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9-Ft Alligator Found In Swimming Pool! 7th March 2016


What could be worse than finding a nine foot-long alligator in your bespoke swimming pools? Unfortunately, this is exactly what one Florida-based family woke up to discover at the start of the month.

According to Bay News 9, Craig Lear made the discovery when he went to let the cats out. Apparently, the alligator had to make a hole in their patio screen in order to get into the pool, which will have to be replaced, but that was the only damage it caused.

Mr Lear said: “I saw a bubble in the pool and I thought a golf ball had come through the screen so I went up and I didn’t see a golf ball. I looked in the deep end and there was a big gator.”

The Lears did the sensible thing and chose to call a trapper instead of trying to get rid of the animal themselves. The trapper lassoed the alligator, wrapped it up and hauled it out of the pool.

Of course, it depends on where you live as to what kind of creatures end up in your pool and hopefully the worst you’ll have to contend with is a few wasps and other insects. However, if you do come across something a bit more dangerous do not attempt to remove it yourself.

You can also make your pool safer for wild animals at the design stage by building lounge ledges along the side to help them escape or building a fence around the pool perimeter to prevent them from falling in.

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