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Designer Creates Realistic Pool – Made From Marble! 2nd June 2016

luxury swimming pool design

When it comes to luxury pool design, it’s amazing what can actually be achieved these days. You no longer have to have a plain blue or white bottom or sides to your pool – there are some stunning ceramic tiles that can be used, such as those we create here at Craig Bragdy Designs, to produce some beautiful images on the bottom of your pool.

If you’re looking for some inspiration as to what designs to go for with your new swimming pool, make sure you have a browse of our site to see what we can do – but you should also take a look at this realistic swimming pool that’s just been installed at Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire Centre D’Arts et de Nature in France, as it will really serve to highlight just what effects can be achieved.

According to the Daily Mail, designer Mathieu Lehanneur was inspired by the Loire, which flows just below the courtyard of the chateau, with the pool itself measuring some 24ft long and made using a single piece of hand-polished marble. It will be on display at the site until November 2nd so there’s plenty of time for you to go and have a look at it in real life.

Mr Lehanneur said: “I wanted to address the garden with water as my muse. The water whose presence we sense even before we first catch sight of it below the Chateau, flowing uninterrupted to the sea.”

Here at CBD, we use clay, slips, texutre, glazes, lustres and oxides to create a series of stunning swimming pool ceramics that boast beautiful rich colours, a lovely tactile finish and lots of different, very intricate patterns. You can get in touch with us to request a sample of any of the ceramics you see on our site so you can see for yourself how beautiful an addition they’d be to your luxury pool.

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