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Jamaica’s Over-The-Water Villas Are The Height of Luxury 31st March 2016


Holidaymakers who are looking for a really lavish escape might consider heading to Sandals Royal Caribbean in Jamaica, where they can indulge in beautiful suites with private luxury infinity pools and glass floors.

The villas are located in Montego Bay and are styled with Tahitian architecture in mind, giving visitors a taste of the Pacific on their Caribbean break.

They are situated over the water and have glass floors within the apartment, allowing you to see to the seabed as you walk around.

With the crystal-clear sea just outside, holidaymakers can enjoy a dip in the warm water as they wake up, watch the colourful sea life swimming around from the comfort of their sofa, or leisurely take in the stunning views from their floating water hammocks and veranda.

Each suite has a private dock for tying up small boats, as well as an infinity pool and Jacuzzi.

Bookings for the resort start from November 15th 2016, with each suite costing from $4,300 (£3,034) per night.

Naturally, for this price, visitors receive a personalised butler service to attend to your every need.

As the first over-the-water luxury villas in the Caribbean, it will not come as a surprise if these suites are booked up quickly for those seeking some winter sun later this year.

Another luxury resort in the Caribbean is the Viceroy on the remote island of Anguilla, where holidaymakers go to escape the hordes of tourists on other busier islands.

With two white sandy beaches, a pool that is perfect for watching the sunset, and a luxury spa, this is a favourite among those who know about it.

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Maldives Holidays Spark Growing Trend For Balcony Pools 29th March 2016

The Maldives

The Maldives is known for many things – dreamlike weather, crystal-clear shallow waters, and beautiful stilted bungalows in shallow lagoons. And now it is becoming popular for its new trend – luxury swimming pools right there on your balcony.

While many hotels around the world offer the chance to have a private pool all to yourself, few give you the opportunity to dip into the water for a swim as you look out on to the mesmerising sea views.

For a really special holiday, you could stay in a beautiful overwater bungalow that has its own pool. So if you do not fancy jumping into the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, you can still enjoy a splash without having to share a public pool with other guests.

The Four Seasons in the Maldives is one such hotel that offers this, with guests paying $1,900 (£1,312) per night for an overwater bungalow with a pool for this simple luxury.

India has also jumped on the bandwagon for luxury private pools and you can enjoy a dip in solitude at the The Lodhi in New Delhi. By booking the a suite here, guests can not only enjoy up to 2,400 square feet all to themselves, but also their own personal plunge pool.

The suites with separate en-suite bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes are a favourite among those who want to soak up the exciting views of the busy city from their hotel room, several storeys up.

There are a few suites at The Lodhi with plunge pools, making this a truly unique hotel not only in India, but around the world.

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5 Of The Best Natural Swimming Pools In The World 10th March 2016

Take inspiration from luxury swimming pools in magazines or exclusive hotels for your own swimming pool design, by all means, but don’t discount the power of natural ponds and pools. These can be incredibly beautiful and are sure to give you lots of ideas for your own pools. Here are five of the best to be found around the world.

Ik Kil, Chichen Itza, Mexico

Head to Chichen Itza’s Eco-Arqueological Park and you’ll find Ik Kil, a natural pit that was formed when the limestone bedrock collapsed, revealing the groundwater below. A staircase has been carved out of the rock so that people can make their way down to the pool.

Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon

This is absolutely stunning and a must-see for anyone with a penchant for swimming. You will need to make a reservation, however, and numbers of visitors are restricted by the tribe living on the Havasupai Indian Reservation.

Kuang Si Falls, Laos

Fancy a waterfall for your own unique swimming pool? Then you’ve got to go and see the Kuang Si Falls in Luang Prabang. This is a three-tier waterfall that works its way down to create shallow pools for people to swim in. Beautiful!

Pamukkale Thermal Pools, Turkey

These mineral baths are thousands of years old and make for a very pleasant day out. What’s more, it’s thought that the water has healing properties so if you’re under the weather, this would be a great choice.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

You might not think that Iceland would be home to a warm water lagoon but that is most certainly the case. This natural pool is fed by water from the geothermal power plant and it’s also thought that the water has healing properties as well.

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A Swimming Pool… In A New York Theatre! 8th March 2016

Red Speedo

It’s not all that often that unique pool design takes centre stage on Broadway or elsewhere, but if you happen to be in the Big Apple this month, why not stop off at the New York Theatre Workshop to see something truly original.

According to the Daily Mail, a real 40 ft-long and four foot-wide swimming pool has been added to the theatre for new swimming drama Red Speedo.

You might be inspired to take some of the design ideas away from the play for your own luxury swimming pool, in fact, since it has been fitted with glass panes in order to allow audience members to see the actors actually swimming.

Set designer Riccardo Hernandez said: “We knew we had to have the element of water, but we didn’t know how. I’ve done crazy stuff but never an actual actor swimming in front of the audience, no.”

Red Swimmer tells the tale of an athlete who is implicated in a drugs scandal on the night of his trials for the Olympic Games.

Reviewing the play, the Guardian wrote: “[Alex] Breaux, on stage for the play’s entirety, deserves some sort of endurance medal for spending so much of the show so damp, clad only in the titular tiny swimsuit and horrendous back tattoo, stripped even of body hair. Rarely has an actor had to do so much, while wearing so little.”

If you do find yourself in New York and at a loose end, it might be worth going to see the play. Certainly, you’re unlikely to ever come across a swimming pool in a theatre ever again!

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9-Ft Alligator Found In Swimming Pool! 7th March 2016


What could be worse than finding a nine foot-long alligator in your bespoke swimming pools? Unfortunately, this is exactly what one Florida-based family woke up to discover at the start of the month.

According to Bay News 9, Craig Lear made the discovery when he went to let the cats out. Apparently, the alligator had to make a hole in their patio screen in order to get into the pool, which will have to be replaced, but that was the only damage it caused.

Mr Lear said: “I saw a bubble in the pool and I thought a golf ball had come through the screen so I went up and I didn’t see a golf ball. I looked in the deep end and there was a big gator.”

The Lears did the sensible thing and chose to call a trapper instead of trying to get rid of the animal themselves. The trapper lassoed the alligator, wrapped it up and hauled it out of the pool.

Of course, it depends on where you live as to what kind of creatures end up in your pool and hopefully the worst you’ll have to contend with is a few wasps and other insects. However, if you do come across something a bit more dangerous do not attempt to remove it yourself.

You can also make your pool safer for wild animals at the design stage by building lounge ledges along the side to help them escape or building a fence around the pool perimeter to prevent them from falling in.

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Sea Level Superyacht To Feature Luxury Waterfall Pool 3rd March 2016

spa hydrotherapy woman waterfall jet turquoise swimming pool water

A superyacht, designed for the rich and famous, has taken the world by storm with its exciting, modern features, including its luxury swimming pool.

Sea Level Yacht Design, based in Muiden, Netherlands, released their plans for the extravagant 262 ft boat, which also has an eight-car showroom, eight VIP cabins with en-suite bathrooms and walk-in closets, and a Jacuzzi, as well as a cascading waterfall that drops directly into the 950 sq ft pool.

At night, this can then be turned into a dance floor for guests to party all night long.

The CF8 superyacht has a private deck stretching 2,700 sq ft where visitors can soak up the sunshine, and when the sun goes in, they can enjoy the boat’s cinema or sauna, or work up a sweat in the gym.

Design director Jeroen van der Knaap said: “Apart from the sea-going comfort, the wide ream generates an ultimately spacious feeling. The guests will experience an extraordinary indoor and outdoor atmosphere that is most different than existing superyachts.”

One of its most exciting features is a mini submarine that guests can use to explore the water beneath.

It is not just stylish though, as the CF8 can travel up to 20.7 miles per hour and has a range of 5,000 nautical miles. Therefore, Mr van der Knaap added that it will allow guests to visit their loved ones “no matter where the yacht is based”.

Another pool that is set to break the mould with its design is one to be created by artist Damien Hurst.

The Daily Mail recently revealed Hirst has applied for planning permission to build a 25 m swimming pool and yoga studio in his basement conversion at his Regent’s Park house in London.

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