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Singular visions

Looking through the history of Craig Bragdy Design’s projects, the diversity of commissions is striking. Underpinning the production of every ceramic is the same ethos of quality and artistry. At the same time there is nothing generic about any of the designs. With every single swimming pool, individuality shines through. This can be traced back to the manner in which Craig Bragdy works with its clients.

The spark that brings a project to life is different every time, for the simple reason that each client is unique and, just as important, each location is new. During initial conversations with a client, it is important they understand that anything is possible: Craig Bragdy can realise any idea or artistic impulse, turning any concept into a stunning ceramic. Once this is established, inspiration can and does come from anywhere.

SHARK Features are often developed out of a subject close to the client’s heart. This was certainly the case with the shark design, whose central theme reflected a passion for the conservation and photography of great white sharks. In fact, the design – the beautiful predator stalking its submarine neighbourhood – was based on an underwater picture the client had taken himself.
COMET DESIGN-SWIMMING-POOL Halley’s comet last appeared in 1986, which was the same year the daughter of one client was born. So, the swimming pool design in Hong Kong became a soaring, iridescent tribute to this cosmic coincidence.
HORSES DESIGN-SWIMMING-POOL A passion might have already provided a context for a design. A pool located near a client’s stables made an equestrian theme a great starting point. The resulting design embraced the dynamism of Italianate equine sculpture, bursting out of an ethereal underwater scene.
No less dynamic was another client’s extraordinary collection of supercars, housed in a personal museum. When a swimming pool extension was added to this building, the design for the pool and spa took its lead from the exotic cars themselves, with the exclusive car marques as the central motif.
DIAMON DDESIGN SWIMMING POOL The context itself may be the immediate inspiration for a design. For an underground pool in an exclusive London neighbourhood, the design began to symbolise the space itself. An enticing subterranean grotto, embellished with beautiful diamonds and pearls became a natural theme.
CHIFFON DESIGN SWIMMING POOL Equally fitting has been design informed by an existing taste. The Chiffon and The Shell were both based on cherished objects – a scarf and an ornamental platter – suggested as inspiration by the clients themselves.

There have been many other sources of stimulation for Craig Bragdy swimming pool ceramics and there will be many more. Where the idea for a design originates is not shaped by any constraints at all. It is part of the excitement and joy of Craig Bragdy’s work that any vision can be turned into a spectacular swimming pool design.