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Top Plants For An Indoor Swimming Pool Area 20th February 2017

If you want to create a real haven around your luxury indoor swimming pool, you should make sure you have some plants in the pool area.

However, it can be tricky to know where to start, as not all plants can cope long term with the chlorine fumes that come from indoor pools. If you have a good air cycling system, however, that will help.

As a general rule, you want to look towards tropical plants that thrive in high humidity environments. The ones that are likely to cope best around a swimming pool are those that have tough leaves, as these are less likely to be damaged by the chlorine.

Rubber trees, yuccas, bromeliads, agave and sansevieria plants are among the top choices for an indoor pool area, according to Tropical Gardens.

However, the website explains that all your plants, regardless of how hardy they are, should be rinsed with clean water at least once a month to help keep them in good condition.

The other thing to consider when selecting plants for your indoor pool room is the light levels in the space. If your pool is in a conservatory-style building, with plenty of natural light coming through the windows then tropical plants will do well.

If your pool room is below ground and has limited or no natural light, you might have to make do with fake plants instead to introduce a splash of green.

Last month we wrote about how swimming pools can help people deal with stress, and with plenty of research also showing that featuring plants in our environment can make us more relaxed, it seems obvious to pair the two.

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