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How To Improve Your Breaststroke Technique 15th December 2015


Now you’ve sorted out your luxury pools, it’s time to work on improving your swimming technique. Here are a few tips for improving your breaststroke. Check back on the blog next week to find out how to make changes for the better where freestyle is concerned.

Body position

Make sure that your head faces forward in line with your body when you’re in the water. Shoulders, legs and hips should be as horizontal as possible, but remember that your leg kick should stay below the surface of the water. Keep your legs behind you, not below you, as your leg kick in breaststroke will make use of your core and abdomen muscles more than freestyle. Relax your neck and shoulders and look down as you swim so you don’t hurt your neck.

Moving your arms

Send your hands down and out and ensure that your elbows are high. Hands should sweep back towards the body, but don’t sweep your arms too wide. The majority of the propulsion in this stroke comes from the legs.


Keep your knees just over hip-width apart, facing down. Turn the feet out and keep them flexed, rather than loose. Do your best to bring your feet to your posterior rather than bringing your knees to your chest as you swim.


Don’t raise your head to breathe, just lift your shoulders so that your face comes out of the water.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll find your breaststroke really comes on quickly – especially if you have your own swimming pool in which to practice.

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Do I Need A Dehumidifier For My Luxury Pool? 14th December 2015

luxury indoor swimming pool

Indoor pools are a fantastic addition to your home if you want the ability to take a dip whatever the weather. However, there are a number of additional considerations you must take into account with luxury indoor swimming pools.

Humidity can be a major issue, both for the comfort and health of swimmers, as well as the structural integrity of the pool room. When the air holds too much moisture, it can cause nearby materials to corrode or rot, leading to degradation and even accidents.

A high humidity level may also lead to fungi and bacteria growing in and around the pool. Black mould is particularly troublesome, as it can release allergens and toxins into the air.

This is why many luxury pool owners invest in dehumidifiers to extract moisture from the air. These sophisticated pieces of equipment should be used in combination with a ventilation system to have maximum effect.

Buying the right dehumidifier will depend on various factors, such as the size of your pool, the water temperature, airflow rates and how many swimmers are usually present.

However, these are just some of the issues that must be considered when investing in a dehumidifier. As this is a complex process with many variables, you may want to ask for expert advice from your pool design and construction team.

They should be able to provide key recommendations while building your luxury pool so that ventilation and humidity problems into account. This will help ensure the health of your swimmers and prevent any structural issues from occuring.

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