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$2 Million Spent On Luxury Swimming Pool 25th September 2015


If you’re about to invest in a luxury swimming pool and are looking for some design ideas, be inspired by this entirely manmade idyll in Springville in Utah, which cost $2 million to construct and boasts a hidden water slide that measures 18 metres long, secret tunnels, a kitchen and five waterfalls.

According to Stuff, the pool is known locally as The Mountain, perhaps unsurprising since it comes with an entirely manmade mountain constructed from metal beams, reed bar and concrete that has been painted to look exactly like the real deal.

If you go down the waterslide, you actually go inside the mountain before you come flying out of one of the waterfalls. But that’s not all – there’s also the opportunity to go scuba diving since it was originally built for the owners to indulge in their favourite hobby… the bottom of the pool can be found eight metres below the surface.

Those of you planning your own swimming pool design at this time are sure to be inspired by this particular waterhole. If you’d like to construct something similar, make sure that you seek expert advice and help to ensure that it all goes to plan and you know the structure is sound.

If you’d like to find even more ideas on what kinds of swimming pools to build, have a read of our blog post revealing some of the best pools to be found around the world. There’s the San Alfonso del Mar in Chile, St Regis in Tibet and the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas just for starters.

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