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Craig Bragdy designs and manufactures wall and floor features too, as well as pools.

Jean Powell, Creator of the mural and Gillian Clarke, National Poet Of Wales.

Jean Powell, Creator of the mural and Gillian Clarke, National Poet Of Wales.

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Jean Powell, Designer in chief and founder here at Craig Bragdy Design was recently invited to design and manufacture a floor mural ‘feature’ to the public entrance of an interesting, big refurbishment project in her home country of Wales.

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Quite diverse by comparison to the company’s ‘standard fare’ of swimming pool ceramics, perhaps surprising for many, Craig Bragdy Design’s founding principles and business structure was originally based upon ceramic mural design and manufacture, and so this was a refreshing and interesting project for Jean to take on.

A huge multi-million pound project to refurbish and to return the beautiful and historically significant Penarth Pier into public use- today as a leisure destination for visitors to the town and residents. Inside now there is a gallery, a cinema, a restaurant and a coffee shop.

Jean designed a feature for the floor of the entrance using the industrial and commercial history of the Pier as the theme. She asked her friend and National Poet of Wales, Gillian Clarke, if she would be involved and contributed several lines of poetry to the commission.

Since, the project has been named ‘Most Treasured Landmark In Wales’ and Jean’s feature is walked across and admired by everybody who visits.

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