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Pool Safety Tips From Olympic Gold Medallist 1st July 2016

classical luxury swimming pool design

If you have a luxury swimming pool at home, it’s important that you know all about pool safety – especially if you have young children who are keen to enjoy splashing about.

Brooke Bennett, a three-time Olympic gold medallist, runs a swim academy in Brandon, Tampa and Clearwater over in the US and has come up with a few tips to help parents ensure that their children can enjoy swimming safely and responsibly, WTSP reports.

She emphasises the importance of teaching your kids to swim to the wall if they find themselves in difficulty, rather than swimming to a parent or grandparent. They need to view the wall as their safe space, she says.

Another key step to take is spending ten minutes with your child showing them around a pool if they’re unfamiliar with it. A parent should also be chosen to be on pool watch patrol if there’s a party going on so potentially dangerous situations can be diffused immediately.

Bennett also advised teaching kids to flip onto their backs if they’re struggling, then float to the wall and climb to safety.

“We want to teach them not to walk into water. We teach them right from wrong and they need to learn the water is off limits without a parent or guardian,” she was quoted as saying.

Taking a lifeguarding course might be a good idea as well if you’re concerned about swimming pool safety. There are sure to be many on offer in your local area so do some research to see what’s going on where.

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4 Of The Best Self-Tanning Products 14th June 2016

We all know that the sun can be damaging to our skin and if you’d rather self-tan than sit outside by the side of your luxury swimming pool soaking up the rays, here are four of the best tanning products out there to help you be that bronzed goddess with none of the sunburn.

Rodial Brazilian Tan Airbrush


luxury swimming pool

Want to recreate that spray tan look without having to leave the house? Just give it a good shake and then spray away. It’s easy to apply evenly and smells delightfully of coconut – so you’ll feel like you’re on holiday all day every day, even if you’re in the office.

Vita Liberata 2-3 Week Tan


luxury swimming pool

Want something a bit long lasting? Then give this offering from Vita Liberata a go. The colour is natural so no need to worry on that point and no need to panic that you’ll constantly be having to touch the tan levels up either. Perfect!

He-Shi Express Liquid Tan


luxury swimming pool

For something a bit lower down the scale price-wise, try this from He-Shi Express. It’s so easy to blend onto your skin that it’s perfect for beginners to the self-tanning world and it’s easy to tell where you’ve already applied it. What could be better?

NKD SKN Pre-Shower 10 Minute Tan


luxury swimming pool

If you’re always pushed for time but don’t want to give up on the dream of beautiful bronzed skin, give this ten minute tanning solution a go. Just slap it on, wait ten minutes and then get in the shower to rinse. Perfect!

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Enjoy Your Own Luxury Swimming Pool In Plymouth 6th June 2016

luxury swimming pool

Anyone living in Plymouth who has dreamt of owning their own luxury swimming pool may be within reach of achieving their dream.

That is because a beautiful Victorian house has come on to the market, offering potential homebuyers the chance to live in luxury.

The asking price for ‘The Gables’, as the property is known, is £850,000, with the price tag being as much due to its sought-after location in Seymour Park, as its fixtures and fittings.

According to Plymouth Herald, one of the best features of the double-fronted house is its south-facing walled rear garden. Within it, there is a greenhouse with original tiled floor and a sheltered patio.

The Gables also boasts a large outdoor heated swimming pool, which is ideal for those who love to do a few lengths before breakfast, as well as sun worshippers who want to make the most of every sunny day during the summer by lying by the pool.

Inside the 1900 property is a grand staircase, a 20ft by 18ft sitting room, a separate dining area, a study, a utility room, a toilet and a conservatory that overlooks the garden.

Families will also be glad to hear it has a huge kitchen-cum-breakfast room, perfect for cooking big meals or preparing dinner parties.

Upstairs, there are five bedrooms, including a spacious en-suite, and a family bathroom. Viewers will also find a huge games room in the loft that measures 37ft by 31ft, perfect for recreational activities away from the main hub of the house.

A double garage, electric gates, private drive, and plenty of period features completes the abode, making it one of the most appealing properties for sale in Plymouth for some time.

Of course, for those who do not live in the area, there is always the option to renovate basements into indoor swimming pools, as a report in Business Insider revealed this is becoming a popular choice among many wealthy mansion owners.

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Designer Creates Realistic Pool – Made From Marble! 2nd June 2016

luxury swimming pool design

When it comes to luxury pool design, it’s amazing what can actually be achieved these days. You no longer have to have a plain blue or white bottom or sides to your pool – there are some stunning ceramic tiles that can be used, such as those we create here at Craig Bragdy Designs, to produce some beautiful images on the bottom of your pool.

If you’re looking for some inspiration as to what designs to go for with your new swimming pool, make sure you have a browse of our site to see what we can do – but you should also take a look at this realistic swimming pool that’s just been installed at Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire Centre D’Arts et de Nature in France, as it will really serve to highlight just what effects can be achieved.

According to the Daily Mail, designer Mathieu Lehanneur was inspired by the Loire, which flows just below the courtyard of the chateau, with the pool itself measuring some 24ft long and made using a single piece of hand-polished marble. It will be on display at the site until November 2nd so there’s plenty of time for you to go and have a look at it in real life.

Mr Lehanneur said: “I wanted to address the garden with water as my muse. The water whose presence we sense even before we first catch sight of it below the Chateau, flowing uninterrupted to the sea.”

Here at CBD, we use clay, slips, texutre, glazes, lustres and oxides to create a series of stunning swimming pool ceramics that boast beautiful rich colours, a lovely tactile finish and lots of different, very intricate patterns. You can get in touch with us to request a sample of any of the ceramics you see on our site so you can see for yourself how beautiful an addition they’d be to your luxury pool.

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Luxury Basement Swimming Pools, The New Mansion Feature For The Uber-Wealthy In London 1st June 2016

unique swimming pools

A new report from Business Insider has looked at the many unique swimming pools that are fast becoming a ubiquitous feature of the mansion basements of London’s elite.

It seems down is the new way to the top for mansion owners as millions are being invested in revamping or even designing entirely new extravagant basements with the likes of cinemas, saunas and luxury swimming pools as common features.

Some of these elaborate basements known as ‘iceberg basements’ have several levels or floors and boast an array of decadent and luxurious indulgences, the likes of art galleries, game rooms and gymnasiums as well as the aforementioned swimming pools and other such features.

Reports suggest that the spectacular expansion plans tend to come from the likes of wealthy Russian or Arab investors, with a few high-profile names mentioned. The likes of Roman Abramovich, the Russian owner of Chelsea Football Club, as well as Andrew Lloyd-Webber, have been linked with plans to build these elaborate basements.

Such plans are most commonly submitted in boroughs such as Knightsbridge, Chelsea and Kensington, London’s most elite and sought-after property areas, with the latter having an alleged 800 basement extensions carried out in the past four years.

It would seem that an elaborate wine cellar with a few vintage Chateauneuf-du-pape and maybe a bottle of Louis Roederer Champagne or two is no longer an exclusive enough feature for the basements of the wealthy. Basements with saunas, cinemas and, most importantly, luxury swimming pools are now the must-have element for a mansion in the eyes of London’s most prosperous, it would seem.

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Swimming Pools: The Traditional Symbol Of Success 19th May 2016

luxury swimming pools

Although no doubt owing somewhat to the frenzy of the British media tantamount to a few days of good weather, it seems that luxury swimming pools have been a hot topic among news outlets in the past few weeks.

This week has seen the Daily Star reporting on the planned construction of an elaborate and futuristic half-a-billion pound yacht, with the key feature a luxury swimming pool elevated a staggering 125ft above the deck.

Furthermore, just a few days ago the Daily Mirror published an article about a house in Cascais, Portugal, which boasts a luxurious outdoor swimming pool that floats above (yes, you guessed correctly) yet another lavish pool.

It seems, of late, that one would be hard pressed to avoid the subject. The elusive sunshine we anticipate in Britain come May inevitably brings with it a revival of our interests in these kinds of stories, spurred on by our futile hopes of a sunny summer and the inherent desire to swim outdoors..

Yet these stories come loaded with another, more subtle, connotation. The ownership of a personal swimming pool remains a pertinent indicator of wealth and affluence. This symbol in fact predates our own society. Even in Roman times the wealthiest individuals would boast large bathhouses on their estates as a physical representation of their prosperity and status. It seems this practice has survived the tests of time and still manifests itself today.

The aforesaid yacht, despite all of its state of the art and cutting edge facets, still highlights the luxurious swimming pool as its stand-out feature and an elevated representation of the success and opulence of the owner. The Cascais house uses the duality of its swimming pools to extravagantly and almost excessively embody not just the intricacies of the design, but the prosperity of its owner.

The ownership of a personal swimming pool is evidently, as it has been for centuries, a physical representation of the wealth of its owner and remains one of the fundamental benchmarks for success.

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Will The Warm Weather Continue? 12th May 2016

luxury swimming pool

Britain was blessed with glorious weather this weekend, with areas all over the UK experiencing blue skies and bright sunshine. However, the question on everyone’s lips is: will the high temperatures last?

Those who have been lucky enough to enjoy relaxing by their luxury swimming pool in the sunshine will no doubt have loved the warm weather, which reached mid-20s degrees C throughout the country.

Indeed, Skye in Scotland broke records for the hottest temperature in May, touching 26.1 C on Monday (May 8th), which was almost two degrees C higher than the previous record of 24.4 C in 2008 and 2009.

The hottest location recorded this week was London, which hit a high of 27 C on Sunday – the hottest May day in four years.

Despite this, the country failed to score the warmest day in May ever, with the extreme highs of 32.8 C experienced in both 1922 and 1944 still holding the record.

But can we start dusting off our barbecues and preparing for a summer filled with beautiful sunny days?

Unfortunately not, as the weather is expected to turn more unsettled by the end of the week.

AccuWeather’s meteorologist Tyler Roys said: “After a wet start to 2016, the unsettled weather will continue into the summer months, which means there could be enhanced localised flooding, especially in areas that are trying to still clean up from the floods in early winter.”

Temperatures will not get as high as expected due to high pressure to the west of the UK and Ireland, which also means there could be heavy rainfalls over the summer months.

In that case, make the most of your outdoor swimming pool and soak up the sun while it lasts!

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Trend Alert: Swimming Ponds 9th May 2016

unique swimming pools

When it comes to unique swimming pools, you can’t get much more bespoke than a handcrafted mosaic design for your luxury pool, however, we’re pretty taken by this idea of a swimming pond created by a Swiss family at their home.

The family spent over £23,000 creating the design, according to reports, which spans the ideas of a garden pond and a swimming pool in aesthetic and function. Incorporating a 26 foot long, stone-lined swimming pool, the pond also includes a shallow area with natural pebbles and a water feature in its design.

With a clever filtration system, the pond doesn’t require chlorine to stay clean, meaning it can also be home to plants and even fish, while still remaining safe for swimming. A UV light system also helps to reduce bacteria and algae in the pond water and the family undertake additional cleaning every three weeks with a ‘water vacuum’.

The family designed and created the pond themselves from scratch, ordering the components from Germany before getting their hands dirty and building the design after having the site excavated.

With stylish modern wrap around decking, the garden has become an architectural delight and a design that is sure to inspire other pool owners.

The question is then, how will this idea be taken to the next level. The concept of swimming in naturally clean water with plants and fish is oddly appealing, however, with a higher budget and more space, this could really be a spectacular creation, using beautiful mosaic tiles to create something that pushes the boundaries of modern pool design.

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Fancy Winning Your Own Tropical Resort With Luxury Pool? 6th May 2016

luxury swimming pool

Sunseekers who dream of leaving their nine-to-five job in favour of somewhere hot and sunny might be tempted to enter a competition to win their very own tropical resort, complete with a private beach, lifetime salary and luxury swimming pool.

The Kosrae Nautilus Resort in Micronesia has launched a lottery, allowing anyone to get their hands on a 16-room hotel, a house and two apartments, five rental cars, two passenger vans and a pick-up truck, a restaurant, a solar panel system, a workforce of 16 people and $10,000 (£6,908) in the business account.

The Australian owners are letting go of their property, not because they do not love it anymore, but because they want to start their role as “professional grandparents” and be near the mainland where their children live.

“We’ve had our time in the sun and enjoyed a career most people would never even dare dream about,” co-owner Doug said, adding: “We feel like a new chapter in our lives is beginning, and we’re ready to pass the baton to someone else.”

All contestants have to do is purchase a ticket for the lottery for $49. On July 26th, the winning ticket will be drawn, and the new owner of the resort, situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, will be revealed.

Winners will also be able to enjoy their very own 32ft fresh water swimming pool, where they can take a refreshing dip every day.

Or, they could make the most of their private white-sand beach and crystal-clear waters where they can swim among sea turtles, rays and beautiful coral reefs.

As well as being a diver’s paradise, Kosrae has dense jungles and a steep volcanic landscape to explore.

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Architects Restore 1930s Nazi-Era Pool In Berlin 12th April 2016

unique swimming pools

When it comes to creating really unique swimming pools, the choice of bespoke, handmade tiles is just one part of the design process. The rest is making the pool sing in harmony with the architecture of your residence.

When it comes to looking at inspiration for your own luxury pool, you might not think that a communal swimming pool would be a great source, however, cast your eye over this recently renovated 1930s pool house in Berlin.

Upon closing down in 2006 after falling into disrepair, German architect firm Veauthier Meyer Architects were tasked with bringing the Schwimmhalle Finckensteinallee back to its former glory – albeit with a modern twist.

The brief was to preserve as much of the original architecture as possible and those involved have kept their word as the complex retains the typical functionalist aesthetic you’d expect from classic German design.

“The question of the balance between preservation and demolition was partly answered by the demands of our client,” says one of the architects – but the building is also listed, so many of the choices made were dictated by law.

The towering windows remain the focal point of the building – from the inside and out – recreating the original geometric glazing that dominated the original design.

According to DeZeen, the pools history harks back to the Nazi era, and the site was used as a training ground for Adolf Hitler’s personal bodyguard division. It was designed by Karl Reichle and Karl Badberger, who opted for the lofty and imposing neo-classical dimensions for the design, a style favoured by the dictator and his party at the time.

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5 Of The Best Vintage-Style Swimsuits 7th April 2016

You’re sure to want to look your best when lounging by the side of your luxury swimming pool – and this is where vintage-style swimsuits can really come into their own. One-piece and vintage swimmers are seriously in fashion right now so if you want to look amazing and stylish at the poolside, buy one or all of these amazingly beautiful swimsuits.


Goddess Boyleg Swimsuit


There’s nothing like this 50s-inspired style to look brilliant either chilling out by the side of your pool or splashing about in the water. This halterneck comes with gripper tape lining and provides full coverage behind for style and comfort combined. It also comes with boyleg shorts to really complete the vintage look.


Retro Vintage 1950s Swimsuit


There’s nothing better than looking to the sea for inspiration where your swimsuits are concerned and we love this new 50s-inspired halterneck one piece. THis kind of swimsuit is flattering on most body shapes so don’t be afraid to give it a go. Whether you’re by the pool or at the beach, you’ll look gorgeous.

Pleated Tank Vintage Swimdress

Esther Williams


After something a little different? Then this pleated one-piece vintage swimdress is the perfect choice. The flared skirt is cute and playful and the black is extremely flattering. If you don’t like halternecks but still want a vintage bathing suit, this would be the one for you.

Classic Floral Bikini

Esther Williams


For a flattering bikini that will make you feel feminine and confident, look no further than this Esther Williams offering. The fabric is stretchy and beautifully tropical with its flowery print and the best part is that it suits all body shapes so you can all look great this summer by the pool.

The Cherry Pie

Esther Williams


Doesn’t that Esther Williams make beautiful swimsuits? This beautiful cherry print bather comes with firm tummy control, under bust support, side stays, soft shaped foam cups and no wires. You’ll look amazing and be incredibly comfortable to boot. You can’t say fairer than that!

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Jamaica’s Over-The-Water Villas Are The Height of Luxury 31st March 2016


Holidaymakers who are looking for a really lavish escape might consider heading to Sandals Royal Caribbean in Jamaica, where they can indulge in beautiful suites with private luxury infinity pools and glass floors.

The villas are located in Montego Bay and are styled with Tahitian architecture in mind, giving visitors a taste of the Pacific on their Caribbean break.

They are situated over the water and have glass floors within the apartment, allowing you to see to the seabed as you walk around.

With the crystal-clear sea just outside, holidaymakers can enjoy a dip in the warm water as they wake up, watch the colourful sea life swimming around from the comfort of their sofa, or leisurely take in the stunning views from their floating water hammocks and veranda.

Each suite has a private dock for tying up small boats, as well as an infinity pool and Jacuzzi.

Bookings for the resort start from November 15th 2016, with each suite costing from $4,300 (£3,034) per night.

Naturally, for this price, visitors receive a personalised butler service to attend to your every need.

As the first over-the-water luxury villas in the Caribbean, it will not come as a surprise if these suites are booked up quickly for those seeking some winter sun later this year.

Another luxury resort in the Caribbean is the Viceroy on the remote island of Anguilla, where holidaymakers go to escape the hordes of tourists on other busier islands.

With two white sandy beaches, a pool that is perfect for watching the sunset, and a luxury spa, this is a favourite among those who know about it.

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Maldives Holidays Spark Growing Trend For Balcony Pools 29th March 2016

The Maldives

The Maldives is known for many things – dreamlike weather, crystal-clear shallow waters, and beautiful stilted bungalows in shallow lagoons. And now it is becoming popular for its new trend – luxury swimming pools right there on your balcony.

While many hotels around the world offer the chance to have a private pool all to yourself, few give you the opportunity to dip into the water for a swim as you look out on to the mesmerising sea views.

For a really special holiday, you could stay in a beautiful overwater bungalow that has its own pool. So if you do not fancy jumping into the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, you can still enjoy a splash without having to share a public pool with other guests.

The Four Seasons in the Maldives is one such hotel that offers this, with guests paying $1,900 (£1,312) per night for an overwater bungalow with a pool for this simple luxury.

India has also jumped on the bandwagon for luxury private pools and you can enjoy a dip in solitude at the The Lodhi in New Delhi. By booking the a suite here, guests can not only enjoy up to 2,400 square feet all to themselves, but also their own personal plunge pool.

The suites with separate en-suite bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes are a favourite among those who want to soak up the exciting views of the busy city from their hotel room, several storeys up.

There are a few suites at The Lodhi with plunge pools, making this a truly unique hotel not only in India, but around the world.

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5 Of The Best Natural Swimming Pools In The World 10th March 2016

Take inspiration from luxury swimming pools in magazines or exclusive hotels for your own swimming pool design, by all means, but don’t discount the power of natural ponds and pools. These can be incredibly beautiful and are sure to give you lots of ideas for your own pools. Here are five of the best to be found around the world.

Ik Kil, Chichen Itza, Mexico

Head to Chichen Itza’s Eco-Arqueological Park and you’ll find Ik Kil, a natural pit that was formed when the limestone bedrock collapsed, revealing the groundwater below. A staircase has been carved out of the rock so that people can make their way down to the pool.

Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon

This is absolutely stunning and a must-see for anyone with a penchant for swimming. You will need to make a reservation, however, and numbers of visitors are restricted by the tribe living on the Havasupai Indian Reservation.

Kuang Si Falls, Laos

Fancy a waterfall for your own unique swimming pool? Then you’ve got to go and see the Kuang Si Falls in Luang Prabang. This is a three-tier waterfall that works its way down to create shallow pools for people to swim in. Beautiful!

Pamukkale Thermal Pools, Turkey

These mineral baths are thousands of years old and make for a very pleasant day out. What’s more, it’s thought that the water has healing properties so if you’re under the weather, this would be a great choice.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

You might not think that Iceland would be home to a warm water lagoon but that is most certainly the case. This natural pool is fed by water from the geothermal power plant and it’s also thought that the water has healing properties as well.

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A Swimming Pool… In A New York Theatre! 8th March 2016

Red Speedo

It’s not all that often that unique pool design takes centre stage on Broadway or elsewhere, but if you happen to be in the Big Apple this month, why not stop off at the New York Theatre Workshop to see something truly original.

According to the Daily Mail, a real 40 ft-long and four foot-wide swimming pool has been added to the theatre for new swimming drama Red Speedo.

You might be inspired to take some of the design ideas away from the play for your own luxury swimming pool, in fact, since it has been fitted with glass panes in order to allow audience members to see the actors actually swimming.

Set designer Riccardo Hernandez said: “We knew we had to have the element of water, but we didn’t know how. I’ve done crazy stuff but never an actual actor swimming in front of the audience, no.”

Red Swimmer tells the tale of an athlete who is implicated in a drugs scandal on the night of his trials for the Olympic Games.

Reviewing the play, the Guardian wrote: “[Alex] Breaux, on stage for the play’s entirety, deserves some sort of endurance medal for spending so much of the show so damp, clad only in the titular tiny swimsuit and horrendous back tattoo, stripped even of body hair. Rarely has an actor had to do so much, while wearing so little.”

If you do find yourself in New York and at a loose end, it might be worth going to see the play. Certainly, you’re unlikely to ever come across a swimming pool in a theatre ever again!

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9-Ft Alligator Found In Swimming Pool! 7th March 2016


What could be worse than finding a nine foot-long alligator in your bespoke swimming pools? Unfortunately, this is exactly what one Florida-based family woke up to discover at the start of the month.

According to Bay News 9, Craig Lear made the discovery when he went to let the cats out. Apparently, the alligator had to make a hole in their patio screen in order to get into the pool, which will have to be replaced, but that was the only damage it caused.

Mr Lear said: “I saw a bubble in the pool and I thought a golf ball had come through the screen so I went up and I didn’t see a golf ball. I looked in the deep end and there was a big gator.”

The Lears did the sensible thing and chose to call a trapper instead of trying to get rid of the animal themselves. The trapper lassoed the alligator, wrapped it up and hauled it out of the pool.

Of course, it depends on where you live as to what kind of creatures end up in your pool and hopefully the worst you’ll have to contend with is a few wasps and other insects. However, if you do come across something a bit more dangerous do not attempt to remove it yourself.

You can also make your pool safer for wild animals at the design stage by building lounge ledges along the side to help them escape or building a fence around the pool perimeter to prevent them from falling in.

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3 Of Barcelona’s Best Hotel Pools 26th February 2016


Holidaymakers who are planning a trip to Barcelona soon might want to consider staying in one of these three hotels, as they have some of the best luxury swimming pools in all of the city.

With Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia as part of its landscape, Barcelona offers some of the best views in Europe, which is why the Mandarin Oriental hotel is a hugely popular option among travellers, as its rooftop pool allows you to soak in the sights while taking a relaxing dip.

Not only is it a welcome retreat on hot summer days, the sun loungers and chairs make it a fabulous spot to watch the sun set over the city. In addition to this, the hotel has a 12-metre lap pool in its well-established spa, making it an ideal choice whatever season you visit.

  • W Barcelona

Similarly, W Barcelona also offers an outdoor pool for sun seekers to enjoy. Its infinity-edge splash pool gives you fantastic views of the city’s historical sites, while the beach is easily accessible as well.

However, if you just want to stay by the WET splash pool all day long, you can recline in one of the private cabanas for a peaceful seclusion.

The pool is open until 8pm, with children under the age of 16 able to use it until 6pm.

  • Grand Hotel Central Barcelona

If infinity pools are your thing, consider staying at the Grand Hotel Central Barcelona. It prides itself on having “probably the most spectacular pool” in the city, offering panoramic views of this beautiful Mediterranean province.

Guests can enjoy lying next to the pool listening to chill-out music, eating fresh fruit and salads, or sipping on a cocktail. And when the sun gets too hot, they can cool themselves in the pool while looking over the best of Barcelona’s sights.

To see our unique swimming pools, see the CBD Pools website now.

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How To Teach Your Toddler To Swim 24th February 2016

baby in a swimming pool

Buying a luxury swimming pool means fun for all the family, particularly children. However, if your kids are especially young, you may need to jump in and show them how it’s done.

Teaching toddlers to swim is not only rewarding but also provides them with the knowledge they need to stay safe around the water. As such, here are some tips to help your infants get to grips with swimming.

  1. Start slowly

Bring your child near the water, but don’t force them to go in. Simply let them play in a paddling area with toys or sit on the edge to allow them to become accustomed to being around water.

  1. Teach breathing techniques

A common practice among parents is to show toddlers how to blow bubbles in the water. This shows them how to breath out without drawing water back in, which should help them build confidence.

  1. Always be close and offer support

Hold your toddler in the water, maintain eye contact and provide constant reassurance. Encourage them to kick their legs, and glide your infant through the water as they do so.

  1. Play games

At such a young age, it’s often recommended that you use games as a learning mechanism for swimming. The more children associate the water with fun, the less likely they are to be afraid.

Eventually, your child will learn the necessary motions and you can release them so they can try swimming on their own (with floats and armbands, of course!).

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