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3 Of Barcelona’s Best Hotel Pools 26th February 2016


Holidaymakers who are planning a trip to Barcelona soon might want to consider staying in one of these three hotels, as they have some of the best luxury swimming pools in all of the city.

With Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia as part of its landscape, Barcelona offers some of the best views in Europe, which is why the Mandarin Oriental hotel is a hugely popular option among travellers, as its rooftop pool allows you to soak in the sights while taking a relaxing dip.

Not only is it a welcome retreat on hot summer days, the sun loungers and chairs make it a fabulous spot to watch the sun set over the city. In addition to this, the hotel has a 12-metre lap pool in its well-established spa, making it an ideal choice whatever season you visit.

  • W Barcelona

Similarly, W Barcelona also offers an outdoor pool for sun seekers to enjoy. Its infinity-edge splash pool gives you fantastic views of the city’s historical sites, while the beach is easily accessible as well.

However, if you just want to stay by the WET splash pool all day long, you can recline in one of the private cabanas for a peaceful seclusion.

The pool is open until 8pm, with children under the age of 16 able to use it until 6pm.

  • Grand Hotel Central Barcelona

If infinity pools are your thing, consider staying at the Grand Hotel Central Barcelona. It prides itself on having “probably the most spectacular pool” in the city, offering panoramic views of this beautiful Mediterranean province.

Guests can enjoy lying next to the pool listening to chill-out music, eating fresh fruit and salads, or sipping on a cocktail. And when the sun gets too hot, they can cool themselves in the pool while looking over the best of Barcelona’s sights.

To see our unique swimming pools, see the CBD Pools website now.

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How To Teach Your Toddler To Swim 24th February 2016

baby in a swimming pool

Buying a luxury swimming pool means fun for all the family, particularly children. However, if your kids are especially young, you may need to jump in and show them how it’s done.

Teaching toddlers to swim is not only rewarding but also provides them with the knowledge they need to stay safe around the water. As such, here are some tips to help your infants get to grips with swimming.

  1. Start slowly

Bring your child near the water, but don’t force them to go in. Simply let them play in a paddling area with toys or sit on the edge to allow them to become accustomed to being around water.

  1. Teach breathing techniques

A common practice among parents is to show toddlers how to blow bubbles in the water. This shows them how to breath out without drawing water back in, which should help them build confidence.

  1. Always be close and offer support

Hold your toddler in the water, maintain eye contact and provide constant reassurance. Encourage them to kick their legs, and glide your infant through the water as they do so.

  1. Play games

At such a young age, it’s often recommended that you use games as a learning mechanism for swimming. The more children associate the water with fun, the less likely they are to be afraid.

Eventually, your child will learn the necessary motions and you can release them so they can try swimming on their own (with floats and armbands, of course!).

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Roman Abramovich To Build Own Luxury Swimming Pool! 23rd February 2016

Swimming pool with stairs

Victorian subway stations and sewers look set to be the inspiration for Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich’s unique pool, which will be part of a redesign of his Kensington mansion that’s to include a steam room, sauna, underground pool and changing rooms.

According to the Daily Mail, the billionaire has just been granted planning permission to replace his luxury swimming pool (which he previously described as “miserable”), so he is now able to start work on the new leisure complex that will be housed under the mansion’s garden.

So what will the new pool look like? Apparently, it will be a vaulted space of either tile or brick, be lit by skylights from above and be similar in style and appearance to the subterranean Hornsey Wood reservoir in Finsbury Park in north London and the Guastavino tile vaults at the City Hall subway station in New York.

“The relocation of the swimming pool will simplify circulation and allow for clearer separation of programme between staff and family areas throughout the lower ground floor and basement. The family spaces will be centred around the sunken courtyard, where the widening of the terrace to the west of the building creates a larger dining and playroom at lower ground floor level,” documents submitted to the council state.

Mr Abramovich is certainly not the first wealthy person to invest in a new luxury swimming pool – and he certainly won’t be the last, of that we’re sure. Artist Damien Hirst recently also applied to have a swimming pool and yoga studio added to his mansion in Regent’s Park as well.

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Have You Heard Of Aqua Dye? 17th February 2016

Aqua Couleur

Now you’ve made the decision to have a unique swimming pool installed at home, you can start turning your thoughts to how you want it to look. And if you really want your luxury pool to stand out you might want to consider investing in some aqua dye, temporary water colourant that changes the shade of the water in your pool.

There are several different ranges available, such as those from Aqua Couleur, which come in a wide variety of colours like Deep Ocean, Lavender, Lagoon, Fuschia, Mango and Turquoise. If you have young children or are throwing a special party, it could be a fun addition to your swimming pool.

These products are perfectly safe to use and are completely hypoallergenic, so there’s no need to worry that your health will be affected by adding them to the pool. In addition, they will not affect the quality, transparency or balance of the water itself.

Alternatively, if you’d rather not go down the water dying route, why not consider having some beautiful mosaic tiles added to your pool before you even put the water in? You can find these in a huge range of different patterns and motifs, so you’re sure to be able to come up with a design that really speaks to you and your family.

If you’d like to find out more about these ceramic tiles and how they could help to finish your swimming pool off to perfection, get in touch with us here at CBD Pools today.

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4 Reasons To Buy A Luxury Pool In 2016 16th February 2016

luxury pool

Purchasing a luxury pool is often a big investment, which is why you should spend some time researching the benefits and discussing your needs with the best designers and technicians available.

However, in the meantime, here is a quick rundown of some of the reasons why you should think about having a pool installed this year.

  1. Adds value to your home

The latest Office of National Statistics data for house prices showed values jumped 7.7 per cent in the year to November 2015. Now could be the time to sell your home and having a luxury swimming pool can increase the price tag and ensure your property has unique features to attract buyers.

  1. Get fit

Losing weight and getting fit are often the most common New Year’s resolutions, and you’re doing a good job if you’ve managed to stay on track until now. Investing in a pool means you can work out in the comfort of your own home, which should facilitate your fitness plans.

  1. Spend more time with friends and family

Everyone would like a better work/life balance, but it can often be difficult to set aside enough time for your loved ones. Having an outdoor swimming pool means you can invite friends and family over for barbecues and pool parties, so why not make plans for the summer now?

  1. Keep kids entertained

If you’re a traditionalist who thinks that children should be playing out of the house rather than sitting behind a screen, you may find having a swimming pool is an excellent way of encouraging your kids to go outside. But make sure you have the right safety measures in place first!

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Damien Hirst Applies To Build Luxury Swimming Pool 8th February 2016

Architect rolls

When it comes to luxury swimming pool design, we can only imagine what artist Damien Hirst will come up with for his mansion in Regent’s Park.

According to the Daily Mail, Hirst was granted planning application to build his basement conversion last year and has now filed a second application to dig down another metre in order to accommodate a yoga studio and swimming pool at home.

His new extension is apparently intended to house his extensive art collection, which includes works by Picasso and Bacon. The entire bottom level of the art gallery will be lowered in order to make additional room for the swimming pool, while the stairs will also have to be altered.

Further inspiration for homeowners keen to have their own luxury pool comes in the form of a sauna and steam room next to the pool, as well as a glazed yoga studio built on a mezzanine above.

When it comes to your own pool design, the first step is to consider what kind of style is best suited to you and your family. For example, you might find that an infinity pool is the best option if you’ve got an amazing view, while if you’re keen to keep fit then a classic lap pool might be a better choice.

Or if you’re looking for something to add value to your home and really make a statement, then something like a Grecian or Roman pool might be the best pool for you – classic, beautiful and incredibly stylish into the bargain.

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360 Degree Infinity Pool For The St Regis Dubai! 2nd February 2016

luxury swimming pool design

We blogged last month about Dubai’s Burj Al Arab hotel that has just decided to add two pools to its luxurious offerings – and now we’re back off to the Middle East once again, this time to take a look at the new 360-degree infinity pool to be installed at the forthcoming St Regis Dubai, The Palm. It’s sure to inspire you when it comes to your own luxury swimming pool design!

What you probably won’t be able to replicate, however, is the height of this particular swimming pool. According to the Daily Mail, it’s going to be an amazing 50 storeys above ground, making it one of the highest pools in the entire world.

It’s expected that the hotel will open its doors some time in 2018, included as part of the Palm Tower, a building due to be built on the Palm Jumeirah – the biggest artificial island in the world.

There’s going to be a restaurant, a public rooftop viewing deck, as well as 289 guest rooms and suites, and 504 luxury apartments.

So there you have it! We hope that does give you a few ideas as to what you could achieve with your own luxury pool design. Whatever you do, just make sure you do your research and don’t rush into any decisions. You want to make sure you’re making the right choices for you and your family so you end up with a pool that everyone can enjoy for years to come. To find out more about how we can help you achieve this, get in touch today.

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Why Pick A Salt-Water Pool? 29th January 2016

Tester for pool in a hand against the background of the swimming pool.

We’re always ones to keep tabs on the latest and best luxury swimming pools, and this week, the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai announced the addition of a new extension, homing not just one, but two pools.

According to the Telegraph, the new ‘North Deck’ will be a fan-like protrusion from the hotel providing space for two curved swimming pools – one fresh-water and one salt-water pool. The two new additions will take the hotel’s swimming pool count to six.

But why a salt-water pool? It’s a question that comes up time and time again from people looking to install a unique swimming pool in their own home.

Salt-water swimming pools use a slightly different sanitation system than regular chlorine pools. It’s a common misconception that they contain no chlorine at all, which makes them popular with those who have sensitivity to chlorine. However, it is true that there are fewer levels of certain chemical compounds that may make a difference to sensitivity, as well as less of the smell of chlorine than a traditional pool.

Salt is added to the water instead at around the density of a teardrop some 32,000 parts per million less than a drop of ocean water according to the Washington Times.

However, the positives for the swimmer may well be outweighed by the damage it could cause your pool if not properly maintained.

This can include bleaching or damage to the pool surface, lights and equipment – and if not looked after, the system can also be susceptible to higher instances of bacteria breeding environments.

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3 Luxury Pools To Enjoy in Paris 26th January 2016

PARIS - JUNE 15: Eiffel Tower on June 15, 2012 in Paris. Eiffel tower is one the most popular attractions in Paris

If you’re planning to escape for a weekend away in Paris and are looking for some luxury swimming pools to enjoy on your relaxing break, check out our list of the top Parisian pools in the city.

1) Royal Monceau

This is perhaps the most well-known swimming pool in Paris, as it has the title of being the longest ever built in a Paris hotel. Stretching 23 metres and set among 1,500 square metres of spa, it has the advantage of being both a place where you can enjoy a few lengths and relax in a calm and serene environment.

Taking a dip in the tranquillity pool will feel a world away from the vibrant hustle and bustle of France’s capital city.

2) Piscine Molitor

This pool is not just luxurious, but it boasts an interesting history, making it ideal for those who want to learn more about Parisian culture on their break. The Art Deco pool has featured in much of Paris’ past over the last 100 years – it was big on the social scene in the 1929 inauguration and it was the birthplace of the bikini in 1946.

After closing in 1989, Accor Hotel acquired it and renovated the pool in its original Art Deco design to reclaim its momentous historical value. In 2014, it re-opened after 25 years, and is now one of the most sought-after piscines in the city.

3) Shangri-La Hotel

The Shangri-La Hotel chain is synonymous with luxury, so if you’re planning a visit to Paris, you’ll be well placed to stay here and enjoy its many facilities, including its pool.

It measures 15 metres by six metres, allowing visitors plenty of space to swim and enjoy a relaxing ambience. Designed with traditional French architecture in mind, it has a high vaulted roof and floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing natural light to flood in.

There is also a 94-square-metre private open-air terrace so guests can enjoy a piece of quiet outdoor tranquillity within this modern city.

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4 Of The Best Fitness Trackers 13th January 2016


Many people opt for unique pools to add something interesting to their homes and to boost the resale value, but others do so to help themselves keep fit. With the start of a new year, now could well be the time to focus on swimming as a way to improve your health – so here are four of the best waterproof fitness trackers to help you get in shape.

Moov Now

Not only can this help you track your fitness, you can also use Moov Now to improve your swimming techniques as well. It’s waterproof to 50m and has a dedicated swimming mode so that you can get feedback on your stroke, efficiency, distance and rate, as well as lap times.

Misfit Speedo Shine

You can wear this tracker on your wrist or on your swimsuit, monitoring your lap count and swim distance. It also tracks your walking, cycling, running and sleep, so you can take it in and out of the pool as you see fit.

Polar Loop

This activity tracker is both stylish and waterproof so perfect for the pool. Track your daily activity, as well as your sleep, to really make better health and fitness choices in the new year. Make excellent use of the daily activity goal that can be customised to suit your choice of activity. It fills up throughout the day based on the activity you do.

Basis Peak

This is a great option for swimmers since it’s highly waterproof, can be taken to a depth of 50m and can transmit heart rate date to other devices, which is sure to be useful.

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Make 2016 The Year To Get Fit With Your Luxury Pool 13th January 2016

Muscular young man in blue cap in swimming pool

January is all about shedding those Christmas pounds and starting your New Year’s resolutions, and if you promised yourself you will get fit and toned in 2016, one of the best ways to do this is to make use of your luxury pool.

  • Lose weight

One of the main benefits of swimming regularly is burning calories and, subsequently, losing weight.

As water is denser than air, you use more energy to move around in it, and someone who weighs 11 stone can burn as many as 704 calories by swimming at speed for one hour.

The cardiovascular workout is therefore more effective than others, with running burning 655 calories per hour for someone of the same weight.

  • Lean muscles

Swimming not only provides a cardio workout, but also helps you build muscle helping you appear leaner.

Although you won’t be pumping iron or going anywhere near a dumbbell, pushing yourself through the water is a form of weight training, helping you to build strength.

Gaining muscle speeds up your metabolism helping you to burn more fat, while also giving you a more toned body.

  • Gives you a strong core

Having a strong core is a great asset for a healthy life, helping to reduce back pain, support pregnancies and provide a greater sense of balance and strength.

Swimming is one of the best ways to improve your core strength as it uses all the body’s muscles at once, with your arms, legs and stomach working in tandem to glide you through the water.

If you’re not a fan of yoga or pilates, swimming could be the activity for you to help achieve strong core muscles.

4) Anyone can do it

Another great reason why swimming may be the answer to your fitness goals is anyone can do it. Some other activities are restrictive if you have a disability, arthritis or a lack of flexibility.

However, you can still go swimming regardless of your fitness or ability. What’s more, it actually helps relieve any symptoms of injury, pain or discomfort in your body, as the water acts as a support and provides a natural form of pain relief.

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Top Products For Swimming Pool Safety 11th January 2016

life ring

If you have pets or small children but still want a luxury indoor swimming pool, you need to make sure you invest in the appropriate safety products so that your pool doesn’t pose a risk to anyone. Here are a few products you might like to shop for before you have your pool installed.

Safety alarms

While you shouldn’t rely on a pool alarm entirely and children should always be supervised by a responsible adult, safety alarms can prove very useful indeed. You can buy alarms that are worn on your children’s wrists that go off if they fall in the water, or alarms that fit to the edge of the pool that operate using a pressure sensor system.

Perimeter fencing

If you’ve gone for an outdoor pool instead of an indoor one, perimeter fencing might be a good idea. You can find fencing that is easily removable so that as your children grow up you can take it down as you see fit.

Swimming pool covers

You can buy covers for your swimming pool that can be used all year round. There are a number of options so decide whether you want a fully automatic one or if you’d prefer a manual cover. The difference in cost may sway you either way.

It won’t take much to make your poolside safe for animals or children, but it’s certainly a consideration you need to bear in mind when shopping for your new luxury pool. If you want further advice, make sure you get in touch with us here at CBD Pools.

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New Luxury Swimming Pool Trend: Hydro Floors 6th January 2016

luxury swimming pool design

If you’re mulling over luxury swimming pool design at the moment and are keen to have your new pool installed sooner rather than later, why not do a bit of research into hydro floors to see if they’re right for you.

These are one of the hottest new trends to have emerged where swimming pools are concerned in recent years. Essentially, hydro floors are just another way of covering your pool when it’s not in use, which means they’re perfect for increasing your usable space at home. What’s more, the height of these floors can be adjusted, so you can either go for a pool with a deep end or have one that’s more suitable for children.

And when the pool’s not in use, you can use the hydro floor to cover it up so you can use the space for something else, whether it’s to turn it into a playroom for children or to use it as an at-home gym.

If you’re concerned about the safety aspects of having an indoor swimming pool, then a hydro floor could really help you make improvements in this regard, especially if you have young children. When you’re not there to supervise them in the pool, simply cover it up so they cannot get into the water when there’s no one there to watch them.

Why not discuss the benefits of a hydro floor with your swimming pool construction company? They’re sure to have lots of good ideas as to how you could have one installed in your property.

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Top Tips For Weekly Pool Maintenance 4th January 2016

unique swimming pools

Before you have unique swimming pools installed, you need to know just how much work is involved in the upkeep of a pool. You’ll need to set out weekly tasks to ensure that your pool stays in pristine condition so here are a few that you might want to include on the rota.

Cleaning the skimmer

Make sure you clean your skimmer at least once a week so that there is no debris left in it, as this will have an impact on how effectively it keeps your pool clean.

Water circulation

Make sure you run the pump each day to ensure that the pool water is properly filtered. You should also check that the pump strainer, filter and drains are clean.

Check the filter

Follow the manufacturer’s directions as to how to keep your specific filter. This is an important part of pool maintenance as the filter is what keeps any debris from entering the pool.

Shock treatment

It’s advisable to shock your pool at least every two weeks. A shock treatment involves adding oxidising compounds to the pool water in order to destroy any chloramines or anything else you don’t want in the water.

Owning a pool is a lot of fun but don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s not a lot of work as well. You can of course do the maintenance yourself but it might be better to consider getting a professional pool-cleaning company to come and help you keep on top of it all, so you can enjoy your luxury pool without having to worry about anything else.

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Luxury Pools Feature In ‘World’s Weirdest Homes’ 22nd December 2015

Woman relaxing in infinity swimming pool on vacation

It is always interesting to see the grand designs of elaborate and palatial mansions, particularly when they are also eccentric and unique. That is why the TV show World’s Weirdest Homes has been capturing the interest of viewers all over the country.

And one particular feature all these imaginatively designed abodes include is, of course, a luxury swimming pool.

Channel 4’s latest property documentary takes a look at the most distinct houses around the world, allowing viewers to peek inside and see the crazy desires of their owners.

Architectural designer Charlie Luxton will countdown the top 20 strangest properties, with the final episode revealing the most bizarre place to live on earth.

While the contenders include the likes of a renovated dumpster truck in Brooklyn, which now has a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and outdoor shower, most of the homes showcase the ultimate in luxury design.

This includes Pierre Cardin’s bubble mansion in Cannes, France. The designer bought the property in the 1990s and it has seen a huge host of celebrities pass through its doors over the years, including Cressida Bonas, Dakota Fanning and Pierce Brosnan.

Its terracotta-coloured bubble-shaped rooms are spread over six levels and takes up 1,200 square metres.

The bubble palace does not just have one swimming pool, but three, giving visitors a choice of where they go for a relaxing dip. It also boasts a 500-seat amphitheatre where the 92-year-old can host huge events for his celebrity friends.

England also has its fair share of elaborately designed houses, with the Daily Mail revealing a Cold War bunker in London’s Chislehurst has been renovated into a £3.5 million property, now known as the Glass House.

The five-bedroom house features a stunning indoor swimming pool, which has become a centrepiece of the abode.

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Most Luxurious Hotel Pools In The USA 22nd December 2015

Las Vegas Nevada - December 18 : close up of the Hard Rock Cafe sign on the strip December 18 2014 in Las Vegas Nevada

If you’re planning a holiday in the USA, you might be interested in finding out where the most luxurious pools are in the country so you can spend a few days of your break taking a dip in pure indulgence.

1) Four Seasons Scottsdale at Troon North, Arizona Situated in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, Arizona, the Four Seasons Scottsdale pool offers an incredible oasis in the middle of the dry, tawny plains.

You can lie next to the crystal-clear water and soak up the sights of tall cactus plants and golden rugged mountaintops, while the sun beats heavily down upon you.

It is particularly welcoming at night when you can relax on one of the bi-level pool decks with their beautiful cabanas and enjoy a huge choice of delicious cocktails.

2) Harrah’s Resort, Atlantic City, New Jersey

You might be in doubt about how much of a relaxed, tropical experience you can have on a holiday to New Jersey, but Harrah’s Resort pool provides visitors with just that.

This indoor pool is heated to 82 degrees throughout the year, so you can indulge in a warm dip no matter what the weather’s like outside.

It is located in an impressive glass dome building, and as well as the pool, guests can enjoy six hot tubs, lounge chairs, and the choice of 12 cabanas, which also come with flatscreen TVs and iPod speakers. This is the ultimate in luxury!

3) Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

Las Vegas’ hotels are renowned for their rooftop pools and beach parties, and the Hard Rock Hotel is among the best in the whole city.

On the five-acre spread, you’ll find tropical trees, numerous bars and several pools. You can lay your towel and relax on a daybed while reading a book, or – more likely – getting into the party spirit and going for a dance in one of the pools.

There are more than 50 cabanas here, a bar and grill, views of the strip, and you can even enjoy a flutter playing poolside blackjack. To fully enjoy the Las Vegas experience, you could always attend one of its famous Rehab pool parties.

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How To Improve Your Breaststroke Technique 15th December 2015


Now you’ve sorted out your luxury pools, it’s time to work on improving your swimming technique. Here are a few tips for improving your breaststroke. Check back on the blog next week to find out how to make changes for the better where freestyle is concerned.

Body position

Make sure that your head faces forward in line with your body when you’re in the water. Shoulders, legs and hips should be as horizontal as possible, but remember that your leg kick should stay below the surface of the water. Keep your legs behind you, not below you, as your leg kick in breaststroke will make use of your core and abdomen muscles more than freestyle. Relax your neck and shoulders and look down as you swim so you don’t hurt your neck.

Moving your arms

Send your hands down and out and ensure that your elbows are high. Hands should sweep back towards the body, but don’t sweep your arms too wide. The majority of the propulsion in this stroke comes from the legs.


Keep your knees just over hip-width apart, facing down. Turn the feet out and keep them flexed, rather than loose. Do your best to bring your feet to your posterior rather than bringing your knees to your chest as you swim.


Don’t raise your head to breathe, just lift your shoulders so that your face comes out of the water.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll find your breaststroke really comes on quickly – especially if you have your own swimming pool in which to practice.

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Do I Need A Dehumidifier For My Luxury Pool? 14th December 2015

luxury indoor swimming pool

Indoor pools are a fantastic addition to your home if you want the ability to take a dip whatever the weather. However, there are a number of additional considerations you must take into account with luxury indoor swimming pools.

Humidity can be a major issue, both for the comfort and health of swimmers, as well as the structural integrity of the pool room. When the air holds too much moisture, it can cause nearby materials to corrode or rot, leading to degradation and even accidents.

A high humidity level may also lead to fungi and bacteria growing in and around the pool. Black mould is particularly troublesome, as it can release allergens and toxins into the air.

This is why many luxury pool owners invest in dehumidifiers to extract moisture from the air. These sophisticated pieces of equipment should be used in combination with a ventilation system to have maximum effect.

Buying the right dehumidifier will depend on various factors, such as the size of your pool, the water temperature, airflow rates and how many swimmers are usually present.

However, these are just some of the issues that must be considered when investing in a dehumidifier. As this is a complex process with many variables, you may want to ask for expert advice from your pool design and construction team.

They should be able to provide key recommendations while building your luxury pool so that ventilation and humidity problems into account. This will help ensure the health of your swimmers and prevent any structural issues from occuring.

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