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Top Products For Swimming Pool Safety 11th January 2016

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If you have pets or small children but still want a luxury indoor swimming pool, you need to make sure you invest in the appropriate safety products so that your pool doesn’t pose a risk to anyone. Here are a few products you might like to shop for before you have your pool installed.

Safety alarms

While you shouldn’t rely on a pool alarm entirely and children should always be supervised by a responsible adult, safety alarms can prove very useful indeed. You can buy alarms that are worn on your children’s wrists that go off if they fall in the water, or alarms that fit to the edge of the pool that operate using a pressure sensor system.

Perimeter fencing

If you’ve gone for an outdoor pool instead of an indoor one, perimeter fencing might be a good idea. You can find fencing that is easily removable so that as your children grow up you can take it down as you see fit.

Swimming pool covers

You can buy covers for your swimming pool that can be used all year round. There are a number of options so decide whether you want a fully automatic one or if you’d prefer a manual cover. The difference in cost may sway you either way.

It won’t take much to make your poolside safe for animals or children, but it’s certainly a consideration you need to bear in mind when shopping for your new luxury pool. If you want further advice, make sure you get in touch with us here at CBD Pools.

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