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5 Benefits Of Swimming 24th August 2016

Young woman swimming in luxury pool

One of the best ways of keeping fit is undoubtedly getting in the pool and doing a few laps. You might be having your luxury pool installed so that you can hold pool parties and keep the kids entertained at the weekends, but don’t discount the value of having a pool to help you keep fit. Here are five benefits of swimming to inspire you to get in the pool today.

Muscle tone

Water is far denser than air, so it’s a much better way of toning up your muscles than any other kind of cardio out there. You get the same level of resistance in the pool that you would using light weight on a machine at the gym, but because the resistance is controlled you don’t have to worry about repetitions like you would at the gym.


Boost your flexibility by swimming some laps. It helps you use a lot of your muscles all at the same time, whereas if you’re at the gym you’re really only targeting a few muscles at once. You’re also stretching your entire body when you swim when reaching out to complete your strokes.

Low impact

If you’ve got a few aches and pains, there’s nothing better than getting in the pool. Water helps to support your body weight so you can enjoy a really good workout without putting undue stress on your body. Swimming is great for those with injuries so if you have pushed yourself too hard at the gym, go for some breaststroke instead.

Weight loss

Swimming is also perfect if you’re concerned about your weight. Did you know that you burn about 300 calories by just doing half an hour of breaststroke? Why don’t you use Swimming Calculator the next time you’re in the pool to work out how many calories you’ve burned?

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