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Get The Perfect Lighting For Your Swimming Pool 1st March 2017

When you add a luxury indoor swimming pool to your home, there are a number of things you need to consider, including the lighting. The first thing to remember is that lighting doesn’t just apply to the lights in the pool, but those in the surrounding pool area too.

You should use the lighting to create the right kind of atmosphere in your pool, as well as for the obvious safety reasons of ensuring everyone can see the water, day or night.

Within the pool itself, you’ll need some lights and you can decide whether you’d prefer these to run along the sides of the pool or on the bottom. Your decision may depend on the design of the tiles you’re using for the pool itself.

LED lights generally use less energy than their halogen or incandescent counterparts, so you may want to bear this in mind when making your choice.

Around the pool itself, uplights on the walls are a popular option to create soft light that isn’t too harsh. However, if you want to go for the wow factor, you could consider installing a panel over the pool itself that’s studded with a number of small bulbs, creating the effect of a starry sky.

You don’t have to stick to white light either, with a variety of colour options open to you depending on the scheme you’ve chosen for the rest of your space. Although if you’re taking the advice of interior specialist Charlie Cosby and introducing bright colours to your pool, you may want to use brighter lights to ensure their vibrancy comes out.

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