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Make The Most Out Of Your Luxury Pool This Christmas 30th November 2015

luxury swimming pool

Just because the weather has turned cold, it doesn’t mean you should neglect your luxury swimming pool till the summer returns. That’s why we’ve put together some great suggestions on how to enjoy your indoor pool during the festive season.

  • Host a Christmas pool party

Pool parties don’t just have to be a summer pastime, so why not show off another part of your house at your festive soiree with a poolside Christmas party?

Your swimming pool will look stunning with the water sparkling against twinkling fairy lights on the windows and walls, and you can really bring this space to life with a large tree, festive swags and mistletoes hanging in doorframes.

Guests might not want to swap their party dresses for pool attire until later on in the evening, but at least they have a choice if they want to take a splash in your heated pool after a few drinks!

  • Go for a Christmas Day swim

Christmas Day is all about indulging in chocolates, roast dinners, cake and alcohol, but you can feel slightly less guilty about all those extra calories if you go for an early morning swim first.

Doing front crawl for half an hour can burn 250-300 calories, which means you’ve used up enough calories to reward yourself with a guilt-free mince pie.

Of course, if you swim for longer or more energetically, you’ll burn a greater number of calories, so you can enjoy your Christmas Day without worrying about piling on the pounds.

  • Start your New Year’s resolutions

After Christmas, most of us attempt to commit to our New Year’s resolutions. And for many people, this includes becoming fitter, losing weight or trying to be more healthy. Well, you can get your resolutions off to a great start by making the most of your pool.

If you get into the habit of going for an hour’s swim every day, you can burn 500-600 calories before you’ve even had breakfast!

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