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Contemporary Style Pools

swimming-pool-mosaic-design-CONTEMPORARY-MAIN2 swimming-pool-mosaic-design-CONTEMPORARY-1Dug from the ground and handcrafted, clay is an ancient material; but with the right skill and imagination, it can be used to enrich cutting-edge and unequivocally contemporary settings.

With clear and careful thought – getting the right texture, relief, strength and character of colour, tile shape, size and cut – a ceramic can be beautifully crafted to fit alongside any modern material, from machined stainless steel to PVCs; polished granite to hardwood frames; raw concrete to clear glass sheets. An initial design idea, which might be a simple word or direction from the client, will often go through an inspiring and challenging process throughout, which Craig Bragdy’s designers and craftspeople refine until it is perfect for the location. In this project, a fountain motif reflected the contemporary domestic setting. Once the motif had been established, the clay workers and craftspeople brought detail to the surface. This is achieved through a combination of working closely with the client (and often their architects, landscape designers and decorators) and of acquiring a thorough understanding of the location itself. In this case, the strong, highly contemporary, architectural style was a useful starting point. Once the fountain motif was established to reflect the house’s modern nature, the detail began to surface. The photograph here (left) shows a segment of the pool where each sweep of the design brings new texture along with subtle, alternative colour treatments.This is a swimming pool design to be enjoyed for life. A design that has a striking central motif, but also the kind of detail that will bring forth new and unnoticed elements on each subsequent viewing.It is this deep and lasting enjoyment that brings value to the handmade nature and individual thinking that Craig Bragdy applies to each and every commission.