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A Look At The World’s Most Extraordinary Swimming Pools 31st October 2016


JANUARY 11, 2016: Vector Illustration of David Bowie, eps10


With news this week that an artist painted a giant mural of musical legend David Bowie on the bottom of a swimming pool, we thought it was an excellent opportunity to delve into some of the most daring and eye-catching pool designs around the world. If you’ve got ambitions of creating your own unique swimming pool, take a look for some inspiration.


David Bowie in a pool

We had to start with the masterpiece that is David Bowie on the bottom of a pool on Vashon Island just outside Seattle. Local artist Ten Hundred spent hours painstakingly painting the pop legend as Major Tom, with a bit of Ziggy Stardust flair on his face. There’s even a timelapse video of the whole process.

The end effect is stunning, with Bowie framed by an abstract space background. The artist used stencils to draw up the outline, before hand painting the finished picture, which looks slightly other-worldly once it’s submerged underwater.


Bloody Mary pool

This isn’t quite what it sounds – you won’t be swimming in a pool filled with vodka and tomato juice – but the iconic cocktail lent some inspiration to the red-hot swimming pool at the Art Hotel Pyrgos in Santorini.

The Daily Mail highlighted its stunning design earlier this year and we have to agree it’s incredibly striking. As its name suggests, the Art Hotel is all about art and it’s put the red swimming pool at the centre of the complex.

Red ceramic tiles glisten in the light, and the water has a very alluring quality thanks to the dark colour of the tiles. With the surrounding walls in a plain white, the pool really is able to take centre stage. Of course, you can do more than just swim here – the poolside bar offers a range of signature cocktails.


Stairway to Heaven pool

The pool at boutique hotel Villa Honegg has been causing something of a stir online lately, after a Brazilian tourist posted a short video of it on social media. What begins as a stairway into any normal pool quickly becomes a lot more special when she turns to take viewers outside to a breathtaking view of the Alps from a serene infinity pool.

Wrapping around the corner of the building, the design of the pool itself is simple and classy, letting those incredible views of the mountains and the lake below do all the talking. And with the pool heated to 34 degrees C, it’s a treat to visit at any time of the year.


Marble paradise pool

The indoor swimming pool in the spa at London’s Corinthia hotel was noted as a hidden gem by Stylist Magazine and we have to admit it looks pretty special. The pool looks incredibly sleek with its black tiles and ceiling that reflects the pattern of the rippling water – perfect for relaxation.

Other touches such as marble heated loungers and poolside private sleep pods make this a truly dreamy place to escape to. If you’re thinking of creating your own indoor pool, this is a fantastic example of how to make it a luxurious and beautiful place to swim.

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