide to luxury pools country by country.

San Alfonso del Mar, Chile

This is the biggest swimming pool in the world at 1,012m long and with an impressive 250 million litres of water brought in from the Pacific Ocean. Pay this private resort a quick visit if you want to get some ideas for your own swimming pool.

St Regis, Lhasa, Tibet

If you’re thinking that you’d like to line your pool with some interesting and beautiful ceramics, be inspired in your choice by the gold energy pool at St Regis in Lhasa in Tibet. The interior of this pool has been lined with real gold and has salt water that’s always heated between 28 and 32 degrees C and which is said to be very therapeutic.

Chongwe River House pool, Zambia, Africa

This resort is located on the Zambezi River and the outdoor pool will really make you feel at one with nature. You’ll be able to bathe right next to the river – and it’s highly likely you’ll see an elephant or two up close and personal as well.

The Golden Nugget Pool, Las Vegas

If you’re in Vegas you must visit the Golden Nugget, which comes complete with a three-storey waterslide and a shark tank. Swimming with sharks has never been so fun.

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New Trend: Natural Swimming Pools 14th September 2015

natural pool

Those of you looking into luxury swimming pools at this time may want to consider avoiding the use of chemicals such as chlorine and opt instead for a natural pool using only fresh water, an emerging trend for homeowners in the UK keen to introduce a bit of decadence in their gardens.

You might well think that these pools are harder to maintain and require more cleaning than a traditional pool but if you invest in the right kind of filter then this is simply not the case. Use a leaf skimmer regularly and prune your plants during the summer to aid filtration, before fully cutting them back in the autumn. If you have a filter, you may not need wild plants (which also serve to keep the water clean), but they do look lovely set against the water’s edge.

What you will need to do is make sure your natural pool is given a full service every three to five years to help stimulate plant growth and get rid of any anaerobic silt.

Other than that, you can treat your natural pool as you would a traditional one. Cover it over when it’s not in use with an aerated electronic cover that can serve as a solar heater to keep the water warm.

Natural pools are a brilliant way of encouraging local wildlife and if you have young children they’ll thoroughly enjoy looking out for dragonflies, water boatmen and the different birdlife that your new luxury pool draws in.

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Should You Have A Diving Board? 10th September 2015

Diving Board

When considering luxury swimming pool design, you’re sure to be mulling over whether or not you need a diving board installed. It’s a big decision and not one to be undertaken lightly as it will have an impact on other decisions you make when choosing your luxury pool.

For example, if you decide to have a diving board, your swimming pool will have to be bigger to accommodate the board. This is because the slope you’ll have to have in the middle of the pool has to be far enough away from the diving board to prevent someone from diving in and hurting themselves.

If you have small children, you should also consider whether a diving board is appropriate as they have been known to be the cause of accidents in the pool in the past. However, if you have the space and your children have their hearts set on a board, it would be advisable perhaps to invest in one as they can be endless sources of entertainment – as long as your youngsters are properly supervised, of course.

Check with your home insurance company whether the addition of a diving board will push your premiums up. If you have an in-ground swimming pool without a board, it’s likely that your insurance will not be affected.

When making the decision, think about what you plan to use your pool for. If it’s simply meant to serve as a place to relax and unwind, a board is probably unnecessary but if you plan to be quite active in the pool then it might be a fun addition to your outside space.

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How To Create The Perfect Poolside Garden 9th September 2015

bird of paradise flower

Before you have your luxury swimming pool installed, you should consider what sort of plants you want and which type would be most appropriate for a poolside garden. Here’s our guide to getting it right.

Avoid buying plants that prefer drier conditions since it’s likely that they’ll be splashed quite a lot with water from the pool. Whatever plants you choose, you should try and position them at least six feet away from the pool edge if they’re low growing. Your filter could quickly become blocked by debris so avoid deciduous trees to help limit the amount that falls into the pool.

Plants with bigger leaves are better for pool gardens as it’s easier to clean any up that fall off. Consider investing in yucca and aloe, both of which are very low maintenance and really flourish in the sun. If you’d rather have a more tropical feel, sago palm would be a great choice.

Plants such as mastic tree, cascalote, dalea, mountain laurel and buddleia will also help to make your swimming pool look complete and very inviting for all who come over.

Other popular plants include papyrus, which has very long stems so would serve perfectly as a shrub to position in the background, while bird of paradise would be a stunning addition thanks to its bright colours and large broad leaves. Hibiscus has long been associated with Hawaii and tropical paradises so if this is the look you’re trying to achieve, it would be a brilliant choice. Find even more ideas on the Landscaping Network website.

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Consider Renewables To Heat Your Luxury Swimming Pool 8th September 2015

growing tree

Investing in luxury indoor swimming pools is certainly a big undertaking and one that requires an awful lot of thought. One of the main points to consider is how you plan to heat your pool if you live in an area where this is likely to be necessary.

Heating the volume of water in your unique swimming pool can prove costly but with renewable energy sources, this doesn’t have to be the case. Solar hot water is one way you could keep your pool heated, by using the rays from the sun. This comes with no operating costs, is easy to install and is highly durable so could well be the right option for you. Be aware, however, that on cloudy days you may find the water is cooler than when the sun shines.

A biomass boiler is also an alternative way of heating your pool. This carbon neutral heating solution comes with a buffer tank and pellet store that you can keep away from the pool area and then connect the boiler via a heat main to a heat exchanger in order to supply hot water to your pool.

You might prefer, however, to invest in a heat pump – one of the most efficient ways of heating your pool. It works similarly to an air conditioner except in reverse, although it does need an electricity supply in order to heat the water. However, because they’re so efficient they can exchange one unit of electricity to five units of heat, so you could save yourself a lot of money if you opt for this.

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Sky Pool To Come To London 7th September 2015

If you’re in the market for a luxury swimming pool and are seeking some inspiration, you’re sure to be impressed with the plans for a new pool in London… which is set to be built 115 ft up in the air, suspended between two ten-storey blocks.

Designed by Arup Associates, Reynolds and Eckersley O’Callaghan, the pool will be 25m long, 5m wide and 3m deep – and be entirely transparent, according to Sky News.

It will form part of a sky deck between the two buildings to ensure that residents are afforded the best views of the capital, including the US embassy and the Houses of Parliament.

Chairman and CEO of Ballymore Group Sean Mulryan, whose idea it was, said: “The Sky Pool’s transparent structure is the result of significant advancements in technologies over the last decade. The experience of the pool will be truly unique, it will feel like floating through the air in central London.”

It may not be a practical solution for homeowners but it certainly is spectacular and will likely give you food for thought when it comes time to deciding on the design for your own unique swimming pool.

We would advise you to create a look book of swimming pool designs that you love before you spend any money so you know you’ll get the pool of your dreams and not be disappointed. Consider aspects such as pool shape, the weather in your local area, how you intend to use the pool and look into the different water features available.

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3 Luxury Infinity Pool Design Ideas 2nd September 2015

unique swimming pools

Homeowners keen to install unique swimming pools at their properties might want to consider an infinity pool, one of the biggest trends to have come out of the industry in recent months and years.

You might think that you need to be on a cliff edge or already have some raised land at your disposal in order to achieve this stunning addition to your home, but this certainly is not the case. Any home can have an infinity pool – all you need is a little bit of ingenuity.

Your pool designer can build a platform up, for example, to create an edge for the water to run off into, so even if you don’t think you have the land available for such a pool it can always be built if required. Here are three key ideas for infinity pools if you’re still mulling over your swimming pool options at the moment.


Infinity pools are meant to serve as a place to wind down and relax in. They’re meant to be a place for contemplation and your design should reflect this. Keep the pool long and narrow if you can, and position it somewhere where the best views can be found. Provide space for loungers at the edge of the pool so you can achieve the same effect without having to get wet.

Local scenery

If you can, fit your infinity pool into the existing landscape so it seems like a natural extension of the land itself. As though it was meant to be there. Feeling at one with nature was never this easy.

Pool bar

For a true sense of luxury, include a pool bar so you can swim up and have your favourite cocktail made just for you.

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Be Inspired By These Luxury Swimming Pools 2nd September 2015

luxury pool

If you’re looking into luxury swimming pool design at the moment but aren’t quite sure what direction you want to go in, why not do some research into the various pools to be found around the world to seek a bit of inspiration.

The Daily Mail has featured some of the greatest luxury pools that can be found, including the Hanging Gardens in Bali, which features some seriously stunning swimming and relaxation areas with enviable views facing an ancient Hindu temple and surrounded by absolutely beautiful countryside.

While you may not be able to fully recreate this amazing idyll, you can certainly take a few aspects from it to include in your own design.

Alternatively, why not be inspired by the Red Pool at The Library in Koh Samui in Thailand. The swimming pool here features red water, created by the red tiles that have been used to line the pool. This would be a relatively easy look to replicate – why not talk to us here at CBD Pools to see how we can help you get this intensely interesting look at home.

We’re also very impressed by the Ladera Resort in St Lucia, which features numerous luxury swimming pools that come with love seats hanging in the water and some amazing views.

Deciding on how you want your swimming pool to look shouldn’t be something you rush into and you should always seek the advice of experienced pool experts in order to ensure you get it right first time. It is a serious investment and you need to know that your money is being spent wisely, after all.

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