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Which Luxury Pool Shape Suits Your Needs? 30th November 2015

luxury pool

When looking for something unique in luxury pool design, choosing our artistic, beautiful ceramic pool tiles is only one step of the design process. In order for our design to flow into the aesthetics you desire for your indoor or outdoor swimming pool, one of the first choices you’ll make is a shape or style.

Infinity pools – also known as vanishing edge pools, this type of pool is fantastic for homes overlooking spectacular scenery such as oceans, forests or mountains. They give the effect that the pool is simply flowing over out of the property, but actually the water is collected into a hidden trough and recycled back into the pool.

Classic lap pools – if your main reason for wanting a pool is the actual swimming, then a classic pool may be your best choice. Simple rectangle designs can be embellished with an adjoining Jacuzzi or socialising space without impacting on your ability to swim uninterrupted.

Freeform pools – Freeform pools give you the chance to be artistic and fit your pool to the space you have. The free-flowing curves give a great blank canvas to work on and our designers thrive in creating custom designs for this kind of pool.

Grecian and Roman pools – classic and beautiful, these pools really make a statement about the property they inhabit. Start with a simple rectangle and then add in curved sections for stairs and Grecian columns in each of the corners. Its tradition and history give a great place to start imagining your custom design.

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