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Your Essential Guide To Poolside Safety 17th August 2015

luxury pool

Having a luxury pool at home is a brilliant way of making your house one of a kind and truly welcoming for all, but you need to make sure you know all about poolside safety, especially if there are young children in the house.

Make sure that there are slip resistant materials on ladders, the diving board and the pool deck to help prevent any accidents, first of all, and make sure that you install ladders at both ends of the pool. These should have handrails that children can grasp easily, with steps that are at least three inches wide.

When installing your diving board or water slide, make sure you know that the depth of your pool is appropriate for such additions. All equipment should be checked regularly for signs of wear and tear, and any problems should be dealt with immediately.

Ensure that small children are instructed properly on how to behave around the swimming pool. They should know not to push people into the pool and check that others are not in the way when diving or sliding into the swimming pool, and you should make sure you explain the dangers of running by the side of the pool.

Teach them how to react in an emergency and ensure that there are plenty of first aid kits and rescue aids nearby just in case. As a parent, it might also be worth watching this video on YouTube that shows you how to teach your babies to flip onto their backs if they accidentally fall into the pool.

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The Globe: a step away from our traditional pool designs… 14th October 2013

We are excited to be part of a more unusual development this year that’s being constructed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for a national news agency headquarters.

Artist’s impression of the finished building


One part of the Saudi Press Agency’s new building will contain a 26 metre high, globe shaped auditorium with capacity for more than 420 people.

This huge ball, the formas for which have been engineered in Austria, will be decorated with 420m² of especially made curved ceramics to make it look like the world or ‘The Globe’.


The Globe takes shape on site

There are challenges to consider in both the manufacture and installation with an industrial sized project like this – curvatures for shrinkage, wet size to dry, simple measurements for locating and sizing the work – not to mention the work required to install tiles to a surface that is, in effect, upside down or ‘inverted’.

As part of our initial stages of research a simple inflatable globe was used as a marker of scale (conveniently we found one perfectly scaled to reference to the actual globe).

The next step in the process will be to make a wooden replica or ‘forma’ upon which the clay can be modelled.

Careful calculations allow us to build a wooden replica of the curvature of the building.

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Craig Bragdy at the Eisteddfod 20th August 2013

National Eisteddfod 2013

First Minister Carwyn Jones meets directors Shon and Nick Powell and Craig Bragdy founder, Jean Powell

We were really pleased to welcome the First Minister Carwyn Jones to our stand at Wales’s National Eisteddfod (the largest and oldest cultural event in Europe) which was hosted here in Denbigh at the beginning of the month.

Craig Bragdy’s founder Jean, with sons (and company directors) Nick and Shon, were there to welcome him to the Visual Arts Pavilion, which housed the work of some of Wales’s leading artists.

Following Assembly Member Ann Jones’s visit to the factory in June, the First Minister had expressed a keen interest in visiting Craig Bragdy and praised us for our innovation in swimming pool design.

Shon commented “The Eisteddfod was a great opportunity for us to showcase who we are and what we do, bringing an awareness of Craig Bragdy and the employment opportunities we have to more people throughout Wales

We were proud to sponsor this year’s Gold Medal for Craft and Design, which was won by Barmouth born artist Theresa Nguyen and celebrated innovation, excellence and commitment in contemporary and applied arts.

In addition to the above, Jean also designed the ‘Learner of the Year’ trophies that were presented at a special event at Denbigh’s Brookhouse Mill (coincidentally, where the earliest days of the Craig Bragdy business were spent).

The inspiration for the design of the trophies came from an old letterpress alphabet rescued from Gwasg Gee – the oldest print works in Wales. Now closed, Denbigh’s Gwasg Gee produced works that helped keep the Welsh language alive when it looked certain to disappear – a fitting link for this particular Eisteddfod award.

We’re looking forward to being part of next year’s National Eisteddfod in Llanelli.


Claywork of the trophy and some of the letterpress alphabet rescued from Gwasg Gee

'Learner of the Year' 2013 trophy

National Eisteddfod ‘Learner of the Year’ 2013 trophy

'Learner of the Year' 2013 runners up trophy

National Eisteddfod ‘Learner of the Year’ 2013 runners up trophy


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