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Cold War Bunker Transformed Into Luxury Swimming Pool 8th October 2015

luxury indoor swimming pool

Those of you mulling over plans for a luxury indoor swimming pool may want to find out more about the Cold War bunker in Chislehurst, a south-east London suburb, that was once intended to be used by civil servants should a nuclear attack take place.

Now, however, the site has been transformed into a £3.5 million house, complete with five bedrooms, a glass atrium, a stunning swimming pool and a glass staircase.

According to the Daily Mail, the property is known as the Glass House and, although it was meant to serve as a place for government officials to flee to as the Cold War intensified, it fell into disrepair in the years after it – eventually taking two years to completely renovate.

The swimming pool itself forms the centrepiece of the house, along with the glass staircase, which could be quite inspirational for anyone planning on having their own pool installed. Naturally, the majority of people opt to have a pool outside but if you want something truly decadent and different, it might be an idea to consider having an indoor pool as part of the entrance to your home.

Alternatively, you could have both, one inside and one outside. Your inside pool could be more decorative and perhaps come with a feature such as a water wall, while the outside pool could be more practical and meant for actual swimming.

Before you make any decisions, give us a call here at CBD Pools. We have years of experience in swimming pool design so can help you decide what’s best suited to you and your home.

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