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Moscow’s Cathedral Of Christ The Savior Was Once A Swimming Pool! 26th September 2016

Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Russia, Moscow

It certainly makes for interesting reading finding out about the amazing luxury swimming pools there are around the world and even though we’re experts in our field, we do come across a story that surprises even us from time to time.

And we’ve just discovered that the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow, once the biggest church in the orthodox Russian Empire, was transformed into a swimming pool a few years after the second world war.

According to Daily News Egypt, the cathedral – renowned for its stunning golden cupolas, visible from the Kremlin – was one of the casualties when the Soviets took power in 1917, with almost all churches in the country closed down, property confiscated and thousands of members of the clergy sadly shot. There was seemingly no place for religion in this new society, with churches given more secular functions such as libraries, cinemas, storage spaces and homes.  And, of course, swimming pools.

Joseph Stalin did apparently consider replacing the cathedral with a Soviet palace and a statue of Lenin on the top of the building, so the cathedral was blown up in 1931. However, this construction project was never finished but later down the line the biggest swimming pool in the USSR was constructed, twice the size of a football field.

The water in the pool was heated so residents could enjoy a swim all year round, although these days many Moscow locals admit that they have mixed feelings about the massive
swimming pool on the site of the cathedral. While they do have good memories of learning to swim there or meeting up with their friends in the summer months, some of them feel bad for
spending time in the waters of the pool, located on what was once a sanctified place.

If you’re planning your own swimming pool design at the moment, it might be a nice idea to bring in elements and ideas from this beautiful cathedral. You could, for example, give a nod to the shining gold cupolas and have beautiful gold ceramic tiles laid at the bottom and sides of your pool. Quite the talking point!

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Enjoy Total Relaxation In Luxury Hawaiian Resort 23rd September 2016

Luxury Hawaiian resort

Most of us dream of luxury tropical holidays, and a trip to Hawaii seems to have it all – gorgeous sunshine, charming culture and beautiful natural scenery.

Another thing it boasts is the Lumeria Maui hotel where guests are encouraged to completely unwind during their stay, taking part in daily yoga sessions, meditation, movement and new thought classes so they can let the hustle and bustle of their normal lives fade away.

One of the most loved featured of this boho-chic resort is its luxury swimming pool where you can enjoy a few lengths before breakfast or simply float around on your Lilo.

Situated near to the pool is its Maui Spa Retreat, offering a huge range of natural healing treatments that will ease aches and pains, make you feel more relaxed and give you the chance to pamper yourself.

If you’re going away with your partner, you can even enjoy a couple’s outdoor massage or acupuncture session, basking in the glorious sunshine as you indulge your body.

Away from the hotel, Lumeria Mauri’s location means there are plenty of activities to take part in nearby. For instance, you could discover the tropical rainforests of Maui, enjoy lying on its golden beaches, sample some tipples on a winery tour, or get your adrenaline pumping with zip-lining, wind surfing, kayaking, snorkelling, whale watching, a round of golf and horseriding instead.

Of course, if you don’t want to leave the resort, you’ll have plenty to do here as well. The ethos here is to encourage guests to really connect with Maui culture, so you will find daily yoga, sound therapy, aromatherapy, meditation and horticulture classes.

What’s more, you can book packages that include wellness credits that can be used for spa treatments or Maui excursions.

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Temperatures Hit 34C In Summer Heatwave 16th September 2016

UK beach in summer weather

Britain is not known for its high temperatures, but this week many people across the country have been dying to enjoy a splash in a luxury swimming pool as the mercury hit mid-30s C.

The hottest day of the year was even experienced, with Gravesend in Kent reaching 34.4C on Tuesday (September 13th), which made it the highest September temperature recorded since 1911.

Gravesend was not the only boiling hot place in the UK either, with Heathrow and Kew Gardens also hitting 32.8C on Tuesday as well, according to the Met Office.

The country has not experienced temperatures above 30C in September for ten years, making this week’s weather a freak occurrence.

Met Office spokesman Grahame Madge said Tuesday’s temperatures were the peak of the heatwave, and weather will start cooling down over the weekend.

Nevertheless, the sunshine made the south-east – where most of the warm weather was felt – hotter than the likes of Ibiza, Marrakesh in Morocco, and Thailand’s Bangkok.

Unfortunately, those living in the north did not experience such fantastic weather this week, with heavy rainfall and flash flooding occurring in the north-west, north-east, Yorkshire and parts of Scotland instead.

Those with their own outdoor pools will have very much enjoyed this summer, with the UK having enjoyed several unprecedented heatwaves throughout the last few months.

According to the Met Office, Britain saw 178.8 hours of sunshine in August, which is ten per cent higher than the average. Most of this sunny weather was in England, experiencing 12 per cent more sunshine than typical readings for the month.

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Luxury Indoor Pool Features Car Showcase Platform! 13th September 2016

luxury indoor pool car

If you love your sports car as much as you love your luxury indoor pool, then it makes sense to combine the two so you can enjoy them both at the same time.

This is exactly what’s on offer at this five-bedroom home in Virginia Water in Surrey, which is currently on the market for £20 million. It comes with a dining room, cinema, gym, steam room, sauna, spa and beauty salon as well – but the piece de resistance simply has to be the swimming pool and car showroom.

The homeowner can house all their supercars in the lower ground floor showroom, which comes complete with its own lift, and install their very favourite motor in a glass-enclosed platform (which spins) that has been positioned next to the pool.

The estate agents note on Rightmove that the house is an “imposing architectural masterpiece, with magnificent detail in its limestone elevations”. It overlooks 3.5 acres of lawns that lead down to the River Bourne and there is approximately 18,200 sq ft of space, including the garages and the spa.

There’s also two guest bedrooms and bathroom suites to be found on the lower ground floor, three main reception rooms, a prep kitchen on the lower ground floor, a wine cellar and a two-bedroom staff apartment included.

Transport links are also excellent if you work in the City, as there are three stations located no more than a couple of miles away – Egham, Longcross and Virginia Water (which is the closest). If you’re looking for a brilliant family home that offers you luxury, a country lifestyle and boasts a close connection to London, this is undoubtedly it.

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This Spiral Pool Design Is Perfect For Disabled Swimmers! 7th September 2016

Disabled person swimming pool lift

With the Paralympics about to kick off in Rio (September 7th-18th), our thoughts have turned here at CBD Pools to how you can keep your luxury swimming pool ideals and still make sure that your new pool is perfectly suited to disabled people as well.

Swimming has been a part of the Paralympic Games since it was first included in Rome back in 1960. In all, four strokes are used by swimmers and this year, there are 151 medal events taking place for men, women and mixed relay teams.

Now, you may not want to have an Olympic-sized swimming pool installed at home (although if you’re a very keen fitness enthusiast, it might be appropriate), but it might be a nice idea to consider how your pool could accommodate people with needs different to your own, even if you don’t have any disabled people in your family or network of friends.

For example, you could invest in a gadget that allows wheelchair users to lower themselves in and out of the water, so they too can enjoy a refreshing dip when the weather heats up. Or you could have an access platform installed, or do some research into moveable steps to make it easier for people to get in and out.

However, we recently came across this article in Dezeen magazine that showcased a series of tent-like buildings that were designed by Issei Suma, an architect in Tokyo, who was keen to come up with something to help provide accommodation and meals to a small community in Japan. Called Jikka, the complex contains five separate structures that include features and facilities such as a spacious kitchen, timber roof beams and concrete walls – as well as a luxury paddling pool.

It was this pool that really caught our eye and got us to thinking about how pools could be designed and built to look amazing while also being disability-friendly. Mr Suma’s idea of designing the pool in a spiral is absolutely inspired, so wheelchair users can simply roll their way into the water and not have to worry about struggling to get out either. All they have to do is wheel their way out again.

Not only is it brilliantly practical from a disabled person’s perspective, but it’s also incredibly beautiful to look at. If you’ve got the space, you could incorporate this idea into your own luxury pool designs so that it spirals at one end perhaps and then stretches out to form a more traditional-looking swimming pool.

We’d love to hear what you think about this beautifully designed swimming pool. Is it something you would consider having in your own house or do you have something else in mind?

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UK’s Top 3 Outdoor Pools 1st September 2016

Mosaic luxury swimming pool pattern

Unless you’re lucky enough to have your own luxury swimming pool, you might want a chance to dip into cool, refreshing water on some of our hotter days this summer.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best outdoor pools you can find in Britain.

Thermae Spa, Bath

For a unique bathing experience, head down to Bath’s Thermae Spa where you can enjoy the warm waters of the thermal baths.

Its rooftop pool allows you to soak up the historic scenery of this south-western city and you can make use of the luxurious spa facilities when you want a break from the steaming waters.

This may not be the most refreshing dip on a hot day, but open all year round, it is the ideal place to head to when the weather turns frosty!

London Fields, London

You might not have thought London would be the place to find an open-air swimming pool, but Hackney is home to an Olympic-sized heated lido with a sun deck and plenty of loungers.

Its 50m-long lanes are ideal for those who want to keep up their exercise routine during the summer months, while it is also a great place to head to after work with some friends to splash around on a balmy evening.

Stonehaven Open Air Pool, Aberdeen

While Scotland might not be known for its hot weather, it doesn’t matter with its heated outdoor seawater pool in Stonehaven, Aberdeen.

The Olympic-sized pool boasts temperatures of 29C and has several different sessions, depending on whether you want a splash around with the kids, quiet swims in lanes, or even the chance to swim at night to disco music.

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