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How To Create The Perfect Poolside Garden 9th September 2015

bird of paradise flower

Before you have your luxury swimming pool installed, you should consider what sort of plants you want and which type would be most appropriate for a poolside garden. Here’s our guide to getting it right.

Avoid buying plants that prefer drier conditions since it’s likely that they’ll be splashed quite a lot with water from the pool. Whatever plants you choose, you should try and position them at least six feet away from the pool edge if they’re low growing. Your filter could quickly become blocked by debris so avoid deciduous trees to help limit the amount that falls into the pool.

Plants with bigger leaves are better for pool gardens as it’s easier to clean any up that fall off. Consider investing in yucca and aloe, both of which are very low maintenance and really flourish in the sun. If you’d rather have a more tropical feel, sago palm would be a great choice.

Plants such as mastic tree, cascalote, dalea, mountain laurel and buddleia will also help to make your swimming pool look complete and very inviting for all who come over.

Other popular plants include papyrus, which has very long stems so would serve perfectly as a shrub to position in the background, while bird of paradise would be a stunning addition thanks to its bright colours and large broad leaves. Hibiscus has long been associated with Hawaii and tropical paradises so if this is the look you’re trying to achieve, it would be a brilliant choice. Find even more ideas on the Landscaping Network website.

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