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The Art of Design at Craig Bragdy

swimming-pool-mosaic-design-DESIGNROOM-MAIN1bIt takes months of training and lots of artistic talent for a designer to create a Craig Bragdy ceramics pool. Whatever a client’s vision, these finely honed skills and craftsmanship ensure that it becomes a tangible reality.

A skillful team

Every designer working at Craig Bragdy must have a Bachelor Degree in Art, as well as an excellent grasp of colour and draughtsmanship. Craig Bragdy then helps them develop an understanding of ceramics, and how to design in the large scale, essential skills for swimming pool ceramic projects.

A hands-on experience

A designer’s training begins in the factory, where they shadow Craig Bragdy’s talented craftsmen, watching how clay is transformed into the finished, spectacular product. During this stage a swimming pool designer also starts to develop their feeling for large scale work. A single brush stroke may translate to a fifteen metre sweep of colour, so every designer must be able to visualise the finished project in its actual size.


swimming-pool-mosaic-design-DESIGNROOM-MAIN2swimming-pool-mosaic-design-DESIGNROOM-MAIN3Letting the imagination run free

Most Craig Bragdy projects start with a clean sheet of paper, along with traditional tools like pencils, water colours and inks. Designers have to feel confident and free enough to let their imagination create a design that can then be transferred seamlessly to the manufacturing process. Quite often a client or architect will have an initial thought that inspires the design. A Craig Bragdy designer will then work up detailed visuals that stay true to this vision while incorporating the rich characteristics of hand-made ceramics.


Taking every detail into account

Designers also get to know the project space, and what it will be used for. Elevations and perspectives can recreate a site’s atmosphere and character, while CADs and pdfs show the minutiae. Every detail can play a crucial part in the design. This stage of the process may include ongoing discussions between client and designer, as Craig Bragdy adjusts artwork to suit the practicalities of the hand-made ceramic manufacturing process. As the swimming pool design nears completion, a client will also be given specific ceramic samples, showing them the texture, colour and finishes they can expect.

swimming-pool-mosaic-design-DESIGNROOM-MAIN7Cutting edge design tools

Craig Bragdy’s designers are all experts in computer aided design. They know how to translate architects’ specifications and drawings into simple, vivid drawings that bring a design to life in front of clients’ eyes. Due to the scale and status of the projects involved, Craig Bragdy often gives presentations to boards or committees. Craig Bragdy values working as a team alongside an architect and a client to create something spectacular. As such they welcome input and involvement, and are open and collaborative at every stage.