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How To Manually Clean Your Luxury Pool In 4 Simple Steps 24th September 2015

luxury pool

Your luxury swimming pool will require proper maintenance to ensure the water remains in optimal condition for a dip.

While some people may choose to hire a specialist to keep their pool in shape, the job can be done yourself with a little knowledge and regular checks.

Here is our guide on the best ways to manually clean your swimming pool:

Step one: Buy supplies

Investing in the right tools is crucial, so make sure you have everything at hand before you begin cleaning.

You may need:

  • Skimmer nets
  • Vacuum heads
  • Telescopic poles
  • Pool brushes
  • Tile brushes and pumice stones

Step two: Remove debris and empty filter baskets

You should use skimmer nets to remove debris from the surface of the pool every couple of days. If left too long, items will sink below the surface, becoming much harder to retrieve. Strainer baskets should also be emptied and cleaned.

Step three: Vacuum the pool

Attach a vacuum head to the appropriate telescopic pole and lower it into the pool. The vacuum is attached to a pump that will enable you to remove any dirt and debris that has settled to the bottom of the pool. Use long, sweeping strokes and work your way from the shallow to the deep end.

Step four: Brush the walls and tiles

Dirt, grime, algae and calcium deposits can all build up on the walls and tiles of your pool. Scrub surfaces clean with brushes and pumice stones, making sure to use the appropriate tool for the particular materials in our pool’s walls.

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