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Luxury Pools Of The Rich And Famous 24th December 2016

Santorini Greece luxury pool

If you plan to do some redecorating in 2017 and want a luxury swimming pool to feature as part of your interior design plans but aren’t sure what changes to make to your home, why not take inspiration from the rich and famous?

Celebrities are famous for their lavish tastes and expensive fixtures and fittings, so if you want to go all out with your new feature, take a look at their choice of pools here.

Kylie Jenner’s Futuristic Pool

Kylie Jenner might only be 19 years old, but she has earned herself a small fortune as part of the ‘Kardashian Empire’. Not only has she appeared on the worldwide reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians since she was a child, but she has also launched her own line of beauty products to ensure the money keeps rolling in.

Her recent property purchase (because she has ample) is a space-age home in Miami, Florida. The house, which is thought to be worth a whopping $15 million (£12 million), has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a rooftop balcony and a lift, according to reports in TMZ.

Its main selling point though is its futuristic outdoor lap pool that stretches alongside the house. The infinity pool has a hot tub at one end as well as a fire pit in the centre. It overlooks the waterfront where there is a green area with sun loungers and a huge barbecue area.

Although you can stay in the luxury mansion yourself for a cool $8,000 per night, Kylie has also been snapped there, striking a sultry pose from the luxury pool itself.

Gisele Bundchen And Tom Brady

The Brazilian supermodel and her sports star husband can afford to splash the cash on their properties, which is why their Los Angeles home features an impressive swimming pool.

The infinity pool feels as though it goes on forever, and not only has views of the city but also of the Pacific Ocean in the horizon.

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith

Also in California is the home of Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. Here, they share a very earthy-looking abode in the heart of Malibu, away from the hustle and bustle of LA.

Their free-form pool very much reflects the natural vibe they were going for with the design of their house, with rocks and plants surrounding the water. It was designed by landscape architect Daniel Busbin, who was also responsible for the rest of their sprawling estate.

Rob Lowe

While Rob Lowe’s house may also be in California, the actor has made sure the design of the property he shares with his wife Sheryl shies away from the modern fixtures of other residences in the state.

Instead, the neo-classical architectural design represents their interest in 18th century English manor houses, and their huge pool sits among six acres of land. Also here are citrus groves, freshly mowed lawns, fountains and sun loungers.

You might have been inspired by some of these pools enough to consider designing your own luxury pool in a similar way – if only we had the weather of the USA to enjoy them all year round!

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Consider Bright Colours For Your Swimming Pool Tiles In 2017 21st December 2016



Bright is better, or at least where interior design is concerned, so 2017 is the year to splash out on a vibrant tiled design for your luxury indoor swimming pool.

According to Charlie Cosby, head of creative at interiors firm Farrow & Ball, we should be taking cues from the world’s fashion runways and moving towards bright colours with our interiors next year.

She told myAJC that homeowners are becoming increasingly brave in their choices and that bold colours are getting more popular as interior decorating choices.

The trends are coming from the catwalks, she added, commenting: “Bright colours were also used in combination with sorbet shades at Tibi, Lacoste and Michael Kors, and this is certainly a trend that translates to interiors.”

Ms Cosby’s top five paint colours for 2017 are studio green, drawing room blue, pelt, hay and radicchio, which is an earthy red hue.

If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your property that is in need of a revamp, it could be time to consider adding a splash of colour to the tiles to really bring it to life.

Ms Cosby added that if you don’t want to go all out with bold colours, you can still embrace the trend by accenting parts of a room with vibrant tones. In a pool room, this could be a line or two of coloured tiles, or even some new cushions for your loungers and chairs to contrast to the more neutral tones elsewhere.

But if you’re looking for inspiration for a truly striking pool design, take a look at some of the most extraordinary pools we found earlier this year, including one that features a David Bowie mural.

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Britain’s House Values Topple £5.6 Trillion 14th December 2016

Grand Victorian mansions in Kensington London UK


The increase in popularity of million-pound houses has helped the country’s property stock exceed £5.6 trillion in value.

As more and more people look for homes with luxury pools and other mod-con features, and the number of privately-owned properties rises, this has helped the total value of houses in the UK topple £5.5 trillion for the first time in history.

According to recent research by Halifax, this means the figure has increased by £1.9 trillion over the last decade, an increase of 51 per cent.

Housing economist at the financial services provider Martin Ellis said this is the highest figure on record.

He added: “Housing equity has grown by £1.6 trillion since 2006. For almost one in three homeowners – who own their home with no outstanding mortgage debt – their financial position is even stronger.”

Property price growth has been the greatest in London and the south-east. In the capital, for instance, values have risen by 106 per cent over the last ten years, increasing from £655 billion to £1.3 trillion. In the south-east, they have grown by 61 per cent during the same period.

The north-west also has high equity levels, with each household owning £117,952 of their property on average, amounting to £307 billion for the entire region.

This comes after Lloyds Bank recently released a report, which revealed there has been a 12 per cent increase in the number of people buying properties worth over £1 million between the first half of 2015 and the same period this year.

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What Is Hygge? 1st December 2016




There’s a new buzz word in the world of interior design at the moment and if you’re thinking about how to incorporate the latest trends with your luxury swimming pools and other home décor ideas, you might want to start looking into it.

We’re talking about hygge – a concept that’s made its way over here from Denmark that encompasses the notions of a happy, simple life at home. It’s all about keeping stress at bay, spending time with family and friends, eating well and relaxing, however and wherever you choose to live your life.

So how can you go about bringing this concept into life in a practical way? Being brave with your decorating decisions is a must so take yourself out of your comfort zone if you can. Throw down some thick rugs on your floorboards, opt for large scale patterns for your wallpaper and fabric choices, don’t be afraid to use a lot of colour (but think dark and opulent wherever you can).

Shades like bronze, copper, gold, greys and deep reds will really help you get the look just right and make sure you bring in lots of lovely textures in each of your rooms. Think cashmere, velvet, wool, tartan, tweed, silk… you’ve got an awful lot to work with and it couldn’t be easier to bring these into your homes.

If you’d like to try and adopt a few little bits and bobs first before committing wholeheartedly to this look, why don’t you invest in some trendy filament lightbulbs and use lots of floor and table lamps to really create a cosy feel at home? Little touches and details will help you work out if this is the right look for you.

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