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Tips On How To Get Bikini Body Ready 27th April 2016

luxury pool

Spring has arrived and it won’t be long before many of us jet away somewhere warm for a sunshine holiday. Or you might be lucky to have a slice of summer at home with your own indoor luxury pool.

Whatever the case may be, you might be feeling a bit self-conscious about stripping off into your bikini for the start of the swimsuit season.

Here are our tips on how to get your bikini body as winter comes to an end.

Use Your Pool For Exercise

The luxury of having your own swimming pool means you can do more with it than simply recline on a lounger and read a book for some alone time on a weekend. Make the most of it by doing laps every day and burning off that winter fat.

Get into the habit of doing some lengths when you wake up so you are all set for work, or after you come back from the office. Half an hour of fast front crawl can burn as much as 404 calories, compared with running, which will see you lose just 300 calories in the same amount of time.

Ditch the stodgy food

Some days it might still feel like winter outside, but it is time to set aside hearty grub in favour of some fresh, lighter alternatives. Instead of cottage pie or macaroni cheese, you could make yourself a delicious quinoa salad, baked sweet potato with kale, or grilled fish with some greens.

Not only will you feel less heavy after meals, but swapping carb-rich foods for protein will give you a leaner, less bloated look as well.

Tone up

It doesn’t matter how much weight you lose if you don’t tone up at the same time. Weight resistance is the best way to do this, so why not sign up to some circuit training, bootcamp-style classes to really work those muscle groups you’ve neglected recently?

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Sports You Can Enjoy In The Pool (Other Than Swimming) 22nd April 2016

luxury swimming pool

Having a luxury swimming pool in your own home is great if you love to keep fit and work up a sweat a few times a week. Of course, swimmers can enjoy a few laps to burn off the calories, but there are plenty of other sports you can experience in the pool too.

Take a look here for some inspiration:

Basketball / netball

All you need to do to enjoy a slam-dunk from time to time is get your hands on a couple basketball nets and stands. Place them at opposite ends of the pool and you can have a proper game with your friends.

You might not be able to bounce the ball in the water like in real basketball, but trying to shoot the net will test your sporting abilities when having to stay afloat at the same time.

Water weights

Resistance training is a great form of exercise, helping to tone up, burn fat and lose weight. Now you can even enjoy doing this in the pool, as you can find water resistant armbands, floatation belts and ankle weights that enable you to challenge your major muscle groups in the water.

What’s more, as water is a natural relaxant, it is actually safer for your joints to handle weights in your pool than in the gym.


Everyone is familiar with spinning classes, but have you heard of hydrospinning? This new water craze takes the static bikes to the swimming pool and sees fitness fans pedal their legs as fast as they can under water.

Again, the water is great for joints, and you’ll be glad to have a refreshing dip in the cool pool after an hour of intense cardio.

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Top Pool Toys For Adults 21st April 2016

luxury swimming pool

Pool toys are not just for kids, and if you have a luxury swimming pool you plan on spending lots of time in this summer, here are just a few of the exciting gadgets you should consider investing in.

Floating speakers

Most people enjoy listening to their favourite tunes when relaxing by the pool, and now if you want more control over your song choices while taking a dip, you can get yourself a wireless floating speaker.

This water-resistant pod floats on the water, so you can change tracks without having to get out of the pool and dry off.

Remote control snack and drink float

Similarly, if you don’t want to leave the warm water to enjoy a something to eat or a refreshing drink, you don’t have to anymore with the snack and drink float.

The device is operated with a remote control and can fit five glasses and a bowl of goodies in the centre, enabling you to cool yourself down with an ice-cold drink – so long as you have someone outside of the pool happy to keep your supplies replenished.

Pool poker

A game of poker can now be enjoyed anywhere at any time of the day, by buying a floating games table.

You can find inflatable sets that include waterproof cards and coins, as well as floating chairs so you can enjoy a sit down while playing as well.

Floating coaches

Inflatable lilos and doughnuts are nothing new, but these days you can buy yourself far superior alternatives.

For instance, you can get a floating coach with cup holes for your cool drink, or you could invest in an inflatable cabana to shield yourself from the sun. Or why not buy a family couch so you can cosy up with your kids or loved one while floating on the water?

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Have You Considered A Lifeguarding Course? 14th April 2016

life ring

It’s important that you’re as responsible as possible where your bespoke swimming pools are concerned and know all there is to know about water safety, whether you have small children living with you at home or not.

A lifeguarding course could be an excellent idea if you do want to have a luxury pool installed at home so you know you can react accordingly if an accident does happen.

There are sure to be courses going on in your local area and you’ll be taught by fully qualified instructors who can show you just what to do in case of an emergency.

By going on such a course you’ll be able to learn rescue techniques, first aid and CPR – all very important if you’ve got an indoor or outdoor pool. It’s important to remember that accidents do happen from time to time but if there’s always someone on hand who knows what they’re doing and how to react you’ll be able to minimise the risks.

You might also want to consider a proper first aid course as well as a lifeguarding one, since accidents can happen outside the pool as well as in it. Once it’s installed, make sure you impress upon everyone who will be using it not to run near the pool edge – and always make sure that children are supervised poolside at all times, whether they’re excellent swimmers or otherwise.

Another good idea would be to send your children on a lifeguarding course as well. The Royal Life Saving Society UK runs a Rookie Lifeguard course specifically tailored for children between the ages of eight and 12, teaching them to swim and enjoy the water safely.

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Architects Restore 1930s Nazi-Era Pool In Berlin 12th April 2016

unique swimming pools

When it comes to creating really unique swimming pools, the choice of bespoke, handmade tiles is just one part of the design process. The rest is making the pool sing in harmony with the architecture of your residence.

When it comes to looking at inspiration for your own luxury pool, you might not think that a communal swimming pool would be a great source, however, cast your eye over this recently renovated 1930s pool house in Berlin.

Upon closing down in 2006 after falling into disrepair, German architect firm Veauthier Meyer Architects were tasked with bringing the Schwimmhalle Finckensteinallee back to its former glory – albeit with a modern twist.

The brief was to preserve as much of the original architecture as possible and those involved have kept their word as the complex retains the typical functionalist aesthetic you’d expect from classic German design.

“The question of the balance between preservation and demolition was partly answered by the demands of our client,” says one of the architects – but the building is also listed, so many of the choices made were dictated by law.

The towering windows remain the focal point of the building – from the inside and out – recreating the original geometric glazing that dominated the original design.

According to DeZeen, the pools history harks back to the Nazi era, and the site was used as a training ground for Adolf Hitler’s personal bodyguard division. It was designed by Karl Reichle and Karl Badberger, who opted for the lofty and imposing neo-classical dimensions for the design, a style favoured by the dictator and his party at the time.

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5 Of The Best Vintage-Style Swimsuits 7th April 2016

You’re sure to want to look your best when lounging by the side of your luxury swimming pool – and this is where vintage-style swimsuits can really come into their own. One-piece and vintage swimmers are seriously in fashion right now so if you want to look amazing and stylish at the poolside, buy one or all of these amazingly beautiful swimsuits.


Goddess Boyleg Swimsuit


There’s nothing like this 50s-inspired style to look brilliant either chilling out by the side of your pool or splashing about in the water. This halterneck comes with gripper tape lining and provides full coverage behind for style and comfort combined. It also comes with boyleg shorts to really complete the vintage look.


Retro Vintage 1950s Swimsuit


There’s nothing better than looking to the sea for inspiration where your swimsuits are concerned and we love this new 50s-inspired halterneck one piece. THis kind of swimsuit is flattering on most body shapes so don’t be afraid to give it a go. Whether you’re by the pool or at the beach, you’ll look gorgeous.

Pleated Tank Vintage Swimdress

Esther Williams


After something a little different? Then this pleated one-piece vintage swimdress is the perfect choice. The flared skirt is cute and playful and the black is extremely flattering. If you don’t like halternecks but still want a vintage bathing suit, this would be the one for you.

Classic Floral Bikini

Esther Williams


For a flattering bikini that will make you feel feminine and confident, look no further than this Esther Williams offering. The fabric is stretchy and beautifully tropical with its flowery print and the best part is that it suits all body shapes so you can all look great this summer by the pool.

The Cherry Pie

Esther Williams


Doesn’t that Esther Williams make beautiful swimsuits? This beautiful cherry print bather comes with firm tummy control, under bust support, side stays, soft shaped foam cups and no wires. You’ll look amazing and be incredibly comfortable to boot. You can’t say fairer than that!

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