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4 Ways To Exercise In Your Luxury Pool 13th November 2015

Woman on water aerobics workout

A luxury pool is an excellent long-term investment that can add value to your home and provide significant entertainment for your family and friends. Your pool can also form an important part of your exercise regime, so here are four ways you can keep fit and healthy when taking a dip.

  1. Swimming laps

Swimming laps is a tried and tested way of burning fat and building muscle strength in your luxury pool. As the water supports some of your weight, it’s also great for protecting joints, which can be important for people recovering from injuries or the elderly.

  1. Water aerobics

If swimming laps doesn’t appeal, water aerobics can be a more interesting way to improve cardio. You perform a range of exercises, often to music and with special buoyant weights, at the shallow end of the pool. Aerobics is usually more fun in a group, so encourage friends or relatives to join in.

  1. Water polo

Many people find sports are the best way to stay fit. For water polo, you’ll need a ball and a floating net, and the aim of the game is to throw the ball past a goalkeeper and into the net more times than the opposing team. Official games have 14 players, but you can play with just five.

  1. Water volleyball

Continuing the sports theme, water volleyball is almost the same as regular volleyball and can be played with just two people, unlike water polo. You’ll require a buoyant ball, floating volleyball net and ideally an umpire to make the call on any contentious decisions.

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