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A Swimming Pool… In A New York Theatre! 8th March 2016

Red Speedo

It’s not all that often that unique pool design takes centre stage on Broadway or elsewhere, but if you happen to be in the Big Apple this month, why not stop off at the New York Theatre Workshop to see something truly original.

According to the Daily Mail, a real 40 ft-long and four foot-wide swimming pool has been added to the theatre for new swimming drama Red Speedo.

You might be inspired to take some of the design ideas away from the play for your own luxury swimming pool, in fact, since it has been fitted with glass panes in order to allow audience members to see the actors actually swimming.

Set designer Riccardo Hernandez said: “We knew we had to have the element of water, but we didn’t know how. I’ve done crazy stuff but never an actual actor swimming in front of the audience, no.”

Red Swimmer tells the tale of an athlete who is implicated in a drugs scandal on the night of his trials for the Olympic Games.

Reviewing the play, the Guardian wrote: “[Alex] Breaux, on stage for the play’s entirety, deserves some sort of endurance medal for spending so much of the show so damp, clad only in the titular tiny swimsuit and horrendous back tattoo, stripped even of body hair. Rarely has an actor had to do so much, while wearing so little.”

If you do find yourself in New York and at a loose end, it might be worth going to see the play. Certainly, you’re unlikely to ever come across a swimming pool in a theatre ever again!

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