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Swimming Pools: The Traditional Symbol Of Success 19th May 2016

luxury swimming pools

Although no doubt owing somewhat to the frenzy of the British media tantamount to a few days of good weather, it seems that luxury swimming pools have been a hot topic among news outlets in the past few weeks.

This week has seen the Daily Star reporting on the planned construction of an elaborate and futuristic half-a-billion pound yacht, with the key feature a luxury swimming pool elevated a staggering 125ft above the deck.

Furthermore, just a few days ago the Daily Mirror published an article about a house in Cascais, Portugal, which boasts a luxurious outdoor swimming pool that floats above (yes, you guessed correctly) yet another lavish pool.

It seems, of late, that one would be hard pressed to avoid the subject. The elusive sunshine we anticipate in Britain come May inevitably brings with it a revival of our interests in these kinds of stories, spurred on by our futile hopes of a sunny summer and the inherent desire to swim outdoors..

Yet these stories come loaded with another, more subtle, connotation. The ownership of a personal swimming pool remains a pertinent indicator of wealth and affluence. This symbol in fact predates our own society. Even in Roman times the wealthiest individuals would boast large bathhouses on their estates as a physical representation of their prosperity and status. It seems this practice has survived the tests of time and still manifests itself today.

The aforesaid yacht, despite all of its state of the art and cutting edge facets, still highlights the luxurious swimming pool as its stand-out feature and an elevated representation of the success and opulence of the owner. The Cascais house uses the duality of its swimming pools to extravagantly and almost excessively embody not just the intricacies of the design, but the prosperity of its owner.

The ownership of a personal swimming pool is evidently, as it has been for centuries, a physical representation of the wealth of its owner and remains one of the fundamental benchmarks for success.

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Will The Warm Weather Continue? 12th May 2016

luxury swimming pool

Britain was blessed with glorious weather this weekend, with areas all over the UK experiencing blue skies and bright sunshine. However, the question on everyone’s lips is: will the high temperatures last?

Those who have been lucky enough to enjoy relaxing by their luxury swimming pool in the sunshine will no doubt have loved the warm weather, which reached mid-20s degrees C throughout the country.

Indeed, Skye in Scotland broke records for the hottest temperature in May, touching 26.1 C on Monday (May 8th), which was almost two degrees C higher than the previous record of 24.4 C in 2008 and 2009.

The hottest location recorded this week was London, which hit a high of 27 C on Sunday – the hottest May day in four years.

Despite this, the country failed to score the warmest day in May ever, with the extreme highs of 32.8 C experienced in both 1922 and 1944 still holding the record.

But can we start dusting off our barbecues and preparing for a summer filled with beautiful sunny days?

Unfortunately not, as the weather is expected to turn more unsettled by the end of the week.

AccuWeather’s meteorologist Tyler Roys said: “After a wet start to 2016, the unsettled weather will continue into the summer months, which means there could be enhanced localised flooding, especially in areas that are trying to still clean up from the floods in early winter.”

Temperatures will not get as high as expected due to high pressure to the west of the UK and Ireland, which also means there could be heavy rainfalls over the summer months.

In that case, make the most of your outdoor swimming pool and soak up the sun while it lasts!

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4 Books To Read This Year 10th May 2016

bespoke swimming pool

Of course you’re all looking forward to the day when your bespoke swimming pool is finally installed and you can all start splashing about in the water. But if you fancy some downtime while you’re poolside, here are four book suggestions you might enjoy as you sun yourself on your favourite pool lounger.

Swing Time

Zadie Smith

This latest offering from Smith recounts the tales of two bi-racial dancers who find themselves growing up together in a poor neighbourhood in London. The story follows them as they both go down different paths, one becoming a professional and the other taking a job as a pop star’s personal assistant.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

J K Rowling

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts I and II are available as a script book to accompany the London stage show of the same name (set to launch on July 30th). Harry and co are no longer in school, rather Harry is an overworked Ministry of Magic employee and father of three children. The focus is on youngest child Albus and how he copes with an unwanted family legacy.

Letters to the Lost

Iona Grey

In a bid to escape an abusive boyfriend, Jess takes shelter for a night in an old unlived-in house. When a mysterious letter arrives, she can’t help but read it and finds herself drawn into the story of Dan and Stella in London in 1942, determined to find out what happened to this ill-fated pair.

The Japanese Lover

Isabel Allende

Another offering from best-selling author Isabel Allende, The Japanese lover sees Alma Belasco sent overseas from Poland to San Francisco at the start of the war. Here, she meets a Japanese gardener and a love between the blooms. When Pearl Harbor happens, however, the two find themselves pulled apart.

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Trend Alert: Swimming Ponds 9th May 2016

unique swimming pools

When it comes to unique swimming pools, you can’t get much more bespoke than a handcrafted mosaic design for your luxury pool, however, we’re pretty taken by this idea of a swimming pond created by a Swiss family at their home.

The family spent over £23,000 creating the design, according to reports, which spans the ideas of a garden pond and a swimming pool in aesthetic and function. Incorporating a 26 foot long, stone-lined swimming pool, the pond also includes a shallow area with natural pebbles and a water feature in its design.

With a clever filtration system, the pond doesn’t require chlorine to stay clean, meaning it can also be home to plants and even fish, while still remaining safe for swimming. A UV light system also helps to reduce bacteria and algae in the pond water and the family undertake additional cleaning every three weeks with a ‘water vacuum’.

The family designed and created the pond themselves from scratch, ordering the components from Germany before getting their hands dirty and building the design after having the site excavated.

With stylish modern wrap around decking, the garden has become an architectural delight and a design that is sure to inspire other pool owners.

The question is then, how will this idea be taken to the next level. The concept of swimming in naturally clean water with plants and fish is oddly appealing, however, with a higher budget and more space, this could really be a spectacular creation, using beautiful mosaic tiles to create something that pushes the boundaries of modern pool design.

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Fancy Winning Your Own Tropical Resort With Luxury Pool? 6th May 2016

luxury swimming pool

Sunseekers who dream of leaving their nine-to-five job in favour of somewhere hot and sunny might be tempted to enter a competition to win their very own tropical resort, complete with a private beach, lifetime salary and luxury swimming pool.

The Kosrae Nautilus Resort in Micronesia has launched a lottery, allowing anyone to get their hands on a 16-room hotel, a house and two apartments, five rental cars, two passenger vans and a pick-up truck, a restaurant, a solar panel system, a workforce of 16 people and $10,000 (£6,908) in the business account.

The Australian owners are letting go of their property, not because they do not love it anymore, but because they want to start their role as “professional grandparents” and be near the mainland where their children live.

“We’ve had our time in the sun and enjoyed a career most people would never even dare dream about,” co-owner Doug said, adding: “We feel like a new chapter in our lives is beginning, and we’re ready to pass the baton to someone else.”

All contestants have to do is purchase a ticket for the lottery for $49. On July 26th, the winning ticket will be drawn, and the new owner of the resort, situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, will be revealed.

Winners will also be able to enjoy their very own 32ft fresh water swimming pool, where they can take a refreshing dip every day.

Or, they could make the most of their private white-sand beach and crystal-clear waters where they can swim among sea turtles, rays and beautiful coral reefs.

As well as being a diver’s paradise, Kosrae has dense jungles and a steep volcanic landscape to explore.

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Can You Enjoy A Luxury Swimming Pool In Manchester? 3rd May 2016

luxury swimming pools

You might think you have to travel to far-flung places to experience luxury swimming pools with high-rise city views and utmost tranquillity. But you are wrong.

In fact, you only have to go to Manchester for a truly indulgent, relaxing experience.

That is because King Street Townhouse, one of the north-west’s newest luxury hotels, has a pool like no other.

The seventh floor infinity pool boasts spectacular views of the city, overlooking the clock tower and Manchester Town Hall.

As well as an enclosed, warm infinity pool, there is also a steam room and relaxation room to enjoy.

They are all available to residents, while the hotel also charges £40 for day use of the pool and spa area when booking a beauty treatment.

As the first rooftop pool in Manchester, you might have thought you would have heard of King Street Townhouse before. However, the hotel, situated in a Grade II listed building on Booth Street right in the centre of the city, has only recently opened.

Despite being in its infancy though, the splendour of its interior décor and ambience means it is giving the city’s finest hotels a run for their money.

It boasts 40 suites, a vintage tearoom, a formal bar, a mezzanine lounge, a spiral staircase, an outdoor terrace, and a bistro restaurant.

The hotel also has a licence for weddings, so many brides and grooms might be tempted to book their nuptials here – if only to enjoy a dip in the luxury pool the following day!

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