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Luxury Swimming Pool Safety Tips For Children 30th October 2015

A luxury swimming pool is fun for all the family, but you should always ensure your children stay safe around large bodies of water. These simple tips will keep your kids out of danger and allow everyone to enjoy your new pool without accidents.

  1. Constant supervision

The most important part of pool safety for children is making sure there is adequate adult supervision at all times, especially for toddlers. It can only take a couple of seconds for a child to fall in the pool and get into trouble, so always be extra vigilant.

  1. Buy flotation devices 

Whether it’s armbands, float discs or other swimming aids, purchasing the latest flotation devices for kids will help them keep their head above water. Much like the stabilisers on a bike, these swimming accessories can be removed as your children become more comfortable in the water.

  1. Install a fence or gate 

You may want to purchase a gate or fence to prevent your children from accessing the pool when you’re not around. Last year, 36 people drowned while swimming unsupervised, which was the second leading cause of death by water. Some gates come fitted with an alarm that goes off when it is opened.

  1. Implement strict pool rules 

Teach your children never to run around the pool or leave toys and other objects in the vicinity that could become tripping hazards. You should also prevent your kids from pushing people in the pool or venturing into the deep end when they’re too young.

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