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Soaked in tradition

As with any Craig Bragdy Design project, the aesthetic is tailored to fit and complement the context.

Whether standing alone or connected to a larger swimming pool, a spa ceramic will be the focal point of the space. It requires a specific design process, taking into account the compact dimensions as well as the technological requirements of a spa.


Working closely with clients, it is possible to create any style. Projects have ranged from a flambouyant heart shape set beneath the shade of a fibreglass shell, to the drama of a great white shark revealing terrifying rows of sharp teeth as it circles a treasure chest.

Many clients have opted to recreate the idyllic underwater ecosystem of a coral reef, swaying in the warm water, bejewelled with finely crafted shells, mollusks and fish. More fanastical scenes of diamonds and pearls and even rainbows have provided the perfect theme for several other designs.

spa JACUZZI designsThe texture of any design is carefully thought out so each tile is equisite to touch, while providing the necessary purchase for users to sit safely in the spa. Comfort, beauty and indulgence is the focus here.

Every design is also planned to work around the fittings and fixtures of a spa. Air jets, lights, inlets, outlets, drains and steps are all considered during the design phase and often worked into the desgin itself. The intricate job of installation is then carried out by a specialist team, who fit and frost-proof every tile.

The beauty and the uniqueness of each spa will be preserved for a long time to come, continuing and adding to this luxurious human tradition.