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Plans Revealed For Underground House With Luxury Swimming Pool 12th October 2015

Relaxation Area with swimming pool, artificial waterfalls and wooden chairs

Designs for a unique house built entirely underground with grand features and a luxury indoor swimming pool have been revealed

The property – known as Perdu – is to be located in Bowden, Manchester, and will be worth £2.4 million when it is complete.

NC Homes-Architects and Huntsmere have released the designs of the three-bedroom circular abode, which also includes a deluxe kitchen, gym, spacious living area, and water slide into the pool.

Natural light is let in via a passage in the centre of the property, giving the home an airy atmosphere despite being built underground.

A spokesperson for NC Homes-Architects said: “Set in the grounds of 19th Century Limehurst in Bowdon, this proposed three-bed dwelling makes an extraordinary statement without the visual impact of an ordinary house.”

By building underground, the architects claimed they would avoid harming the “well-landscaped character of the Devisdale Conservation Area”.

The unique property is also environmentally friendly, as it has a constant temperature unaffected by the changes in weather above. It also reduces the amount of green space lost by being built below the ground.

Perdu could go on to receive several awards when complete, with NC Homes-Architects being no stranger to accolades for its impressive designs. These include several What House and Northern Design awards for its Armstrong Farm, Edge House, Oakdene, Ravenswood and Westfield projects.

This is not the only luxury hidden home to hit the news lately, as Robert Vicino is converting a military bunker in Germany from the Cold War into a £720 million luxury underground property, according to GQ Magazine.

The fortress is being created by The Vivos Group, the company Vicino founded. It is designed to withstand any natural or military destruction, and will be the ultimate luxury hideaway, featuring a huge swimming pool, several gyms, restaurants and even an on-site zoo.

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