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Imagine a design situation with two diverse views on what should be appropriate as a finish for a swimming pool project. One view expresses attraction to a stainless steel finish and another for ceramic. We come across this from time to time and work hard to resolve such differences of opinion in order to allow a project to move forward whilst incorporating both views.

aaaaamix 5 pics stainless

At Craig Bragdy Design we have a freedom that allows lateral thinking. Firstly, ceramic materials are spectacular in their range of colours and finishes, including lustres- golds, platinums and mother-of-pearls. Secondly, the hand made ceramic allows also for imaginative thinking with extreme parameters, virtually unconstrained in any way by restrictions of the industry – machines, systems and traditional thinking.

So, in cases such as this, Craig Bragdy’s designer’s are challenged to develop ideas that bring together the two opposing streams of thought. In this case, their challenge was the use of handmade ceramic as a medium and to be creative with the idea of stainless steel.

mix 4 textures stainless steel 576 px‘Thinking’ took two diverse routes; the first to drill down into the very detail, the microscopic surface to reveal qualities in the steel that, whilst commonly over looked or unrecognised for what they are, provided the inspirational vehicle for textures into the surface of the clay.

Secondly, combined with research into work by some of the great contemporary architects (Gehry particularly, but others too), and their inspired thinking on shape, very soon form and surface design for a pool connected to steel begins to shape.

imagine pool faye 576px croppedThe resulting images bring freshness and variety to what was at first a very challenging and restricting brief.

two concepts 576px