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Know Your Pool Tiles: A Ceramics Glossary 7th June 2016

swimming-pool-mosaics-usa-evian1When a customer chooses one of unique swimming pools, they often want to know a little more about the processes which go into creating such a luxurious work of art. Our pool tiles see ceramic techniques brought together in unique combinations to create the most beautiful displays you can imagine.

To get to know the basics of ceramic craft, take a look at this mini guide to some of the techniques and materials we use.


Clay is the basic building block of ceramics – however, it’s not just a one-size fits all material. Clays can vary from orangey earthenware to grey stoneware and white porcelain – each with their own unique characteristics.


Similar to a slip, an engobe is a form of liquid clay, however, with generally a lower clay content making it better suited to bisque firing – a firing which takes place before a glaze.


A glaze is the impervious coating on the outside of a piece of ceramics, fused by firing. It can be used to waterproof or decorate and colour and finished piece of ceramic.


Lustres are a type of glaze containing metal oxides which give the finished ceramic a metallic look or beautiful iridescence.


Oxides are chemical colourants which are added to a clay or glaze to create colour during the firing process.


A slip is a clay mixed with water, making a liquid form which can be used in casting or decoration on top of solid clay, often used to add different colours and textures.

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