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Pool Inspiration: Greece 25th August 2016

Architecture detail of ancient temple Erechteion

The Victorians loved neo-classical architecture, you just have to look at the profusion of classically inspired stately homes and public buildings that were built in that age. Bespoke swimming pools were also created seeking to replicate the splendour of ancient Athens.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your own pool, consider getting some ideas from the birthplace of Western civilization.

Frescoes of Greek gods were popular and an image of the sea god Poseidon or any of the nymphs would be particularly appropriate. This could be achieved with a hand-crafted tile mosaic on the bottom or sides of the pool.

Fountains were also very popular displays of wealth and status, and integrating a classically themed fountain into your personal luxury pool would pay homage to one of the great periods of European architecture.

Colour-wise, the classical and neoclassical styles favour clean and cold colours like whites, blues and greens. Marble was a popular building material and incorporating some into your pool design, perhaps in the steps or surround, would really set your pool apart.

Columns are the most distinctive feature of this style though difficult to accommodate unless you have the space. If you do, the addition of columns will make your pool especially grand and create a truly luxurious surround.

The Greeks also travelled all over the Mediterranean world, incorporating what they found into their own designs, so don’t be scared to add other influences to create a unique and personal pool that reflects your own style and inspiration.

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