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Luxury Indoor Pool Features Car Showcase Platform! 13th September 2016

luxury indoor pool car

If you love your sports car as much as you love your luxury indoor pool, then it makes sense to combine the two so you can enjoy them both at the same time.

This is exactly what’s on offer at this five-bedroom home in Virginia Water in Surrey, which is currently on the market for £20 million. It comes with a dining room, cinema, gym, steam room, sauna, spa and beauty salon as well – but the piece de resistance simply has to be the swimming pool and car showroom.

The homeowner can house all their supercars in the lower ground floor showroom, which comes complete with its own lift, and install their very favourite motor in a glass-enclosed platform (which spins) that has been positioned next to the pool.

The estate agents note on Rightmove that the house is an “imposing architectural masterpiece, with magnificent detail in its limestone elevations”. It overlooks 3.5 acres of lawns that lead down to the River Bourne and there is approximately 18,200 sq ft of space, including the garages and the spa.

There’s also two guest bedrooms and bathroom suites to be found on the lower ground floor, three main reception rooms, a prep kitchen on the lower ground floor, a wine cellar and a two-bedroom staff apartment included.

Transport links are also excellent if you work in the City, as there are three stations located no more than a couple of miles away – Egham, Longcross and Virginia Water (which is the closest). If you’re looking for a brilliant family home that offers you luxury, a country lifestyle and boasts a close connection to London, this is undoubtedly it.

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Pool Inspiration: Greece 25th August 2016

Architecture detail of ancient temple Erechteion

The Victorians loved neo-classical architecture, you just have to look at the profusion of classically inspired stately homes and public buildings that were built in that age. Bespoke swimming pools were also created seeking to replicate the splendour of ancient Athens.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your own pool, consider getting some ideas from the birthplace of Western civilization.

Frescoes of Greek gods were popular and an image of the sea god Poseidon or any of the nymphs would be particularly appropriate. This could be achieved with a hand-crafted tile mosaic on the bottom or sides of the pool.

Fountains were also very popular displays of wealth and status, and integrating a classically themed fountain into your personal luxury pool would pay homage to one of the great periods of European architecture.

Colour-wise, the classical and neoclassical styles favour clean and cold colours like whites, blues and greens. Marble was a popular building material and incorporating some into your pool design, perhaps in the steps or surround, would really set your pool apart.

Columns are the most distinctive feature of this style though difficult to accommodate unless you have the space. If you do, the addition of columns will make your pool especially grand and create a truly luxurious surround.

The Greeks also travelled all over the Mediterranean world, incorporating what they found into their own designs, so don’t be scared to add other influences to create a unique and personal pool that reflects your own style and inspiration.

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Sea Level Superyacht To Feature Luxury Waterfall Pool 3rd March 2016

spa hydrotherapy woman waterfall jet turquoise swimming pool water

A superyacht, designed for the rich and famous, has taken the world by storm with its exciting, modern features, including its luxury swimming pool.

Sea Level Yacht Design, based in Muiden, Netherlands, released their plans for the extravagant 262 ft boat, which also has an eight-car showroom, eight VIP cabins with en-suite bathrooms and walk-in closets, and a Jacuzzi, as well as a cascading waterfall that drops directly into the 950 sq ft pool.

At night, this can then be turned into a dance floor for guests to party all night long.

The CF8 superyacht has a private deck stretching 2,700 sq ft where visitors can soak up the sunshine, and when the sun goes in, they can enjoy the boat’s cinema or sauna, or work up a sweat in the gym.

Design director Jeroen van der Knaap said: “Apart from the sea-going comfort, the wide ream generates an ultimately spacious feeling. The guests will experience an extraordinary indoor and outdoor atmosphere that is most different than existing superyachts.”

One of its most exciting features is a mini submarine that guests can use to explore the water beneath.

It is not just stylish though, as the CF8 can travel up to 20.7 miles per hour and has a range of 5,000 nautical miles. Therefore, Mr van der Knaap added that it will allow guests to visit their loved ones “no matter where the yacht is based”.

Another pool that is set to break the mould with its design is one to be created by artist Damien Hurst.

The Daily Mail recently revealed Hirst has applied for planning permission to build a 25 m swimming pool and yoga studio in his basement conversion at his Regent’s Park house in London.

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Roman Abramovich To Build Own Luxury Swimming Pool! 23rd February 2016

Swimming pool with stairs

Victorian subway stations and sewers look set to be the inspiration for Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich’s unique pool, which will be part of a redesign of his Kensington mansion that’s to include a steam room, sauna, underground pool and changing rooms.

According to the Daily Mail, the billionaire has just been granted planning permission to replace his luxury swimming pool (which he previously described as “miserable”), so he is now able to start work on the new leisure complex that will be housed under the mansion’s garden.

So what will the new pool look like? Apparently, it will be a vaulted space of either tile or brick, be lit by skylights from above and be similar in style and appearance to the subterranean Hornsey Wood reservoir in Finsbury Park in north London and the Guastavino tile vaults at the City Hall subway station in New York.

“The relocation of the swimming pool will simplify circulation and allow for clearer separation of programme between staff and family areas throughout the lower ground floor and basement. The family spaces will be centred around the sunken courtyard, where the widening of the terrace to the west of the building creates a larger dining and playroom at lower ground floor level,” documents submitted to the council state.

Mr Abramovich is certainly not the first wealthy person to invest in a new luxury swimming pool – and he certainly won’t be the last, of that we’re sure. Artist Damien Hirst recently also applied to have a swimming pool and yoga studio added to his mansion in Regent’s Park as well.

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3 Luxury Pools To Enjoy in Paris 26th January 2016

PARIS - JUNE 15: Eiffel Tower on June 15, 2012 in Paris. Eiffel tower is one the most popular attractions in Paris

If you’re planning to escape for a weekend away in Paris and are looking for some luxury swimming pools to enjoy on your relaxing break, check out our list of the top Parisian pools in the city.

1) Royal Monceau

This is perhaps the most well-known swimming pool in Paris, as it has the title of being the longest ever built in a Paris hotel. Stretching 23 metres and set among 1,500 square metres of spa, it has the advantage of being both a place where you can enjoy a few lengths and relax in a calm and serene environment.

Taking a dip in the tranquillity pool will feel a world away from the vibrant hustle and bustle of France’s capital city.

2) Piscine Molitor

This pool is not just luxurious, but it boasts an interesting history, making it ideal for those who want to learn more about Parisian culture on their break. The Art Deco pool has featured in much of Paris’ past over the last 100 years – it was big on the social scene in the 1929 inauguration and it was the birthplace of the bikini in 1946.

After closing in 1989, Accor Hotel acquired it and renovated the pool in its original Art Deco design to reclaim its momentous historical value. In 2014, it re-opened after 25 years, and is now one of the most sought-after piscines in the city.

3) Shangri-La Hotel

The Shangri-La Hotel chain is synonymous with luxury, so if you’re planning a visit to Paris, you’ll be well placed to stay here and enjoy its many facilities, including its pool.

It measures 15 metres by six metres, allowing visitors plenty of space to swim and enjoy a relaxing ambience. Designed with traditional French architecture in mind, it has a high vaulted roof and floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing natural light to flood in.

There is also a 94-square-metre private open-air terrace so guests can enjoy a piece of quiet outdoor tranquillity within this modern city.

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Most Luxurious Hotel Pools In The USA 22nd December 2015

Las Vegas Nevada - December 18 : close up of the Hard Rock Cafe sign on the strip December 18 2014 in Las Vegas Nevada

If you’re planning a holiday in the USA, you might be interested in finding out where the most luxurious pools are in the country so you can spend a few days of your break taking a dip in pure indulgence.

1) Four Seasons Scottsdale at Troon North, Arizona Situated in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, Arizona, the Four Seasons Scottsdale pool offers an incredible oasis in the middle of the dry, tawny plains.

You can lie next to the crystal-clear water and soak up the sights of tall cactus plants and golden rugged mountaintops, while the sun beats heavily down upon you.

It is particularly welcoming at night when you can relax on one of the bi-level pool decks with their beautiful cabanas and enjoy a huge choice of delicious cocktails.

2) Harrah’s Resort, Atlantic City, New Jersey

You might be in doubt about how much of a relaxed, tropical experience you can have on a holiday to New Jersey, but Harrah’s Resort pool provides visitors with just that.

This indoor pool is heated to 82 degrees throughout the year, so you can indulge in a warm dip no matter what the weather’s like outside.

It is located in an impressive glass dome building, and as well as the pool, guests can enjoy six hot tubs, lounge chairs, and the choice of 12 cabanas, which also come with flatscreen TVs and iPod speakers. This is the ultimate in luxury!

3) Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

Las Vegas’ hotels are renowned for their rooftop pools and beach parties, and the Hard Rock Hotel is among the best in the whole city.

On the five-acre spread, you’ll find tropical trees, numerous bars and several pools. You can lay your towel and relax on a daybed while reading a book, or – more likely – getting into the party spirit and going for a dance in one of the pools.

There are more than 50 cabanas here, a bar and grill, views of the strip, and you can even enjoy a flutter playing poolside blackjack. To fully enjoy the Las Vegas experience, you could always attend one of its famous Rehab pool parties.

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Top Pieces Of Stylish Indoor Pool Furniture 27th November 2015

Deck chairs next to a swimming pool. ** Note: Slight blurriness, best at smaller sizes

Whether your luxury swimming pool is indoors or outdoors, make sure you invest wisely in your surrounding pool furniture so you can truly relax and unwind when you take a dip in the water.

Here is our round-up of the most stylish pieces for your luxury home.

– Easy Chaiselong/Pouf by Softline – Philip Bro

If your house is full of muted tones and curved lines, this is the pool lounger for you. The soft, comfortable chaise long is ideal for lying on and reading a book, but you can also take it apart for use as a pouf, seat or tray table. It is therefore ideal for whiling away the hours by the pool with family or friends.

– Spa by Dedon

For a home with Asian influences, choose the Spa bed by Dedon. This double bed curves at the head and feet for a really comfortable, relaxing rest and its clean lines and minimal fuss fits in nicely with furniture of a similarly Asian design.

Decorate the rest of the poolroom with large leafy green plants for a really natural, Zen look.

Conca Lounger by MBM

This curved lounger, made out of MicroTex, is a really unique piece. While it boasts a minimalistic style and would look perfect in modern dwellings, it is still incredibly comfortable, with its contours and adjustable reclining positions at just the right places for you to lie down comfortably.

It is also extremely durable and resistant to chlorine, as well as UV rays should you want to take it outside during the summertime.

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3 Questions To Consider Before Investing In A Luxury Pool 26th November 2015

Beautiful luxury swimming pool over looking a California vineyard

The best luxury swimming pools can act as the centrepiece of a high-end home, increasing the value of your property and providing a great source of entertainment for family and friends.

However, designing and building the right pool for your house requires thorough research and planning to ensure you get the right results. Therefore, these are just some of the factors you may wish to consider beforehand:

  1. Inside or outside?

Each type of pool has its own pros and cons. Indoor pools are typically easier to maintain, as you won’t have to worry about vegetation, animals or other external debris falling in. They also aren’t weather dependent, so you can enjoy a swim whenever you want.

Outdoor pools are typically better for entertainment purposes; people are more likely to want a pool party when the sun is beaming and a barbecue is on offer.

  1. What design features should I have?

A bespoke design with intricate water features and murals doesn’t come cheap, but the final outcome will certainly impress guests and potential property buyers.

To set your pool apart from the rest, why not consider a highly decorative mosaic? These beautifully designed pieces are an eye-catching way to bring an added layer of sophistication to your luxury pool.

  1. Who can build my pool?

Luxury pools with detailed features require a skilled team of designers and manufacturers working together to produce the final result.

Finding this unique combination of talents can be difficult, so make sure to research a company’s reputation, qualifications, experience and previous work to ensure you choose the right firm.

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Luxury Swimming Pool Safety Tips For Children 30th October 2015

A luxury swimming pool is fun for all the family, but you should always ensure your children stay safe around large bodies of water. These simple tips will keep your kids out of danger and allow everyone to enjoy your new pool without accidents.

  1. Constant supervision

The most important part of pool safety for children is making sure there is adequate adult supervision at all times, especially for toddlers. It can only take a couple of seconds for a child to fall in the pool and get into trouble, so always be extra vigilant.

  1. Buy flotation devices 

Whether it’s armbands, float discs or other swimming aids, purchasing the latest flotation devices for kids will help them keep their head above water. Much like the stabilisers on a bike, these swimming accessories can be removed as your children become more comfortable in the water.

  1. Install a fence or gate 

You may want to purchase a gate or fence to prevent your children from accessing the pool when you’re not around. Last year, 36 people drowned while swimming unsupervised, which was the second leading cause of death by water. Some gates come fitted with an alarm that goes off when it is opened.

  1. Implement strict pool rules 

Teach your children never to run around the pool or leave toys and other objects in the vicinity that could become tripping hazards. You should also prevent your kids from pushing people in the pool or venturing into the deep end when they’re too young.

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Luxury Swimming Pools Top Choice For Prime Property Buyers 26th October 2015

People looking to purchase high-end homes in the UK have ranked luxury swimming pools as their top choice for sports and leisure facilities, according to new research.

Figures from Direct Line’s Select Premier Insurance show 17 per cent of real estate agents have seen demand for unique swimming pools increase. The organisation said a pool could boost a property’s value by as much as 15 per cent.

Other popular facilities include tennis courts and home gyms, with Direct Line reporting 9 per cent more requests for homes fitted with these additions. Spas are also seeing a rise in demand (8 per cent), while the popularity of home cinemas (5 per cent) showed improvement.

Even respondents who don’t believe sports and leisure amenities add value to a property admitted they could be a worthwhile investment. Some 17 per cent of people said these renovations increased the attractiveness and saleability of a listing.

Nick Brabham, head of Select Premier Insurance, claimed buyers want to enjoy their favourite activities without having to leave the home. Swimming pools, golf greens and squash courts are now becoming commonplace at the higher end of the market.

“As staying in continues to be the new going out, we are seeing more home owners embrace their favourite pastimes in the comfort of their own properties,” he explained.

However, he admitted that not everyone is keen on purchasing homes with existing sports and leisure facilities. In fact, there has been a 5 per cent rise in the number of people who prefer to buy properties with additional land in order to design their own amenities.

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Kane Moffatt – Now in Long Island and Manhattan 8th December 2014

Are you in Long Island or Manhattan in the week of December 8-12 2014? exclusive swimming pools designs

If you are, then you may welcome a visit from Kane Moffatt of Craig Bragdy Design, who is visiting home owners that desire the most exclusive swimming pool designs in the world.

Exclusive swimming pools do come at an exclusive price but if you’re a home owner looking for a jaw-dropping new swimming pool totally personalised and unique to you, then Kane would love to share with you how decades of Craig Bragdy expertise have created the most exclusive swimming pools in the world.

Interested?  Please do dip a toe in the water of our range of beautiful swimming pools designed and created for discerning clients worldwide, which you can see here:

When he’s not working, Kane, pictured here, is interested in fitness, including gym, rugby training, and snowboarding/skiing. If you’d be interested in Kane visiting you to discuss the perfect luxury swimming pool addition to your home, then please do contact us: and he’ll contact you to arrange a suitable day and time this week.

exclusive swimming pool designs

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Craig Bragdy Design launch new brochure 4th November 2014

Our company, Craig Bragdy Design, who specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing ceramics for swimming pools and public architecture, are pleased to announce the release of a new brochure.

swimming pool ceramics

The brochure provides an insight into the family (with over 50 years experience!) who run the business ‘with handmade ceramics at its heart’ to the bespoke and individual designs that are produced and installed worldwide. A glimpse of the history, how Nick and Shon were both involved in this family business from a very young age.  Since, Craig Bragdy Design has come a long way – below you can see Shon slicing clay using hand ‘bow’ and Nick ‘expertly’ trimming the clay after hand pressing a piece over a plaster mould.    Bringing this image into context – this is how the ‘factory’ looked in the sixties.   In the brochure you will find plenty of photos of the factory today and the techniques that have been developed over the years.

swimming pool ceramics brochure

Nick (right) and Shon (left) were involved from a very young age

We decided that we wanted this brochure to have a different ‘feel’ and style of portraying the projects.    We frequently have visits to our factory by client’s and their representatives or architects and designers and they tell us that these visits are revelatory and offer a true understanding of just how intricate and inspiring the process is.

So taking those comments on board this new brochure is intended first to bring people closer to a factory visit then we have managed before.   But also, there is a focus on the richness of character of the hand made product – the differences that make this CBD product stand-out for its artistry and craftsmanship – the close-up beauty as well as the first look ‘wow’ factor.

ceramics for swmming pools

This pool is located in Dubai and the design embraces contemporary style

The new brochure showcases an extensive range of projects that are located across the world, in countries including Abu Dhabi, Florida, Hong Kong, Riyadh and Dubai. So as well as containing photos of the finished pool or project, there are extensive close-ups show the real ‘character’ of this work.   The real heart and soul of the product that clients’ get excited about buying into!

Please click here if you would like to view our new brochure online


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Penarth Pavilion – Refurbishment & Success 23rd September 2014

In 2012 a request was made for a mural to be inlaid in the entrance foyer of the Penarth Pier, to be included as part of its refurbishment. After submissions were considered, Jean Powell was commissioned to design the ceramic feature mural to be set into the floor. Jean in turn asked Gillian Clarke, the National Poet of Wales if she would be pleased to be involved. She was delighted and wrote several original lines of poetry to be included.

Two successful women prominent in their field

Gillian and Jean flipped

Jean Powell, creator of the mural and Gillian Clarke, National Poet of Wales

The design of the mural focuses on boats and mythical sea creatures, etched and modelled into the clay. The well remembered paddle steamer (which still makes occasional visits- you can book trips on-line!) is included in the design, it having a history of visits to the pier, dating back to the opening in 1895. Such has been the manner in which the mural is received and commented upon, the Pier management decided to use elements taken from the design to decorate artefacts and postcards that can be bought in the shop.

The mural is located on the first floor in the middle of the entrance. It cannot be avoided by visitors who walk across its surface (the work is made out of a very robust stoneware clay!) and can also be viewed from a circular gallery above.

Interior copy

The finished piece, which was laid in the entrance of the foyer

Since the Pier’s opening it has received critical acclaim including ‘Most Treasured Landmark’ which was part of a major campaign by the National Trust Wales. Decided by a public vote culminated and announced at the National Eisteddfod in Llanelli. Penarth Pier’s director Dr David Trotman said ” I am delighted that Penarth Pier has been crowned the Nations special place, it is great to see that is so special to the people of Wales”

The Refurbishment began in 1994 at a cost of £650,000, including crucial repairs to stem the on going deterioration at the entrance of the Pier. A little over 2 years later a further £1.7 million was spent to ensure that the Pier had the attention it needed. In total the £3.9 million refurbishment scheme involved the restoration and re development of the Pavilion for use as a cinema, café observatory and multi purpose community complex.

Penarth Pier is one of the last remaining Victorian piers in Wales and Craig Bragdy Design are proud to have played a small part in such a unique project.


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The Globe: Glazing 6th August 2014

Glazing of the work is an intricate part of our ceramic process, a process that ensures all of the colours are utterly and totally permanent – completely suitable for its extreme location. There have been two ceramic materials and two techniques employed on this project. The materials are engobes and on-glazes each serving a particular purpose and each creating specific effects. The glazes are applied using hand brushes and air brushes.

Spray glazing is a vital part of the process – unifying the continents and bringing together a multitude of specially mixed colour (we specifically mix all glazes for each project) to bring cohesion and continuity to the work.

All glazing took place on our flat factory floor and you’ll see here that the fit of the tiles is not perfect – unplanned for fissures appearing in random places. Our final stage of production will bring the tiles back to the former – the curvature the ceramics were originally planned for.

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Maine Road Project – Installing 6th August 2014

Craig Bragdy are pleased to announce the grand opening of the Maine Road mural, which took place on Wednesday 16th July and was a huge success.

Broadbent studios along with the school children that helped to create and design the artwork were able to enjoy the grand opening of Gibson’s Green, the centre spot of the former home of Manchester City Football Club, Maine Road.

It has been said that the children are delighted with the finished public artwork and are really pleased that they could contribute to such a wonderful project.

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Maine Road Project, Manufacturing 25th June 2014

The design and manufacture stage of the Maine Road project is well under the way here at Craig Bragdy.

Once the design had been approved, work could then begin in transferring the art onto our clay. As mentioned in the first blog, a group of school children came together and created faces that would be placed on a mural at the old football ground in Manchester.

design and manufacture of ceramics

Clay process

Before being laid onto the factory floor, the clay is pugged and de aired to ensure it has an immaculate working surface.

Once this has been done, a group of artists start transferring the design in this case ‘the faces’ and background texture onto the clay.

When the transaction of drawing, carving and modelling the surface is complete, it is then cut into tiles.

This is followed by numbering the tiles which is crucial for when laying the mural back out once it has been fired.


Maine road ceramic glazing


The clay is then sent for its first firing, the firing temperature will be 1240 degrees where the clay will then vitrify, which therefore means no moisture can penetrate through, it gives it strength, becomes frost proof and mildew is unable to grow.

Before being re- fired ‘Engobe’ (a mixture of clay and glaze) is then sprayed onto the surface of the clay, this creates a blank canvas so the artists can start building the colour and design.

The Maine road project is due to be installed in July, Craig Bragdy are looking forward to seeing the finished product on site, keep posted for the final installation pictures.

Maine road handmade ceramics

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The Globe: Claywork 2nd June 2014

Each continent began its life as a single, smoothed, sheet of clay. An outline of each continent was marked on the surface of the gypsum plaster and then clay was laid across it to form one huge sheet. Throughout production, longitude and latitude lines have been used as reference – the only consistent and accurate means to transfer information reliably from former to globe.


Once smooth, the wet clay surface needed to be marked out with the outline of each continent before adding the detail within – valleys, rivers, mountain ranges, deserts, forests, lakes – all in three dimension, modelled to the surface. Each significant geographic and topographic feature appearing in the finished work.

ceramic globe project

A team of people were required to complete the work – over 400 square metres in total. Logistics, planning, team work and supervision were all important. Here you see the landmass of Australia begin to take shape, team members working on the mountain ranges up the east side of the country, with the northern tip of Queensland visible, top right.

GLOBE HANDMADE CERAMICS CLAYWORK 3The sheet of clay had to be cut in to tile shapes to, in effect, create one of the world’s largest jigsaw puzzles. In this project all cutting was to take into account the ‘lie-of-the-land’, the strata – there needed to be a character and a rhythm to the cutting that would reflect the contours of the earth. On completion there will be over 33,000 pieces to this jigsaw, each and every one numbered and logged.
Firing to 1240℃ ensures full vitrification of the clay and with this comes strength and longevity. The rigours of the Arabian climate will have no effect on these ceramics – the colours are permanent, the tiles inert and the adhesive tried and tested!


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Maine Road Project, Manchester May 2014 12th May 2014

Manchester-City-Fc100pxCraig Bragdy would like to introduce you to a new project for the old football ground on Maine road in Manchester.

Stepping away from the usual luxurious swimming pools that we create in the most spectacular places, Craig Bragdy were approached by Broadbent studios who conceive and champion public art and design projects in collaboration with architects and urban designers.


At nearly 13metres wide, the mural will depict the crowd looking over the old centre spot. Children from a local school were asked to create and design images of their faces so that they can all be part of the crowd.

Manchester City football club occupied the Maine road football ground in Moss side for 80 years from 1923 until 2003 and Craig Bragdy are very proud to have created what will be, a spectacular mural to mark the old centre spot and we thank the school children for their amazing efforts.

IMG_1145 600px

Two of the original designs made by the children

The client had clear ideas and instructions of what they envisioned the final design to look like, we have incorporated the children’s designs into to some classic Craig Bragdy textures. We can’t wait to get started on this unique project!


Maine road ceramic 2

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