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Have You Considered A Lifeguarding Course? 14th April 2016

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It’s important that you’re as responsible as possible where your bespoke swimming pools are concerned and know all there is to know about water safety, whether you have small children living with you at home or not.

A lifeguarding course could be an excellent idea if you do want to have a luxury pool installed at home so you know you can react accordingly if an accident does happen.

There are sure to be courses going on in your local area and you’ll be taught by fully qualified instructors who can show you just what to do in case of an emergency.

By going on such a course you’ll be able to learn rescue techniques, first aid and CPR – all very important if you’ve got an indoor or outdoor pool. It’s important to remember that accidents do happen from time to time but if there’s always someone on hand who knows what they’re doing and how to react you’ll be able to minimise the risks.

You might also want to consider a proper first aid course as well as a lifeguarding one, since accidents can happen outside the pool as well as in it. Once it’s installed, make sure you impress upon everyone who will be using it not to run near the pool edge – and always make sure that children are supervised poolside at all times, whether they’re excellent swimmers or otherwise.

Another good idea would be to send your children on a lifeguarding course as well. The Royal Life Saving Society UK runs a Rookie Lifeguard course specifically tailored for children between the ages of eight and 12, teaching them to swim and enjoy the water safely.

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