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Pool Maintenance: 4 Health Issues Your Pool Could Cause 9th December 2015

Beauty woman with perfect skin and white teeth in a pool side looking at camera

Investing in a luxury pool can add value to your home, provide hours of fun and bring together friends and family for barbecues and outdoor parties.

However, you must approach pool maintenance diligently to ensure your guests are protected from any illnesses or other health problems that are common in the water.

Here is our list of potential issues a swimming pool can cause:

  1. Asthma

Researchers have found a link between high chlorine levels in pools and asthma issues. According to the study, the by-products of chlorine can irritate the eyes, lungs and nose, causing an allergic response.

Chlorine is essential for sanitising your pool against bacteria, viruses and parasites, but you must maintain the appropriate levels to achieve the right balance.

  1. Swimmer’s ear

When water becomes trapped in the ear canal while swimming, it can lead to a serious infection. Symptoms include pain, fluid discharge and intense itching.

Swimmer’s ear is typically more common in dirty or polluted water. However, putting chlorine in your pool should eradicate the bacteria that cause the condition.

  1. Cryptosporidium

Often called ‘Crypto’, this parasite is particularly nasty because it’s resistant to chlorine. Cryptosporidium can cause diarrhoea, stomach pain, nausea, fever and vomiting.

Aside from pool sanitisation and maintenance, you can also put in place best-practice hygiene rules for pool use. For example, you should ask parents to watch toddlers who aren’t potty trained and advise people who have suffered a stomach bug in the last two weeks to avoid swimming in the pool.

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Sculpture Ideas For Luxury Swimming Pools 2nd December 2015

The Spoonbridge And Cherry At The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

A key part of luxury swimming pool design is choosing how to decorate the area surrounding the pool itself. You could have the most beautiful pool installed, with the most luxurious ceramic tiles included, but if you don’t pay close attention to the outside space around the pool, no one will want to swim in it.

We’ve blogged in the past about which plants would work best next to a swimming pool – but what about adding a few sculptures into the mix?

Organic sculptures and works of art are probably a good choice since you’ll be landscaping an outdoor area, so why not look out for something like a coral tree or a large marble flower with leaves. Animals would also be a good idea if you want to find a way to bring your swimming pool to life.

When it comes to materials, marble can look lovely and will really help create that sense of luxury you’re looking for but don’t discount the magic of wood as a material either where sculpture is concerned.

If you invest in a wooden piece, you’ll find that your sculpture changes over time as it becomes more and more weathered, which could be a lovely talking point for guests when they come over. Mushrooms and toadstools are very popular at the moment, so why not see if you can find a few of these to leave around the pool edge or in the garden.

We’d love to hear how you plan to decorate your pool area so get in touch with us today.

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Make The Most Out Of Your Luxury Pool This Christmas 30th November 2015

luxury swimming pool

Just because the weather has turned cold, it doesn’t mean you should neglect your luxury swimming pool till the summer returns. That’s why we’ve put together some great suggestions on how to enjoy your indoor pool during the festive season.

  • Host a Christmas pool party

Pool parties don’t just have to be a summer pastime, so why not show off another part of your house at your festive soiree with a poolside Christmas party?

Your swimming pool will look stunning with the water sparkling against twinkling fairy lights on the windows and walls, and you can really bring this space to life with a large tree, festive swags and mistletoes hanging in doorframes.

Guests might not want to swap their party dresses for pool attire until later on in the evening, but at least they have a choice if they want to take a splash in your heated pool after a few drinks!

  • Go for a Christmas Day swim

Christmas Day is all about indulging in chocolates, roast dinners, cake and alcohol, but you can feel slightly less guilty about all those extra calories if you go for an early morning swim first.

Doing front crawl for half an hour can burn 250-300 calories, which means you’ve used up enough calories to reward yourself with a guilt-free mince pie.

Of course, if you swim for longer or more energetically, you’ll burn a greater number of calories, so you can enjoy your Christmas Day without worrying about piling on the pounds.

  • Start your New Year’s resolutions

After Christmas, most of us attempt to commit to our New Year’s resolutions. And for many people, this includes becoming fitter, losing weight or trying to be more healthy. Well, you can get your resolutions off to a great start by making the most of your pool.

If you get into the habit of going for an hour’s swim every day, you can burn 500-600 calories before you’ve even had breakfast!

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Which Luxury Pool Shape Suits Your Needs? 30th November 2015

luxury pool

When looking for something unique in luxury pool design, choosing our artistic, beautiful ceramic pool tiles is only one step of the design process. In order for our design to flow into the aesthetics you desire for your indoor or outdoor swimming pool, one of the first choices you’ll make is a shape or style.

Infinity pools – also known as vanishing edge pools, this type of pool is fantastic for homes overlooking spectacular scenery such as oceans, forests or mountains. They give the effect that the pool is simply flowing over out of the property, but actually the water is collected into a hidden trough and recycled back into the pool.

Classic lap pools – if your main reason for wanting a pool is the actual swimming, then a classic pool may be your best choice. Simple rectangle designs can be embellished with an adjoining Jacuzzi or socialising space without impacting on your ability to swim uninterrupted.

Freeform pools – Freeform pools give you the chance to be artistic and fit your pool to the space you have. The free-flowing curves give a great blank canvas to work on and our designers thrive in creating custom designs for this kind of pool.

Grecian and Roman pools – classic and beautiful, these pools really make a statement about the property they inhabit. Start with a simple rectangle and then add in curved sections for stairs and Grecian columns in each of the corners. Its tradition and history give a great place to start imagining your custom design.

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Top Pieces Of Stylish Indoor Pool Furniture 27th November 2015

Deck chairs next to a swimming pool. ** Note: Slight blurriness, best at smaller sizes

Whether your luxury swimming pool is indoors or outdoors, make sure you invest wisely in your surrounding pool furniture so you can truly relax and unwind when you take a dip in the water.

Here is our round-up of the most stylish pieces for your luxury home.

– Easy Chaiselong/Pouf by Softline – Philip Bro

If your house is full of muted tones and curved lines, this is the pool lounger for you. The soft, comfortable chaise long is ideal for lying on and reading a book, but you can also take it apart for use as a pouf, seat or tray table. It is therefore ideal for whiling away the hours by the pool with family or friends.

– Spa by Dedon

For a home with Asian influences, choose the Spa bed by Dedon. This double bed curves at the head and feet for a really comfortable, relaxing rest and its clean lines and minimal fuss fits in nicely with furniture of a similarly Asian design.

Decorate the rest of the poolroom with large leafy green plants for a really natural, Zen look.

Conca Lounger by MBM

This curved lounger, made out of MicroTex, is a really unique piece. While it boasts a minimalistic style and would look perfect in modern dwellings, it is still incredibly comfortable, with its contours and adjustable reclining positions at just the right places for you to lie down comfortably.

It is also extremely durable and resistant to chlorine, as well as UV rays should you want to take it outside during the summertime.

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3 Questions To Consider Before Investing In A Luxury Pool 26th November 2015

Beautiful luxury swimming pool over looking a California vineyard

The best luxury swimming pools can act as the centrepiece of a high-end home, increasing the value of your property and providing a great source of entertainment for family and friends.

However, designing and building the right pool for your house requires thorough research and planning to ensure you get the right results. Therefore, these are just some of the factors you may wish to consider beforehand:

  1. Inside or outside?

Each type of pool has its own pros and cons. Indoor pools are typically easier to maintain, as you won’t have to worry about vegetation, animals or other external debris falling in. They also aren’t weather dependent, so you can enjoy a swim whenever you want.

Outdoor pools are typically better for entertainment purposes; people are more likely to want a pool party when the sun is beaming and a barbecue is on offer.

  1. What design features should I have?

A bespoke design with intricate water features and murals doesn’t come cheap, but the final outcome will certainly impress guests and potential property buyers.

To set your pool apart from the rest, why not consider a highly decorative mosaic? These beautifully designed pieces are an eye-catching way to bring an added layer of sophistication to your luxury pool.

  1. Who can build my pool?

Luxury pools with detailed features require a skilled team of designers and manufacturers working together to produce the final result.

Finding this unique combination of talents can be difficult, so make sure to research a company’s reputation, qualifications, experience and previous work to ensure you choose the right firm.

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Top 3 Hotel Pools In The World 22nd November 2015

luxury swimming pool

Dipping into the hotel pool is something most people look forward to when going on a relaxing holiday. So, we’ve put together a list of the world’s best luxury swimming pools to help you choose where next to go on your deluxe getaway.

1) Tanzania’s Four Seasons Safari Lodge

Going on a safari holiday is an ambition for many people, and to be able to stay in a luxury lodge in the heart of the Serengeti National Park complete with its own pool is a dream come true.

This is exactly what the Four Seasons Safari Lodge in Tanzania offers, enabling you to take in the beautiful wild surroundings as you enjoy a soak in the water during the hot midday sun. You will also be able to see plenty of wildlife from the poolside as it overlooks its very own watering hole, often visited by elephants, giraffes and lions.

2) Shanghai’s Holiday Inn

This is certainly an option for those who aren’t scared of heights, as the hotel pool at Shanghai’s Holiday Inn is situated on the 24th storey and has a clear-bottom floor so swimmers can see all the way to the ground below. The 30m long pool also is also partly inside the building, so for those who dare not look down, they can still enjoy a luxury swim.

3) Italy’s Palazzo Avino

Italy’s Amalfi Coast is renowned for its exquisite views, offering holidaymakers vistas of mountains cliffs, azure waters and picturesque villages. And you can enjoy these scenes when dipping into the 20m long pool at Palazzo Avino villa hotel. The 12th Century hotel is situated high on a cliff edge and its pool is particularly special as it has windows built into the walls. This means you can take in the view of inky blue waters and Amalfi’s rugged coastline while splashing around underwater.

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4 Ways To Exercise In Your Luxury Pool 13th November 2015

Woman on water aerobics workout

A luxury pool is an excellent long-term investment that can add value to your home and provide significant entertainment for your family and friends. Your pool can also form an important part of your exercise regime, so here are four ways you can keep fit and healthy when taking a dip.

  1. Swimming laps

Swimming laps is a tried and tested way of burning fat and building muscle strength in your luxury pool. As the water supports some of your weight, it’s also great for protecting joints, which can be important for people recovering from injuries or the elderly.

  1. Water aerobics

If swimming laps doesn’t appeal, water aerobics can be a more interesting way to improve cardio. You perform a range of exercises, often to music and with special buoyant weights, at the shallow end of the pool. Aerobics is usually more fun in a group, so encourage friends or relatives to join in.

  1. Water polo

Many people find sports are the best way to stay fit. For water polo, you’ll need a ball and a floating net, and the aim of the game is to throw the ball past a goalkeeper and into the net more times than the opposing team. Official games have 14 players, but you can play with just five.

  1. Water volleyball

Continuing the sports theme, water volleyball is almost the same as regular volleyball and can be played with just two people, unlike water polo. You’ll require a buoyant ball, floating volleyball net and ideally an umpire to make the call on any contentious decisions.

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Choosing The Depth Of Your Luxury Indoor Swimming Pool 11th November 2015

luxury indoor swimming pool

When working out the design of your luxury indoor swimming pool, there’s one key consideration you need to decide upon really before you do anything else – and that’s deciding just how deep the pool should be.

There’s no set depth that your pool needs to be and what it really boils down to is personal preference and what you intend to use your pool for.

If, for example, you’re building a play area for your children you should perhaps make sure that it’s three feet or less so that they can play and splash around, and practice their swimming skills, while still able to stay safe.

Alternatively, if you plan to do a lot of swimming yourself, your pool should be at least three and a half feet deep, although there are other options if you’re a seriously keen swimmer such as a lap pool which may be more appropriate for you.

Should you decide you want your pool to serve as a sports area for games like water polo or volleyball, you need to ensure that the water is at the right depth so that people can stand up and swim, so between three and a half and four feet would be ideal.

And if you think people will be doing a lot of diving, either from the poolside or a diving board, make sure the water is at least nine feet deep to make it safe. Scroll down our blog to read our post about whether or not you should have a diving board at all, however, since many accidents occur through homeowners adding a board.

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The Benefits Of Installing Your Own Luxury Swimming Pool 3rd November 2015

luxury swimming pool design

Here’s why you should be contemplating luxury swimming pool design at the moment. There are many reasons for installing your own pool – but here are a few main ones that should help you make up your mind.

Swimming pools are absolutely fantastic for extending the amount of living space you have at your disposal. It’s easy to make your home feel bigger by adding patios, decks and outdoor cooking spaces next to your pool so if you do feel as though your home is lacking something, a swimming pool could well be the answer.

Another key point to bear in mind when considering having your own pool is that it can really change your life. If you’re keen to make a few healthier changes this coming year, having a new swimming pool could really help with your motivation. Going to the gym can often by tricky but if you have the facilities to keep fit at home, you’re sure to spend more time exercising.

Another reason to invest in a new swimming pool is to allow you and your family to spend more quality time together. Friends and family are sure to want to come and visit regularly so they can splash about in your pool, so you’ll make so many wonderful new memories as soon as the pool is installed.

And don’t forget about all the different parties you can throw once you’ve got your pool. Pool parties and barbecues are so much fun – so expect everyone to be asking you to throw them again and again.

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Luxury Swimming Pool Safety Tips For Children 30th October 2015

A luxury swimming pool is fun for all the family, but you should always ensure your children stay safe around large bodies of water. These simple tips will keep your kids out of danger and allow everyone to enjoy your new pool without accidents.

  1. Constant supervision

The most important part of pool safety for children is making sure there is adequate adult supervision at all times, especially for toddlers. It can only take a couple of seconds for a child to fall in the pool and get into trouble, so always be extra vigilant.

  1. Buy flotation devices 

Whether it’s armbands, float discs or other swimming aids, purchasing the latest flotation devices for kids will help them keep their head above water. Much like the stabilisers on a bike, these swimming accessories can be removed as your children become more comfortable in the water.

  1. Install a fence or gate 

You may want to purchase a gate or fence to prevent your children from accessing the pool when you’re not around. Last year, 36 people drowned while swimming unsupervised, which was the second leading cause of death by water. Some gates come fitted with an alarm that goes off when it is opened.

  1. Implement strict pool rules 

Teach your children never to run around the pool or leave toys and other objects in the vicinity that could become tripping hazards. You should also prevent your kids from pushing people in the pool or venturing into the deep end when they’re too young.

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Be Inspired By The Lansdowne Club Swimming Pool 29th October 2015

Pool water

It can be difficult deciding how you want your unique swimming pool to look, so it makes sense to do some research into the many different pools that can be found around the world to discover what kind of style you like and what you don’t.

The Lansdowne Club in London, built in 1763 and transformed into a social club back in 1935, is gloriously Art Deco in aesthetics so if you’re a huge fan of the Roaring 20s, it might be worth either joining the club or doing some research online to see if you can find some beautiful images to suitably inspire you.

So beautiful is the swimming pool that it has been featured in TV series Poirot – so if it can impress the head honchos at production companies, it’s sure to be in your good graces. It’s 25 yards long and eight metres wide, and fully heated, having gone through a variety of transformations since 1935. In fact, it’s one of the few chlorine-free swimming pools to be found in London!

We here at CBD Pools are well able to help make your Art Deco swimming pool a reality, with lots of bold and distinctive handmade ceramics on offer. In fact, the way we make our tiles is perfectly suited to the Art Deco style. We select our glazes carefully and mix them together to suit each individual project and we can also inter-mix so that we’re able to add particular emphasis to various elements of the design.

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Luxury Swimming Pools Top Choice For Prime Property Buyers 26th October 2015

People looking to purchase high-end homes in the UK have ranked luxury swimming pools as their top choice for sports and leisure facilities, according to new research.

Figures from Direct Line’s Select Premier Insurance show 17 per cent of real estate agents have seen demand for unique swimming pools increase. The organisation said a pool could boost a property’s value by as much as 15 per cent.

Other popular facilities include tennis courts and home gyms, with Direct Line reporting 9 per cent more requests for homes fitted with these additions. Spas are also seeing a rise in demand (8 per cent), while the popularity of home cinemas (5 per cent) showed improvement.

Even respondents who don’t believe sports and leisure amenities add value to a property admitted they could be a worthwhile investment. Some 17 per cent of people said these renovations increased the attractiveness and saleability of a listing.

Nick Brabham, head of Select Premier Insurance, claimed buyers want to enjoy their favourite activities without having to leave the home. Swimming pools, golf greens and squash courts are now becoming commonplace at the higher end of the market.

“As staying in continues to be the new going out, we are seeing more home owners embrace their favourite pastimes in the comfort of their own properties,” he explained.

However, he admitted that not everyone is keen on purchasing homes with existing sports and leisure facilities. In fact, there has been a 5 per cent rise in the number of people who prefer to buy properties with additional land in order to design their own amenities.

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Infinity Pool Inspiration – The World’s Best 26th October 2015

Luxury resort woman relaxing in infinity swim pool. Asian young adult lying down in swimming pool of beach resort for summer holidays or travel vacations.

If you are considering the plans for your unique swimming pool then make sure you check out some of these infinity pool designs to help you make up your mind.

Many of the world’s most luxurious haunts have opted for infinity pools in recent years, they are classic, comfortable and staggeringly beautiful. They also compliment the landscape around the pool fantastically so are a perfect option for people and places with views to show off.

Here are some of the most beautiful:

The Cambrian Hotel Adelboden, Switzerland

Sitting in an outdoor pool in the Alps may not be an obvious choice for many but this pool will entice even the most reluctant of outdoor swimmers. Surrounded by snowy topped peaks, the infinity pool coolly runs into the icy landscape.

Jade mountain, St Lucia

Up in the mountains but overlooking the sea, this pool makes the mountains and sea blend into one when you are in it.

Hotel Villa Mahal, Turkey

Simple and elegant, everything an infinity pool should be. A sharp edged square jutting out into the vastness of the Mediterranean, sitting in this pool is must for anyone wanting to gain a sense of perspective.

Caesar Augustus Hotel, Italy

Well positioned for people chasing luxury, this infinity pool simply and effortlessly enhances its elegant surroundings, both natural and classical. Placed on the coast line you can take in the sea mists and watch the islands rise out of them, if you get up early enough.

Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali

This multi-tiered infinity pool curves out into the jungle surroundings around it, in one of the most staggering uses of an infinity pool in the world. Take a look here.

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Plans Revealed For Underground House With Luxury Swimming Pool 12th October 2015

Relaxation Area with swimming pool, artificial waterfalls and wooden chairs

Designs for a unique house built entirely underground with grand features and a luxury indoor swimming pool have been revealed

The property – known as Perdu – is to be located in Bowden, Manchester, and will be worth £2.4 million when it is complete.

NC Homes-Architects and Huntsmere have released the designs of the three-bedroom circular abode, which also includes a deluxe kitchen, gym, spacious living area, and water slide into the pool.

Natural light is let in via a passage in the centre of the property, giving the home an airy atmosphere despite being built underground.

A spokesperson for NC Homes-Architects said: “Set in the grounds of 19th Century Limehurst in Bowdon, this proposed three-bed dwelling makes an extraordinary statement without the visual impact of an ordinary house.”

By building underground, the architects claimed they would avoid harming the “well-landscaped character of the Devisdale Conservation Area”.

The unique property is also environmentally friendly, as it has a constant temperature unaffected by the changes in weather above. It also reduces the amount of green space lost by being built below the ground.

Perdu could go on to receive several awards when complete, with NC Homes-Architects being no stranger to accolades for its impressive designs. These include several What House and Northern Design awards for its Armstrong Farm, Edge House, Oakdene, Ravenswood and Westfield projects.

This is not the only luxury hidden home to hit the news lately, as Robert Vicino is converting a military bunker in Germany from the Cold War into a £720 million luxury underground property, according to GQ Magazine.

The fortress is being created by The Vivos Group, the company Vicino founded. It is designed to withstand any natural or military destruction, and will be the ultimate luxury hideaway, featuring a huge swimming pool, several gyms, restaurants and even an on-site zoo.

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Be Inspired By This Bangalore Luxury Swimming Pool! 12th October 2015

unique swimming pool

Homeowners considering investing in their own unique swimming pools at this time would be wise to do as much research as possible before embarking on such a project – and looking at other pools that other people have installed is a key part of this.

The Dezeen website has just featured a sky-lit swimming pool in Bangalore where the pool forms an integral part of the house itself, with the rooms arranged around it and a double-height atrium above it, complete with a glazed roof.

The architects in this case have strived to bring the outside in, with internal balconies overlooking the pool, gravel, stepping stones and patches of lawn surrounding the pool edge to really create a sense of being outside.

Tushar Vasudevan, founder of studio Ochre, said: “Light and shadow, both during the day and in the night, form an integral part of the design scheme and act as a dynamic relief on blank white walls.”

Of course, if your house is already built you may not be able to redo it so as to include a luxury swimming pool actually inside, but you can certainly take a few ideas away with you from this particular pool.

Whatever you plan on doing at home, make sure you don’t rush into any decisions where your swimming pool design is concerned. It’s important that you take the time to find out what will work best for you and your family, and also to seek out expert advice to help you make the right decisions.

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Cold War Bunker Transformed Into Luxury Swimming Pool 8th October 2015

luxury indoor swimming pool

Those of you mulling over plans for a luxury indoor swimming pool may want to find out more about the Cold War bunker in Chislehurst, a south-east London suburb, that was once intended to be used by civil servants should a nuclear attack take place.

Now, however, the site has been transformed into a £3.5 million house, complete with five bedrooms, a glass atrium, a stunning swimming pool and a glass staircase.

According to the Daily Mail, the property is known as the Glass House and, although it was meant to serve as a place for government officials to flee to as the Cold War intensified, it fell into disrepair in the years after it – eventually taking two years to completely renovate.

The swimming pool itself forms the centrepiece of the house, along with the glass staircase, which could be quite inspirational for anyone planning on having their own pool installed. Naturally, the majority of people opt to have a pool outside but if you want something truly decadent and different, it might be an idea to consider having an indoor pool as part of the entrance to your home.

Alternatively, you could have both, one inside and one outside. Your inside pool could be more decorative and perhaps come with a feature such as a water wall, while the outside pool could be more practical and meant for actual swimming.

Before you make any decisions, give us a call here at CBD Pools. We have years of experience in swimming pool design so can help you decide what’s best suited to you and your home.

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Top Designer Swimsuits & Accessories For Women 7th October 2015

Once you’ve had your luxury swimming pool installed and ready to use, it’s time to start thinking about the swimsuits and other accessories you need to invest in so you can look your best when you’re sat on your sun lounger. Here are a few top picks from around the world wide web.

Short knit kaftan

Missoni Mare


This beautiful and vibrant kaftan comes with a bateau neckline and a striped trim, with a drawstring adjustable waist to perfectly flatter your figure. Just pull it on over your swimsuit once you’ve climbed out of the pool whenever you feel like covering up.



Emilio Pucci


Every discerning swimmer needs a sarong to wrap around themselves in between dips in the pool and you can’t do much better than this cotton voile number from Emilio Pucci. Its delightful purple retro print is seriously on trend, perfect if you want to be the most glamorous person as far as they eye can see.


Natalie white and navy ruffled bikini

Lisa Marie Fernandez

white and blue swimsuit

If you’re a bikini kind of girl, then you can do no wrong with this gorgeous one from Lisa Marie Fernandez. The nautical look never really goes out of style and ruffles are set to be huge news for spring/summer 2016 so combine the two and you’re onto a real winner with this bikini.


Mio black ruched swimsuit

Norma Kamali

black swimsuit

One-piece swimsuits have enjoyed a revival in recent years and they are now available in countless styles and designs. This one from Norma Kamali is stunning, with a cut-out middle and completely open back.


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