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More Brits Buying Million-Pound Dream Homes 23rd November 2016

Rear view of luxury home with swimming pool


For many people, owning a lavish million-pound house with its own gym, luxury pool and huge open-plan kitchen is a pipedream. However, for more Brits it is now becoming a reality, as sales of super houses have risen in the last year.


The number of people buying houses worth over £1 million has increased by 12 per cent from the first half of 2015 to the first six months of 2016, according to the latest figures from Lloyds Bank.


This is despite house prices for properties over £1 million having fallen by seven per cent over the last two years, although this is thought to be down to the sales of extremely luxurious homes exceeding £2 million and £5 million.


“The strength of the London economy, stamp duty changes and the attractiveness of UK prime property to overseas buyers, could all play a part in the boost to sales at this level,” commented Sarah Deaves, private banking director at Lloyds Bank.


While the south-east has the majority of million-pound home sales, with 91 per cent stemming from London, the wider south-east region, and the east of England, it is the north that has experienced the biggest changes in the market.


Sales of million-pound houses soared by 83 per cent in the north-east of England between the first half of last year and the same period this year, which is the largest increase across the UK.


If you’ve been lucky enough to buy a house over £1 million and want to fit a luxury swimming pool in your palatial abode, take a look at these beautiful handmade ceramic tiles and water features that could really add character to your property.

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Swim Through The Sky At The Hotel Hubertus Resort 23rd November 2016


view on the Lake Braies and a hotel, surrounded by the peaks of the Braies Dolomites in South Tyrol, Italy; blue sky and white clouds, hiking area


If you’re looking for something a little different for your luxury swimming pool, then pay a visit to Hotel Hubertus, a wellness resort in South Tyrol in Italy, where you’ll find an incredible 82-ft long pool that’s been suspended 40ft above the ground.

But that’s not all – the pool has also been built with a stunning glass window in the bottom of it so that swimmers can enjoy the illusion of floating through the sky… which does sound amazing but certainly not for the faint of heart.

Speaking to MailOnline Travel, Noa architect Lukas Rungger said: “For the design of the pool we were driven by the aim to blur the physical limits to create an element, which is interweaving with the landscape, mirroring the clouds and framing panoramic views.”

If you’re not particularly taken with the idea of swimming through the sky, there are other swimming opportunities to enjoy at the resort. There are six other indoor and outdoor swimming pools, the Alpenreych Spa and a sun terrace, so you’ll have a lovely holiday even if you don’t brave the suspended pool.

For further inspiration for your own swimming pool designs, if the idea of a suspended pool doesn’t appeal, do some research into the Cathedral of Christ in Moscow. Did you know this was once a swimming pool? The building itself is stunning and could certainly give you some food for thought with regards to colours and patterns for your own pools and ceramic tiles. Certainly, featuring gold as an accent shade could be a brilliant way of showing your new pool off at its best.

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Would You Have A Red Wine Swimming Pool? 17th November 2016



It’s the natural order of things for luxury swimming pools to be filled with water. It’s the way it’s always been. But if you’re after something a little different, then you should perhaps book yourself a stay at luxury retreat the Yunessun Spa Resort in Hakone in Japan… where you’ll find the spas filled with red wine, green tea and even ramen noodles.

Of course, the resort has all the mod-cons and spa treatments that you would usually expect to find in such a place, but it’s the themed baths that have really captured people’s attention of late… and it’s not hard to see why.

According to Atlas Obscura, wine and coffee-pouring ceremonies are carried out several times a day near the pools, with each themed bath featuring giant drinks containers – so, for example, the wine bath is filled from an oversize wine bottle, while huge fake noodles can be seen hanging over the ramen pool.

Of course, the style of this spa won’t be to everyone’s liking but it’s always worth having a look at places like this to see if there are any ideas you could potentially steal for your own luxurious swimming pool designs. And at the very least, if you do decide to whisk the family off to Japan for a few days of rest and relaxation, the children will have an absolutely brilliant time splashing about in the green tea spa. Just perhaps keep them away from the red wine pool.

If you need help or ideas for your own bespoke swimming pools, get in touch with our friendly and experienced team here at CBD Pools today.

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Try These Retro Interior Design Ideas On For Size 7th November 2016


Architectural detail part of a decor of a building in "modernist" style

We keep hearing here at CBD Pools that the 1970s are back with a serious vengeance this year, from interior design to haute couture… so we thought we’d take a look to see which retro design ideas would work particularly well when used for luxury bespoke swimming pools. Have a read and then let us know what you think of them all. Which of these would you adopt for your own home style?

 Stained glass

Look to art deco and art nouveau patterns and ideas for inspiration when it comes to your own stained glass. If you’ve decided on an indoor pool, there’s no better option for your windows than a bit of stained glass. You could go all out and have it installed from top to bottom or just give a nod to the 1920s and 30s by having the top panes done in stained glass. It would be absolutely magical swimming with the light shining through the glass down onto you.

Bold colours

When you think of kitchens from the 1950s, you tend to think of big, bright and brash colour pairings. As good as these look in the kitchen, they also work incredibly well for swimming pools, whether you have your ceramic tiles done in blues, greens and yellows, or if you’d rather keep it minimal and use them as accent colours here and there.


When done well, tortoiseshell looks incredible and it’s enjoying something of a resurgence at the moment (although make sure you buy faux to help protect wildlife around the world). This kind of motif for your swimming pool tiles would look amazing, especially if you pair them with other white accoutrements… your pool area will look delightfully 1920s but with a modern spin on it. What more could you ask for?


Getting the vintage look right without going overboard or making your house feel dated is tricky, but it’s all about how you use various elements. Velvet is a really luxurious material that was often seen in the wealthiest homes decades ago and it’s coming back into fashion now, so think about adding in a few touches around the pool to help bring it to life. You could have velvet curtains hanging up, or have comfortable seating with velvet cushions or even a velvet robe for when you get out of the pool.

Go grey

One of the best colours for decorating has to be grey, since it makes other colours really come alive. It’s also a very chic option (even more so than white) and is a favourite shade of none other than Christian Dior, so you’ll certainly be in excellent company if you paint the walls of your pool room grey. Alternatively, you could use grey ceramic tiles to help you create a beautiful vintage aesthetic.

For further advice on what tiles to go for, call us at CBD Pools today.

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