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Your Essential Guide To Poolside Safety 17th August 2015

luxury pool

Having a luxury pool at home is a brilliant way of making your house one of a kind and truly welcoming for all, but you need to make sure you know all about poolside safety, especially if there are young children in the house.

Make sure that there are slip resistant materials on ladders, the diving board and the pool deck to help prevent any accidents, first of all, and make sure that you install ladders at both ends of the pool. These should have handrails that children can grasp easily, with steps that are at least three inches wide.

When installing your diving board or water slide, make sure you know that the depth of your pool is appropriate for such additions. All equipment should be checked regularly for signs of wear and tear, and any problems should be dealt with immediately.

Ensure that small children are instructed properly on how to behave around the swimming pool. They should know not to push people into the pool and check that others are not in the way when diving or sliding into the swimming pool, and you should make sure you explain the dangers of running by the side of the pool.

Teach them how to react in an emergency and ensure that there are plenty of first aid kits and rescue aids nearby just in case. As a parent, it might also be worth watching this video on YouTube that shows you how to teach your babies to flip onto their backs if they accidentally fall into the pool.

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