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Top Waterproof Gadgets 19th July 2016

Waterproof smartphone

Everyone loves their gadgets but if you’re a keen swimmer and want to use your favourite gizmos in your luxury swimming pool, you’ll need to find some that are waterproof.

Here is our pick of the best water-resistant gadgets you can get your hands on.

Finis V2 Neptune MP3 Player

Most people listen to their favourite tunes when exercising, with the up-tempo songs often helping them to work out faster. But this is obviously difficult to do when you’re constantly underwater.

However, the Finis V2 Neptune MP3 player makes it possible – even without putting headphones in your ears!

It plays music using tiny vibrations against your cheek, and has a capacity of up to a 1,000 songs, so you can swim for an extremely long time before you get to the end of your playlist.

Waterproof Pouch For Phones

If you don’t want to do lengths, but simply love your swimming pool for lounging about it on a warm day, you could do with a waterproof pouch for your phone.

Let’s face it – we all reach for our phones even when we’re in the bath or pool, so to prevent it falling in and breaking, you can protect it with a water-resistant cover.

With a touchscreen function, you can even continue to use your phone to text your friends or update your Facebook status!

Garmin Forerunner 920XT

However, if you’re a hardcore swimmer and want to track your progress, you should consider investing in the Garmin Forerunner 920XT.

This tracker counts your strokes, and monitors your pace and speed. It also recognises stroke types and encourages you to achieve your personal best by constantly pushing you to do better.

It also sends the information to the Garmin Connect site wirelessly, enabling you to store the data so you can analyse your performance once you’re out of the pool.

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