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4 Books To Read This Year 10th May 2016

bespoke swimming pool

Of course you’re all looking forward to the day when your bespoke swimming pool is finally installed and you can all start splashing about in the water. But if you fancy some downtime while you’re poolside, here are four book suggestions you might enjoy as you sun yourself on your favourite pool lounger.

Swing Time

Zadie Smith

This latest offering from Smith recounts the tales of two bi-racial dancers who find themselves growing up together in a poor neighbourhood in London. The story follows them as they both go down different paths, one becoming a professional and the other taking a job as a pop star’s personal assistant.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

J K Rowling

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts I and II are available as a script book to accompany the London stage show of the same name (set to launch on July 30th). Harry and co are no longer in school, rather Harry is an overworked Ministry of Magic employee and father of three children. The focus is on youngest child Albus and how he copes with an unwanted family legacy.

Letters to the Lost

Iona Grey

In a bid to escape an abusive boyfriend, Jess takes shelter for a night in an old unlived-in house. When a mysterious letter arrives, she can’t help but read it and finds herself drawn into the story of Dan and Stella in London in 1942, determined to find out what happened to this ill-fated pair.

The Japanese Lover

Isabel Allende

Another offering from best-selling author Isabel Allende, The Japanese lover sees Alma Belasco sent overseas from Poland to San Francisco at the start of the war. Here, she meets a Japanese gardener and a love between the blooms. When Pearl Harbor happens, however, the two find themselves pulled apart.

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