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Art Deco

Art Deco Luxury Swimming PoolThis European eclectic style of the 1920’s has permeated all areas of design, architecture, graphic arts, industrial design, fashion and craftwork.

It sits remarkably well as spectacular swimming pool design too. Art Deco’s fundamental characteristic – bold and distinctive  – has an openness that particularly lends itself to various elements of Craig Bragdy’s hand made ceramics.



Art Deco Swimming PoolArt Deco Luxury PoolCutting the Clay

These bold and distinctive lines have a cleanliness that is enhanced by the manner in which Craig Bragdy divides the sheet of clay, the way in which tiles are cut and shaped – to follow the swimming pool design without compromise and without use of a geometric grid.  So the cutting perfectly complements the design at the surface.


Openness is another significant characteristic of Art Deco design just ‘made’ for Craig Bragdy’s glassy, transparent and fluid ceramic glaze. It is in areas such as this that ‘handmade’ really makes the difference.  Glazes are selected and mixed specifically for each project and during application there’s opportunity to inter-mix, to layer, to create weight and to add emphasis to bring the best out of each design.

Many glazes ‘flow’ under heat in the kilns, so gravity begins to impact the finished appearance and the transparent colours retain that appearance on cooling. Nuances of the handmade tile stem from this – slight recesses create pooling, a rise in the surface and the glaze will fall away, incrementally.  Not changing the colour but all the time bringing character to the piece. The ‘space’ in the Art Deco style of design is perfect to shine in these handmade circumstances.


Though look into the detailed architecture of the Art Deco period and there is sculpture and surface decoration – three-dimensional surface decoration that is tactile and changes with the light. Here at Craig Bragdy this surface relief can be carved into the clay and the glazes fall-away at temperature revealing the surface treatment – softly and beautifully.  From this a lightweight, tactile, underfoot experience becomes part of the swimming pool design.

Architects and Interior Designers

At Craig Bragdy we are inspired by Art Deco; inspired to create beautiful swimming pool designs that complement the style of the building, the interiors, the furniture, the fabrics. The work will be unique, special and tailored.