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Choosing The Depth Of Your Luxury Indoor Swimming Pool 11th November 2015

luxury indoor swimming pool

When working out the design of your luxury indoor swimming pool, there’s one key consideration you need to decide upon really before you do anything else – and that’s deciding just how deep the pool should be.

There’s no set depth that your pool needs to be and what it really boils down to is personal preference and what you intend to use your pool for.

If, for example, you’re building a play area for your children you should perhaps make sure that it’s three feet or less so that they can play and splash around, and practice their swimming skills, while still able to stay safe.

Alternatively, if you plan to do a lot of swimming yourself, your pool should be at least three and a half feet deep, although there are other options if you’re a seriously keen swimmer such as a lap pool which may be more appropriate for you.

Should you decide you want your pool to serve as a sports area for games like water polo or volleyball, you need to ensure that the water is at the right depth so that people can stand up and swim, so between three and a half and four feet would be ideal.

And if you think people will be doing a lot of diving, either from the poolside or a diving board, make sure the water is at least nine feet deep to make it safe. Scroll down our blog to read our post about whether or not you should have a diving board at all, however, since many accidents occur through homeowners adding a board.

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