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Best Instagrammers For Pool Inspiration 4th April 2017

When it comes to getting inspiration for your luxury swimming pool design, you’ll no doubt have spent your fair share of time in some of the world’s most beautiful swimming pools, however, if you don’t get as much time to travel as you wish you did, there are plenty of people out there curating the very best in pool design from around the world.  

These aren’t just any old travel bloggers, these are the elite – travelling to the world’s best far flung resorts. Let’s take a look and see if any of these accounts inspire you to book your next holiday, let alone influence you in your choice of luxury pool tile.



In a world full of wannabe bloggers, an accolade such as being one of TripAdvisor’s top 10 Instagram accounts is a serious one, whether you’ve ever used TripAdvisor or not. Christina is a self-proclaimed luxury travel blogger, touring some of the world’s top hot spots in style (no hostels here).



The name says it all – this magazine aimed at travellers with money burning a hole in their pocket curates a feed of exceptional beauty on its Instagram account. Whether its infinity pools overlooking stunning areas of natural beauty and sky high pools nestled in luxury hotels and apartments, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found.



Founder of A Luxury Travel Blog, Paul’s feed may favour natural bodies of water over pools, but there’s still plenty of watery inspiration to be found.


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World’s Deepest Luxury Swimming Pool 31st March 2017

If you’re a bit of a thrill seeker when it comes to your love of water sports, then you‘ll be interested to hear about one of the world’s most unique swimming pools.

Located in Belgium’s capital Brussels and opened in May 2004, say hello to Nemo 33, the deepest swimming pool in the world. This diver’s paradise is the only pool of its kind created, made up of several sections sitting 113 feet below ground and housing many submerged structures to explore.

It also has an added attraction of giving discerning diving diners the chance to eat at its new restaurant, Pearl. The pod restaurant is only two metres in size at a depth of 16 feet in the pool, providing the chance to have a bite to eat or a glass of champagne during the course of your dive experience.

If swimming and eating doesn’t sound like the best idea for you, there is also a Thai bar and restaurant in which you can view divers in action from safe on dry land.

The attraction accepts visitors of any diving ability but you must be over the age of 12 years old to partake. If you are a certified diver then you’re free to dive alone – otherwise you will always be accompanied by a professional diving instructor. A dive here usually last around approximately two hours and the pool is heated with chlorine free fresh spring water to 86 degrees keeping you warm throughout your swim.

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4 Of The Best Waterproof Smartwatches 23rd March 2017

If you’re a runner, a smartwatch is a great idea as it helps you track your fitness and helps you to achieve your goals. But if you’re a swimmer, it can be harder since you need a waterproof watch to suit your needs. Here are some of the best waterproof smartwatches money can buy these days.

Nixon Mission Android Wear

This is water resistant up to 100m and also boasts built-in GPS and shock resistance. Yes, it was designed with surfers and snowboarders in mind, but there’s no reason you can’t wear it as you practice your freestyle as well. It also comes with Google Fit activity tracking and you can use it to access the Google Play app store.

The Pebble Classic

If you’re new to the waterproof smartwatch market, then this would be a good choice since it’s reasonably priced and its battery lasts for a long time. It’s water resistant up to 50m and can go a week on just one charge, which is certainly impressive – especially when you consider that some Android options run out of charge after just one day.

Apple Watch Series 2

This apparently comes with a swim-proof shell that makes the watch water resistant up to 50m. It can be used in shallow water, so perfect for swimming, but if you’re scuba diving or doing water sports like water skiing, then make sure you take it off.

Garmin Vivoactive HR

We love this one because it comes with a wrist-based heart rate monitor so you can track your fitness more easily. It also has water resistance up to 50m and a compass sensor, barometer and altimeter.

Interested in finding out more about luxury swimming pool design? Give us a call today.

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Two-Thirds Of Brits Want To Live Near Water 22nd March 2017

Over 60 per cent of Brits would like to live in a property near water, a new survey has revealed.

The Express highlighted the research conducted by Strutt & Parker, which found that proximity to water is something that the majority of us would be happy to pay for.

While the coast was the most popular option, with over 50 per cent of those questioned stating this would be their ideal location for a home, others preferred the idea of living near a lake, river or even a canal.

Partner in the company’s research team Vanessa Hale told the newspaper that people who live near water regularly report better health than those who don’t.

She cited a University of Exeter study, which revealed that living near the sea in particular resulted in people feeling healthier.

This isn’t the first time that water has been linked to wellness this year. In January, the Telegraph pointed to a growing trend among luxury property developers to include water features in their projects to improve residents’ wellness.

Of course, a water feature could also be a luxury indoor swimming pool, where you can not only sit next to the calming water, but also take a dip and do some exercise.

Having a pool in your home could be a particularly good option if you live in a city like London, where water views are at a premium. Although it’s not quite the same as looking out over the ocean, being able to chill out in a beautiful pool house could be the next best thing.


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Get The Perfect Lighting For Your Swimming Pool 1st March 2017

When you add a luxury indoor swimming pool to your home, there are a number of things you need to consider, including the lighting. The first thing to remember is that lighting doesn’t just apply to the lights in the pool, but those in the surrounding pool area too.

You should use the lighting to create the right kind of atmosphere in your pool, as well as for the obvious safety reasons of ensuring everyone can see the water, day or night.

Within the pool itself, you’ll need some lights and you can decide whether you’d prefer these to run along the sides of the pool or on the bottom. Your decision may depend on the design of the tiles you’re using for the pool itself.

LED lights generally use less energy than their halogen or incandescent counterparts, so you may want to bear this in mind when making your choice.

Around the pool itself, uplights on the walls are a popular option to create soft light that isn’t too harsh. However, if you want to go for the wow factor, you could consider installing a panel over the pool itself that’s studded with a number of small bulbs, creating the effect of a starry sky.

You don’t have to stick to white light either, with a variety of colour options open to you depending on the scheme you’ve chosen for the rest of your space. Although if you’re taking the advice of interior specialist Charlie Cosby and introducing bright colours to your pool, you may want to use brighter lights to ensure their vibrancy comes out.

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Top Plants For An Indoor Swimming Pool Area 20th February 2017

If you want to create a real haven around your luxury indoor swimming pool, you should make sure you have some plants in the pool area.

However, it can be tricky to know where to start, as not all plants can cope long term with the chlorine fumes that come from indoor pools. If you have a good air cycling system, however, that will help.

As a general rule, you want to look towards tropical plants that thrive in high humidity environments. The ones that are likely to cope best around a swimming pool are those that have tough leaves, as these are less likely to be damaged by the chlorine.

Rubber trees, yuccas, bromeliads, agave and sansevieria plants are among the top choices for an indoor pool area, according to Tropical Gardens.

However, the website explains that all your plants, regardless of how hardy they are, should be rinsed with clean water at least once a month to help keep them in good condition.

The other thing to consider when selecting plants for your indoor pool room is the light levels in the space. If your pool is in a conservatory-style building, with plenty of natural light coming through the windows then tropical plants will do well.

If your pool room is below ground and has limited or no natural light, you might have to make do with fake plants instead to introduce a splash of green.

Last month we wrote about how swimming pools can help people deal with stress, and with plenty of research also showing that featuring plants in our environment can make us more relaxed, it seems obvious to pair the two.

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6 Of The Best Luxury Pool Gadgets To Buy Today 9th February 2017

One of the most fun parts about deciding to install a beautiful new luxury pool at home, whether indoor or outdoor, is spending time doing some research to see what gadgets you can also invest in that will complement the new addition to your home. We’re lucky these days in that we have a dazzling array of different devices at our immediate disposal – so here are just a few of our favourite picks to help you see just what is out there on the market in this regard.

Wireless waterproof headphones

You love to listen to your playlists while you’re on the treadmill or out doing some road running, don’t you? Well, now you can enjoy them just as much while you’re splashing about in the pool. This pair of headphones boasts wireless Bluetooth connectivity, a waterproof IPX7 rating so they’re perfect for water sports and a built-in microphone so you can make hands-free calls.

Grace Digital ECOXGEAR ECOXBT Wireless Speaker

If you’d rather not have headphones in as you swim, why don’t you invest in a waterproof wireless speaker instead so you can still have tunes at the poolside? The speakers have a battery life of ten hours, although you can also plug it into a power source so can easily take your music inside with you when you’ve had enough of the pool. You can use it to make calls from your smartphone and it can pair up with laptops and the Kindle Fire, as well as other Bluetooth devices. Even better, the speakers themselves float so don’t panic if you knock them into the pool!

Robotic Solar Pool Skimmer

Cleaning the swimming pool is a chore that has to be done, no matter how much you don’t want to do it, but with this brilliantly conceived solar-powered pool skimmer you can sit back and relax and watch as it does the hard work for you.

GoPro HERO3, HERO2 & HERO Original

You’re sure to want to take a few pictures at the poolside, but what about when you’re actually in the water? The GoPro is the perfect choice as the camera itself is top of the range and it’s one of the best waterproof models out there. Just make sure that there’s no debris or dirt along the white rubber gasket when using it, as this could make the case less waterproof.

Panasonic Eluga

Who wouldn’t want a waterproof smartphone? This Android version from Panasonic can be submerged in up to a metre of water for half an hour or so, so it’s perfect for anyone who loves lazing about in the pool but who doesn’t want to be parted from their phone for too long.

Liquid Image Video Mask Series

Although out of stock at the moment, we’re still taken with the idea of the Video Mask Series from Liquid Image since it’s easy to wear and can take both digital video and photos – all with your hands free!

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Wellness A Focus For Luxury Property Developers 31st January 2017

The concept of wellness is one that many luxury property developers have embraced in recent years, including gyms, spas and outdoor spaces in their schemes.

But now there’s a deeper understanding of what wellness means within the sector – and that’s leading to a shift in the design and construction of living spaces, particularly at the top end of the market.

This is according to CBRE, with the Telegraph reporting on research that the organisation has conducted into how wellness in all its forms can be incorporated into our living spaces. This encompasses intellectual, emotional, social, physical, spiritual, environmental and occupational wellbeing.

Lisa Holland, MD of residential at CBRE, explained that the way a building is designed, from its acoustics to the natural light it lets in, can affect our wellbeing. She added that sustainable living is becoming increasingly important for our personal wellbeing, and that developers are looking at ways to maximise a building’s sustainability.

Ms Holland added that it isn’t only the building and its facilities that has an effect, but also how a home is decorated that affects wellbeing and that it should “promote balance”.

“Calm palettes that flow throughout interconnecting rooms, coupled with subtle materials and textures are not only emotionally reassuring, but will help to encourage equal use of rooms,” she stated.

The newspaper highlighted some of the best new developments in London that have wellness in mind. They include Embassy Gardens in Nine Elms that has a luxury pool – the so-called sky pool – suspended between two towers, and Lincoln Square in Holborn, which features 17,000 sq ft of fitness and spa facilities.

Earlier this month, we highlighted some of the luxury design trends gaining traction in the capital, which included a snow cabin and rainforest shower experience.



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4 Swimming Pool Safety Gadgets 29th January 2017

An important aspect of luxury swimming pool design is safety, especially if you have young children and pets that could be at risk if you don’t factor this in when planning your pool construction at the outset. These days, there are countless gadgets out there to help you maximise poolside health and safety – here are just a couple of ideas to consider.

Pool Eye universal pool alarm

This works in both in-ground and above-ground pools, featuring voice prompts, immersion and an in-home remote unit. It can be used alongside other pool alarms and is battery operated so you don’t have to worry about wiring and electrical outlets. It simply installs easily using a deck mounting bracket.

Poolguard PGRM

This is an underwater motion alarm that uses a sonar grid to detect when there is a breach, at which point an alarm will sound. What’s great about these is that because they use sonar instead of motion, there’s no chance of a false alarm.

Safety Turtle swimming pool alarm

The Safety Turtle has a battery life of up to four years and is worn on the wrist by your child, or someone else who’s swimming ability may not be that strong. When the Turtle is immersed in water, a loud alarm instantly sounds and will carry on until it’s reset.

Skamper Ramp

If you have a breed of dog that isn’t the best of swimmers, then something like the Skamper Ramp could be a good investment as it allows them to get out of the pool easily. Other animals can use it too, so if you live in the countryside you could save a few lives.

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Could A Swimming Pool Make You Less Stressed? 24th January 2017

If you find life stressful at times, either due to work or personal commitments, you could benefit from spending time close to water.

There have been various studies in recent years that highlight the healing power of bodies of water. One such example was a study lead by Professor Michael Depledge that found people who lived close to water reported better health than those who didn’t, as reported by the Guardian in 2013.

Meanwhile, Wallace J. Nichols, author of the book Blue Mind: The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected and Better at What You Do, told Tonic magazine last year that we change the way we think when we’re near water.

“Our brains switch into a different mode which can involve mind-wandering, creativity and sleep, which are all known to be important to health, resilience and productivity,” Mr Nichols asserted.

With all of this in mind, if you are lucky enough to have the space for a luxury swimming pool at your home, you could benefit in many ways by having water so close by.

Aside from giving you somewhere to exercise regularly, simply being able to sit next to a pool of water when you need some time for contemplation, or to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, could be hugely helpful.

To get the most out of your pool area, make it a relaxing and peaceful space. Choose a ceramic tile design for the pool itself that you find soothing, and make sure the pool house has comfy places to sit and relax, as well as plants and calming lighting to create a truly relaxing environment.

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Swimming ‘A Top Exercise For 2017’ 19th January 2017

Swimming has long been a popular form of exercise, but it seems 2017 will be the year when more people return to the sport – and are doing more than just swimming a few lengths a leisurely pace.

The Irish News has named it as one of the top exercise trends for the coming 12 months, noting that the growth in wearable tech to monitor performance isn’t going to skip the swimming pool.

More people are likely to invest in waterproof watches so they can keep track of their lap times and break their swimming session down into a bit more of a workout than just concentrating on distance.

Doing sprints and drills, as well as having a planned warm-up regime, are likely to become ever more common.

Two-time Olympic silver medallist James Guy told the newspaper that there are a number of health benefits to swimming.

“Swimming dramatically improves cardiovascular fitness and increased overall endurance, but it also helps build muscle strength and definition,” he explained.

And if you’re lucky enough to have your own luxury indoor swimming pool, why not make it something of a haven where you can really throw yourself into your exercise by customising it with interesting ceramics and designs?

If that isn’t enough to convince you to take the plunge in 2017, the Mirror highlighted another reason why swimming is a good move. According to the newspaper, regular swimming is a great way to lower high blood pressure if you suffer from it.

The key, however, is to regularly exercise to help improve your circulatory system.

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7 Ideas For Luxury Backyard Entertainment Areas 12th January 2017

Blue swimming pool in modern spa interior. Resort and wellness. Blue clear water indoor pool in spa center. Healthcare and rest, relaxation concept.

If you want your bespoke swimming pools to really stand out and be the talk of the town, you’ve got to pay as much attention to the surrounding area as to the pool itself. Making sure the rest of your garden and backyard is as luxurious as possible will only serve to highlight the pool – so here are a few ideas if you’re mulling over design concepts at the moment.

A family fire pit

Creating a space where the family can congregate and spend time together outside is a great idea, especially if you like al fresco dining. A fire pit is a brilliant way of achieving this, and it’ll keep you all warm when the summer sun goes down. You could even consider having in-built speakers in the walls of the pit benches and even create storage areas for towels and family games.

A Japanese garden

These are very tranquil, peaceful spaces that are also incredibly beautiful. You’ll love spending time in your Japanese garden if you get the design details just right. Consider pairing the likes of bamboo, sand, rocks, trees, water, flowers and bridges to create the perfect look. Trees and plants like Japanese maple, blood grass, banana plants and flowering quinces all look wonderful – and don’t forget to add a few koi carp in your pond if you have one.

Add rope lighting around your garden

Rope lighting looks brilliant at night and is easy to find and install, so you could easily add interest to your outside areas in one fell swoop. There is also the added benefit that it will help people see at night and stop them from tripping over potential hazards.

Have a lawn games area

As inviting as your luxury pool may be, people aren’t always going to want to swim. Provide them with other entertainment areas for pastimes like lawn games (boules, croquet and that sort of pursuit), and they’re sure to have a fantastic time.

Install an at-home sauna

What could be more luxurious than having a sauna on site? After doing a few laps of the pool, you and your family can unwind with ease if you have one of these at home. We’re particularly taken with the new trend for sauna cabins, which can easily be installed at home. Why not see if there’s one out there that takes your fancy?

Create a loggia

A loggia is an architectural feature that is typified by having an outer wall exposed to the elements, supported by columns and arches. They are a consistently popular option for homeowners and couldn’t be easier to create. Consider having an outdoor space with its own ornate fireplace, plush outdoor seating, a coffee table and some plant life and ornaments… an outdoor living room, if you will.

Use climbing plants

If you have big brick walls surrounding your home, soften them up by using climbing plants like fig ivy to hide the brickwork. It’ll look spectacular and really add to the sense of luxury you’re trying to create.

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Luxury Design Trends – Snow Cabins & Rainforest Showers 4th January 2017

natural pool

It never hurts to look at what property developers and interior designers are all up to when it comes to working out how you want your own home and luxury indoor swimming pool to look. It’s all about finding inspiration from a variety of different sources, which can prove very useful indeed.

According to a report in the Guardian, some of the latest trends for luxury apartment living in London now includes a rainforest shower experience and a snow cabin… which might give you a few ideas as to what you could feature in your own home as well.

Apparently, those who buy an apartment at One Blackfriars in the capital (which has views over St Paul’s Cathedral), will also be able to take advantage of a wine-tasting room, a virtual golf course with its own whisky bar, a 20-seat cinema and a hot stone massage parlour. And that’s not even to mention the 20m swimming pool, steam room, sauna, valet parking and a 24-hour concierge.

Meanwhile, over in Battersea’s Nine Elms district, a new-build luxury apartment will also include access to a transparent swimming pool spanning two towers, membership of a private club and a stunning rooftop orangery.

Other luxurious trends sure to be big news in the year ahead include pairing opposing design ideas together to really create a statement – something like putting a wood frame fabric sofa next to a more industrial table made of metal and glass. It’s all about clever juxtapositions of opposing ideas so really stop to think about it before you make any final design decisions.

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Enjoy A Splash At Calvados’ Luxury Hotel 4th January 2017

Image result for Calvados’ Luxury Hotel

It might still be the thick of winter, but it is never too early to start dreaming about what to do once the sunshine returns and summer is upon us. Those who like to escape the temperamental weather of the UK often choose France as a holiday destination, and this year you might consider staying the luxury Chateau d’Audrieu.

This four-star hotel and restaurant is located in Calvados, and is probably unlike anywhere you’ve ever holidayed before. The 18th century home is truly luxurious, boasting a long and impressive history, well-maintained architecture, and 12 acres of country park.

Unsurprisingly, it has many selling points, but one of its biggest is its large outdoor pool. You can take a dip in the heated water, set in the heart of the park and surrounded by luscious greenery.

Its location is very tranquil, and you can easily while away the day lying on a sunlounger, listening to the birds and relaxing. From time to time, you can do laps of the pool, or you can indulge yourself at the hotel’s spa.

Indeed, it has teamed together with California Paradise Spa, which is just a short drive away in Bayeux. Here, you can spoil yourself with several treatments, whether you want a refreshing facial or a rejuvenating massage.

Of course, it isn’t just its leisure facilities that attract holidaymakers from around the world, and its classical decor, large bedroom suites, and recently renovated dining rooms are all inviting to visitors.

This is a great place to head to if you want to immerse yourself in history, take a step away from the hustle and bustle of life, and really feel the decadence of an age gone by.

If you are lucky enough to have your own luxury swimming pool without having to travel to enjoy one, take a look at our range of ceramics, here.

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Luxury Pools Of The Rich And Famous 24th December 2016

Santorini Greece luxury pool

If you plan to do some redecorating in 2017 and want a luxury swimming pool to feature as part of your interior design plans but aren’t sure what changes to make to your home, why not take inspiration from the rich and famous?

Celebrities are famous for their lavish tastes and expensive fixtures and fittings, so if you want to go all out with your new feature, take a look at their choice of pools here.

Kylie Jenner’s Futuristic Pool

Kylie Jenner might only be 19 years old, but she has earned herself a small fortune as part of the ‘Kardashian Empire’. Not only has she appeared on the worldwide reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians since she was a child, but she has also launched her own line of beauty products to ensure the money keeps rolling in.

Her recent property purchase (because she has ample) is a space-age home in Miami, Florida. The house, which is thought to be worth a whopping $15 million (£12 million), has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a rooftop balcony and a lift, according to reports in TMZ.

Its main selling point though is its futuristic outdoor lap pool that stretches alongside the house. The infinity pool has a hot tub at one end as well as a fire pit in the centre. It overlooks the waterfront where there is a green area with sun loungers and a huge barbecue area.

Although you can stay in the luxury mansion yourself for a cool $8,000 per night, Kylie has also been snapped there, striking a sultry pose from the luxury pool itself.

Gisele Bundchen And Tom Brady

The Brazilian supermodel and her sports star husband can afford to splash the cash on their properties, which is why their Los Angeles home features an impressive swimming pool.

The infinity pool feels as though it goes on forever, and not only has views of the city but also of the Pacific Ocean in the horizon.

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith

Also in California is the home of Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. Here, they share a very earthy-looking abode in the heart of Malibu, away from the hustle and bustle of LA.

Their free-form pool very much reflects the natural vibe they were going for with the design of their house, with rocks and plants surrounding the water. It was designed by landscape architect Daniel Busbin, who was also responsible for the rest of their sprawling estate.

Rob Lowe

While Rob Lowe’s house may also be in California, the actor has made sure the design of the property he shares with his wife Sheryl shies away from the modern fixtures of other residences in the state.

Instead, the neo-classical architectural design represents their interest in 18th century English manor houses, and their huge pool sits among six acres of land. Also here are citrus groves, freshly mowed lawns, fountains and sun loungers.

You might have been inspired by some of these pools enough to consider designing your own luxury pool in a similar way – if only we had the weather of the USA to enjoy them all year round!

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Consider Bright Colours For Your Swimming Pool Tiles In 2017 21st December 2016



Bright is better, or at least where interior design is concerned, so 2017 is the year to splash out on a vibrant tiled design for your luxury indoor swimming pool.

According to Charlie Cosby, head of creative at interiors firm Farrow & Ball, we should be taking cues from the world’s fashion runways and moving towards bright colours with our interiors next year.

She told myAJC that homeowners are becoming increasingly brave in their choices and that bold colours are getting more popular as interior decorating choices.

The trends are coming from the catwalks, she added, commenting: “Bright colours were also used in combination with sorbet shades at Tibi, Lacoste and Michael Kors, and this is certainly a trend that translates to interiors.”

Ms Cosby’s top five paint colours for 2017 are studio green, drawing room blue, pelt, hay and radicchio, which is an earthy red hue.

If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your property that is in need of a revamp, it could be time to consider adding a splash of colour to the tiles to really bring it to life.

Ms Cosby added that if you don’t want to go all out with bold colours, you can still embrace the trend by accenting parts of a room with vibrant tones. In a pool room, this could be a line or two of coloured tiles, or even some new cushions for your loungers and chairs to contrast to the more neutral tones elsewhere.

But if you’re looking for inspiration for a truly striking pool design, take a look at some of the most extraordinary pools we found earlier this year, including one that features a David Bowie mural.

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Britain’s House Values Topple £5.6 Trillion 14th December 2016

Grand Victorian mansions in Kensington London UK


The increase in popularity of million-pound houses has helped the country’s property stock exceed £5.6 trillion in value.

As more and more people look for homes with luxury pools and other mod-con features, and the number of privately-owned properties rises, this has helped the total value of houses in the UK topple £5.5 trillion for the first time in history.

According to recent research by Halifax, this means the figure has increased by £1.9 trillion over the last decade, an increase of 51 per cent.

Housing economist at the financial services provider Martin Ellis said this is the highest figure on record.

He added: “Housing equity has grown by £1.6 trillion since 2006. For almost one in three homeowners – who own their home with no outstanding mortgage debt – their financial position is even stronger.”

Property price growth has been the greatest in London and the south-east. In the capital, for instance, values have risen by 106 per cent over the last ten years, increasing from £655 billion to £1.3 trillion. In the south-east, they have grown by 61 per cent during the same period.

The north-west also has high equity levels, with each household owning £117,952 of their property on average, amounting to £307 billion for the entire region.

This comes after Lloyds Bank recently released a report, which revealed there has been a 12 per cent increase in the number of people buying properties worth over £1 million between the first half of 2015 and the same period this year.

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What Is Hygge? 1st December 2016




There’s a new buzz word in the world of interior design at the moment and if you’re thinking about how to incorporate the latest trends with your luxury swimming pools and other home décor ideas, you might want to start looking into it.

We’re talking about hygge – a concept that’s made its way over here from Denmark that encompasses the notions of a happy, simple life at home. It’s all about keeping stress at bay, spending time with family and friends, eating well and relaxing, however and wherever you choose to live your life.

So how can you go about bringing this concept into life in a practical way? Being brave with your decorating decisions is a must so take yourself out of your comfort zone if you can. Throw down some thick rugs on your floorboards, opt for large scale patterns for your wallpaper and fabric choices, don’t be afraid to use a lot of colour (but think dark and opulent wherever you can).

Shades like bronze, copper, gold, greys and deep reds will really help you get the look just right and make sure you bring in lots of lovely textures in each of your rooms. Think cashmere, velvet, wool, tartan, tweed, silk… you’ve got an awful lot to work with and it couldn’t be easier to bring these into your homes.

If you’d like to try and adopt a few little bits and bobs first before committing wholeheartedly to this look, why don’t you invest in some trendy filament lightbulbs and use lots of floor and table lamps to really create a cosy feel at home? Little touches and details will help you work out if this is the right look for you.

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