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7 Ideas For Luxury Backyard Entertainment Areas 12th January 2017

Blue swimming pool in modern spa interior. Resort and wellness. Blue clear water indoor pool in spa center. Healthcare and rest, relaxation concept.

If you want your bespoke swimming pools to really stand out and be the talk of the town, you’ve got to pay as much attention to the surrounding area as to the pool itself. Making sure the rest of your garden and backyard is as luxurious as possible will only serve to highlight the pool – so here are a few ideas if you’re mulling over design concepts at the moment.

A family fire pit

Creating a space where the family can congregate and spend time together outside is a great idea, especially if you like al fresco dining. A fire pit is a brilliant way of achieving this, and it’ll keep you all warm when the summer sun goes down. You could even consider having in-built speakers in the walls of the pit benches and even create storage areas for towels and family games.

A Japanese garden

These are very tranquil, peaceful spaces that are also incredibly beautiful. You’ll love spending time in your Japanese garden if you get the design details just right. Consider pairing the likes of bamboo, sand, rocks, trees, water, flowers and bridges to create the perfect look. Trees and plants like Japanese maple, blood grass, banana plants and flowering quinces all look wonderful – and don’t forget to add a few koi carp in your pond if you have one.

Add rope lighting around your garden

Rope lighting looks brilliant at night and is easy to find and install, so you could easily add interest to your outside areas in one fell swoop. There is also the added benefit that it will help people see at night and stop them from tripping over potential hazards.

Have a lawn games area

As inviting as your luxury pool may be, people aren’t always going to want to swim. Provide them with other entertainment areas for pastimes like lawn games (boules, croquet and that sort of pursuit), and they’re sure to have a fantastic time.

Install an at-home sauna

What could be more luxurious than having a sauna on site? After doing a few laps of the pool, you and your family can unwind with ease if you have one of these at home. We’re particularly taken with the new trend for sauna cabins, which can easily be installed at home. Why not see if there’s one out there that takes your fancy?

Create a loggia

A loggia is an architectural feature that is typified by having an outer wall exposed to the elements, supported by columns and arches. They are a consistently popular option for homeowners and couldn’t be easier to create. Consider having an outdoor space with its own ornate fireplace, plush outdoor seating, a coffee table and some plant life and ornaments… an outdoor living room, if you will.

Use climbing plants

If you have big brick walls surrounding your home, soften them up by using climbing plants like fig ivy to hide the brickwork. It’ll look spectacular and really add to the sense of luxury you’re trying to create.

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