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What About A Water Wall? 22nd September 2015

water feature

For a truly contemporary and stunning addition to your luxury swimming pool design, why don’t you consider installing a beautiful water wall alongside your new pool?

These come in a wide variety of styles and can be as big or as small as you’d like. A lot of homeowners use them as a feature wall to highlight a specific part of their garden and with clever uplighting they can look absolutely magical.

Other people opt to have them as miniature waterfalls dropping down into the pool itself, which always looks incredible and means you have the added pleasure of being able to sit beneath the falling water if you so choose.

Alternatively, you could downsize the idea and make smaller water features dotted all over your garden. For example, you could use rustic barrels to create little waterfalls dropping down onto a pebble garden, or you could erect a small standalone wall to serve as a garden feature all on its own.

Whatever you do, don’t limit yourself. You could even bring your water wall inside your home if you love the sound of falling water and find it both relaxing and highly soothing. There’s something incredible peaceful about the sound of water and water features are absolutely ideal for creating a sense of harmony in your home.

Investing in a luxury swimming pool is a big investment but you must not neglect the surrounding area of the pool. Make sure you devote as much time and attention to the outskirts of your pool as you would to the pool itself.

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